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Adam Lambert Daily Update – August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook


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Wednesday August 14th, 10:00-11:00PM EST

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With guest Mary Morgan, Executive Director of AFTEE. We’ll be talking about Adam, Nile Rodgers, Avicii, what to expect at the show, and what it’s all for!!

virg1877: Confirmation that Avicii will be on stage with Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert at AFTEE event August 19 At The Hamptons Riverhead NY USA ticket info on line at AFTEE. org #NileRodgers #AdamLambert #Avicii #AFTEE #Chic #LayMeDown

virg1877: Confirmation that Avicii will be on stage with Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert at AFTEE event August 19 At The Hamptons Riverhead NY USA ticket info on line at AFTEE. org #NileRodgers #AdamLambert #Avicii #AFTEE #Chic #LayMeDown



mdmolinari 1 day ago Handsome boys @realadamlambert @SamuelLarsen & George Doulou at the opening of @hooray_henrys #hoorayhenrys #wednesdaynight

mdmolinari: Handsome boys @realadamlambert @SamuelLarsen & George Doulou at the opening of @hooray_henrys #hoorayhenrys #wednesdaynight

keilinajones: “Your awesome @realadamlambert @haileebobailee @monicaollander #sundayfunday #brightcolors

keilinajones: “Your awesome @realadamlambert @haileebobailee @monicaollander #sundayfunday #brightcolors



MTV Buzzworthy –Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Ups His Pirate Swagger With A Parrot (PHOTO) “The “Glee” cast member shared the bird-shouldered selfie on his Instagram along with the caption, “On dat Polly.” How Adam scored the photo opp in the first place aside, we’re kinda wondering why the parrot seems so camera-shy. If we managed to score a snapshot with the prince of glam, we’d smile BIG. But this bird is being such a little Anti-Paparazzi Polly! Unless… it’s actually grabbing a front-row, all-access pass to Adam’s NECK PORN. Uh oh, Glamberts, looks like we’ve got a whole new species of Stans to compete with — Glam-birds.”


RealAdamLambert on Instagram

RealAdamLambert on Instagram

Crack magazine – CRACK SPENT AN HOUR WITH NILE RODGERS: DISCO MAESTRO, ARCH COLLABORATOR, AND THE WORLD’S MOST SUCCESSFUL MUSICAL MOOD-IMPROVER Fabulous interview with Nile! “I’ve never written a song in my life that was fiction – ever. I write non- fiction with fictional elements. Every song has its basis in reality. So when I write music, I understand exactly what’s happening because it’s all ‘right there’. I feel I can’t do anyone else justice [as a producer] unless I understand what they’re talking about.”

Hamptons – AFTEE UPDATE: The Line-Up Is Complete For The Nile Rodgers Dance Party “The Nile Rodgers Dance Party will, of course, feature the incredible and legendary Nile Rodgers and his band Chic. Joining the party will be singer Adam Lambert of “American Idol” fame and who will be joining the cast of “Glee” this fall. The men of Chromeo will wow the crowd with their electric-funk magic and Mystery Skulls will offer up an inspired combo of R&B and New Jack Swing. Canadian actor, comedian and veteran skratch DJ Russell Peters and Long Island native hip-hop recording artist Prince Paul round out the line-up. “



Glee Season 5 Preview – NeNe Leakes Returns Plus Adam Lambert Villain

HD Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers – Whataya Want From Me – We Are Family Foundation Gala 2012



AdamGaga AdamTweet-081313

@CoralMermaid: If there is ever a sharknado attack in California the first thing I must save is Adam Lambert

@LIBlondMom: I had lunch with a Long Island media friend…the AFTEE @nilerodgersevent is quite the talk of Long Island….:)))


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