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Radio Show – A rollercoaster week for Adam Lambert

July 16, 2013

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Adam Brian London Hug EnhancedThis has been one of those (many) memorable weeks, beginning with the announcement, so casually tweeted by Ryan Murphy, that Adam Lambert would be joining the cast of “Glee” this fall. Amid the general celebrations and Tweets about now-I’m-gonna-have-to-watch-that-show-again, came the sword-whistle of Adam severing ties with his record label late on Friday-night, delivered via an elegantly worded epistle to the Lady Shirley Halperin. Coming on the heels of a rumor that RCA wanted Adam to release an album of 80’s covers, this news provided the dramatic spectacle of our superhero bursting free of the oppressive clutches of a dying industry behemoth. Well done, Sir Adam and his knights DMG and SS of the Round Table!! Apologies for the horrible mangling of metaphors… we are jet-lagged and giddy from the latest news that our shining chevalier  is to appear in the court of rock royalty Queen this September in the shimmering oasis land of Las Vegas!! It’s enough to make even the most dedicated Glambert reach for a paper bag. Breathe, just breathe. And start digging through cookie jars and searching for misplaced mutual fund portfolios to pay for the trip!!

So, this is a perfect time to discuss fans’ desires and hopes for Adam’s next album. Our brave Thea has written her honest, personal reflections about Adam’s previous two major-label releases, what worked for her and what didn’t. A singer herself and close, psychologically insightful listener, she has some fascinating observations to surely stimulate your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree. It’s all about the conversation!

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