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Radio show – Adam Lambert’s Post Season 8 Idol Performances

May 21, 2013

Listen to the Podcast recorded on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10:00-11:00PM (East Coast Time)

Call-in number: (917) 932-1825

People magazine

People magazine

Update: This show got “de-railed” by last-minute guest, Radio DJ Toby Knapp, who joined us to share behind-the-scenes stories from his annual attendance at the American Idol finale. He has interviewed Adam multiple times, including at this year’s finale press conference, as well as featured Adam as a guest artist on his radio show Hot 99.5FM in Washington DC. He’s a huge booster of Adam’s music and had lots of wonderful things to say not only about Adam but about the fans!

Last week we took listeners on a voyage down memory lane, reliving Adam Lambert’s unforgettable American Idol Season 8 performances. We thought it would be appropriate this week to revisit his performances on subsequent seasons. We haven’t been keeping close count, but we’re not sure any other previous American Idol contestant has been invited back to perform every single season. (And next week, our special guest will tell us all about Adam’s appearance this year!)

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite mind-altering beverage and settle in for some fabulous music and wonderful memories! Of course we’ll sprinkle liberally with current gossip and news…

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