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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 41

March 27, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.


Chapter 41 – LOVER’S HEALING


              Starlight wasn’t the only one who’d gone home. The day finally came when Lover left the rehab center and went home to his family. Nobody, including Angel, could stop grinning and crying and hugging Lover and touching him to make sure he was real. Lover couldn’t get enough. He wanted to laugh from his own happiness but one look from Angel and he became quiet as a mouse. His smile, his kisses and hugs though, spoke more than the words he longed to say: “I love you so much.” It was clearest in his eyes.

              Someone else was there to greet him. After everyone had quieted down and Angel had gotten him upstairs to the bedroom, Starlight appeared. Just like that night she’d visited him while he slept, she spoke directly into his soul.

              “Welcome home, my boy,” she said with her calm, peaceful smile. She lit Lover’s soul with the grace she’d brought from the One Forever Present as she sensed his question. “Yes, all of your family will heal. All of you will be different, but much stronger now than you will ever need to be again.” She paused. “And Lover,” she added, mysteriously, “if you let yourself remember, you will heal.”

              And with that she turned into the familiar Spiral and was gone.

              Angel stood there, watching the emotions fleeting across Lover’s face as the silent conversation took place. The Love, the questions and Joy, they were all there. He, too, could hear the messages Starlight’s messages to Lover but she still had not manifested for him. Their connection was deeper than the one between her and Lover, though. Starlight was alive in Angel’s heart, something only he could claim.


              Lover had been in the hospital and rehab for more than eight months after the kidnapping. The surgeries had gone well and yes, he was recuperating now at home while still seeing the speech therapist. He wondered if his voice would ever fully recover, but he was beginning to talk and make sounds without the pain. It was a slow process.

              That was what had kept him and Angel from their usual lovemaking. Lover wasn’t ever that noisy when they were together but he loved letting Angel know how much pleasure he was feeling. Angel wasn’t the only one who could hit perfect notes! But he’d been advised to let his voice rest as much as possible. That meant what voice he had was generally saved for only the most crucial circumstances at work.

              There was something else, though, besides the speech therapy and the meds and right foods and the love of his family that he wanted. Something he was beginning to want more and more. Something that he knew would help him heal. It had been months but it was something he did remember.

              He wanted Angel.


              One evening, not long after that, everybody seemed involved in something else. The sibling cousins and Niecy were in the kitchen teaching each other how to cook under the supervision of Chef and Housekeeper. It sounded like they were having a great if messy time (something about flour and not throwing it on people). Angel secretly hoped that Son and Daughter would be better at cooking than he and Lover. He even foresaw the day when the kids would be able to do the meals when family came over for dinner. That would be nice.

              Twin had just left for a N.A. meeting and wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours.

              Lover and Angel were in the gym, Angel on the exercise mat, shirtless, in shorts, doing “clams,” an exercise designed to strengthen his arms, abdomen and thighs, parts of him Lover especially liked. Especially the secret tattoo.        

              Lover was sitting up on one of the benches, his legs straight out and resting on Angel’s calves, his ankles crossed and substituting for the weights Angel usually used. Angel had started out turned toward Lover, doing 30 reps of the difficult move before turning over to face away from him to do 30 more on the other side. Lover saw the strong thighs opening and closing, and opening and closing … and decided it was time. He waited while Angel finished his “clamming.”

              “Hey,” he said, quietly.

              Angel was toweling off as he turned to Lover and saw the “look.” The smirk wasn’t there but the smile and “the eyes” were. Even “the eyebrow” was there.

              “Are you sure?” he asked, trying hard to hide his excitement and his concern for Lover. Angel had vowed not to accept his husband’s body until it could be mutual. Again, as he had in the past, he was willing to wait if that’s what it took.

              “I’m sure,” he answered, slowly. “Nothing too “noisy,” maybe. But I miss us. I miss you.” He paused, remembering. “I’ve missed your hands on me.”

              It didn’t take Angel long to figure out Lover’s meaning. “Whatever you want, my love.”


              They decided to stay in the gym, locking the door and lowering the window coverings. Lover half-stretched out on the bench, Angel on his knees before him. Slowly he pulled Lover’s shorts down, took them off and threw them in the corner before doing the same with his own. It had been a long time since they’d seen each other like that. Angel had missed this, too.

              He helped as Lover slowly joined him on the exercise mats. Doubled, they had enough cushioning to make Lover comfortable. Angel rolled his towel up and gently placed it under Lover’s head and neck for support. Just its musk was enough to start Lover’s journey.

              Leaning over, careful not to put his weight on him, Angel gently kissed his husband, his Forever Love. They hadn’t given that up during Lover’s recuperation but until then it hadn’t been on the way to anything else. Both men knew where it was going this time, Lover clearly already on his way. When Angel ran his hands all the way down and up, all over his body, Lover’s sigh told him how much he loved and wanted this.

               With one arm around Lover’s head, his hand playing in the soft, curly hair, he gently kissed him, his mouth, his cheeks, his neck, even those scars on the sides, healed but still there. It made no difference to Angel; Lover would always be the most beautiful man, with the most beautiful heart, he could imagine.

               Angel lay alongside Lover and began to do as he‘d been asked. Lover began to make the sounds, the ones that told Angel where he was on his path to Paradise. When the moment came Angel’s heart, too, let go of all the tension and guilt he’d carried for his family since that terrible day. As he had so many times before, by continuing to love him, Lover had healed Angel’s heart.


              Angel grabbed another towel for Lover. He noticed that he was watching him, every move, every muscle. Slowly he wiped Lover off. He was about to throw that towel into the corner with the shorts when Lover reached up, slowly pulling the towel and Angel toward him.

              Adjusting his arm, Angel helped Lover once more get comfortable. Lover took his time as he ran his hand over Angel’s body. He had missed this, this way of knowing his husband. Now he could touch him, smell his body, taste it. He couldn’t easily lift his head but Angel arranged his arm so that Lover was supported in every way he needed.

              How he loved this man. How this man loved him.

              Yes, Lover was taking his time, running his fingers through the soft chest hair, savoring the salty taste of Angel’s skin. Gently, firmly, he ran his hand over his body as far as he could reach. Angel moved, scissoring with Lover so that Lover could touch him everywhere he wanted. He, too, was remembering, savoring that touch.

              Lover’s hand reached down and took hold of his husband. Again gently, firmly he grasped him, slowly beginning to move his hand up and down, up and down. He could feel Angel responding, hear his pleasure, feel his hips move against Lover’s quickening rhythm.

              The two men began to breathe in unison, each aware of the waves of the oncoming climax. Lover was giving, Angel receiving the love they shared. He lay there, like Lover had, simply letting himself climb, then fall into it.

              The husbands were still wrapped in each other’s arms as Lover’s voice, neck and heart mysteriously and completely healed.  All of their scars disappeared.   


Video 18: “Map”                                                  Credit:  xxgirlglittersxx

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