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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 39

March 25, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.


Chapter 39 – FAMILY FIRST


              The children were terrified. They’d hoped they could somehow escape but now, seeing big, scary hitman Do-Good, older but still threatening, and hearing about what he’d done upstairs, it looked like that would be impossible. (They didn’t know Do-Good was “family.”)

              How could this have happened? After all that stuff had happened with that Reporter, Papa and Dad had sat them down and explained why they’d had to stay with Guitarist and his family for so long. They’d told them about how Papa had grown up in the projects in Anacostia, the poorest part of D.C., and how a bad man named Snake had tried to hurt him one day. They’d explained that it had been so bad that Papa had to kill the bad man and leave his family.

              And now this bad man, this Pimp Dealer, was going to kill all of them in revenge for Papa killing his brother, Snake. And Twin was mixed up in it, too, but they didn’t know exactly how.

              Didn’t the Pimp Dealer understand that Snake had been a bad man and that Papa had been a little boy and just been trying to get away?

              Pimp Dealer had that funny look on his face again. Do-Good was standing there with his arms crossed. He had a gun, too. For some reason Twin was looking at him while holding Daughter in her arms, almost like she was begging him to do something to save them. Why would she be doing that? Son and Daughter were sensing each other but neither of them could understand, not anything anymore. Son was sensing to not be afraid, that Starlight wouldn’t let anything bad happen to them. Daughter was sensing back that, if that were true, then where was she? Where was the Spiral? Where was the glitter? Where was she?

               Starlight was watching, again with Indio. As a Spirit she was supposed to be objective about these things. But, as the One Forever Present had sensed Indio, Starlight had brought a lot of her human heart with her to the Spirit realm. And now that heart was breaking because she knew what was coming. She also knew how it would end.

               Pimp Dealer pointed his gun at Daughter. “I think I’m gonna go in order of age here. The little ones shouldn’t have to see this,” he smirked.


              That’s when all Heaven broke out.


              Pimp Dealer aimed the gun at Daughter’s forehead. Just before he pulled the trigger, Do-Good pushed him. The shot went wide. Twin and Lover had both turned to protect the children, their backs facing Pimp Dealer and Do-Good. Lover seemed surprised that all four of them were still alright. Why didn’t Twin?, he thought.

              Pimp Dealer looked at Do-Good. It was obvious he was surprised, too. Do-Good held his ground, his gun now pointed at Pimp Dealer. Just as he was going to pull the trigger another shot rang out, this one from the top of the stairs. Twin and Lover watched as Do-Good went down. Man lowered his gun. “Seems like Do-Good don’t always do so good after all,” he smirked. “Damn, I love killing people.”

              Suddenly Do-Good rolled over, blood flowing from his shoulder but the gun still in his hand. He looked at Man and pulled the trigger. “Too bad you weren’t better at it, muthafucka,” he said as Man fell back, certainly dead this time.

              Pimp Dealer was tired of all this melodrama. Again he turned to Twin and Lover, who were still using their bodies to shield the kids. “OK, I ain’t playin’ no more. I don’t care who go first.” He stopped as he aimed his gun again, but this time at Twin.

              The kids were screaming after seeing Do-Good kill Man. Lover could see where the gun was aimed. Instantaneously he made a decision.

              Pushing the children further back into the corner, Lover pushed Twin out of the way as the gun went off. This time it hit. Lover fell onto the floor, bleeding from where the bullet had hit his neck.

              Pimp Dealer, paying no attention to anything else, readied for his next shot. He didn’t see the shadow quietly coming down the stairs, the sound of footsteps covered by the screams of the children. Do-Good, still alive, saw it and tried again to push him back but he was too far away. Pimp Dealer stepped away farther from the Hitman, though. “You, muthafucka, as soon as I finish with dem, it’s gonna be yo’ turn. But first things first. I done waited too long fo’ dis.”

              That’s what he did, though. He waited and backed away again to line up his shot. Then, to everyone’s amazement, even his, he lowered the gun and stood there for a second before finally falling face down on the floor next to Do-Good. When everyone looked up from the body, there stood Niecy, covered in blood. Snake’s knife had plunged deeply into Pimp Dealer’s neck, his back and his rotten heart, where it remained.

              Nobody could move. For a second everyone just stood or laid there. Twin was the first to recover.

              “Oh, baby, come here. Come here,” she cried. Niecy, in shock, pointed to Uncle Lover. “I’m OK, Mommie,” she said. “Help him. Help him.”

              Lover was on the floor. Twin tore off his shirt to see where the bullet had hit. Lover was alive but in bad shape. She looked in the wound, trying to see how far the bullet had gone in, when Son yelled, “There it is!” It had gone straight through the back of Lover’s neck. When he tried to speak, nothing came out but a bloody gurgling. Still, he pointed at the children and mouthed, “OK?” Twin nodded and then, using the shirt, began to put pressure on the two wounds.

              Niecy went over to the kids. The three of them wrapped their arms around each other and tightly held on. Suddenly there was a commotion upstairs. Everybody froze. Was this another Crew member, come to finish the job?

              Sighs of relief and prayers of gratitude went up from everyone as down the steps came Angel, the Paramedics and the Police. Daughter could see they were followed by an invisible Spiral of glitter.

Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  Everybody gets what they’ve got coming

“Promises of Starlight” – Table of Contents

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