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Adam Lambert Week – March 10-16, 2013

March 13, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

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We could use a vacation too… You may have noticed that we have gone from daily to weekly posts, and this week’s is a few days late. Our apologies! After four years of daily blogging, we are finally feeling ourselves stretched to our limits. Our lives have become so busy as we build our businesses, pursue new career opportunities and reach for our own dreams. Juneau maintains three other blogs and is working on a half dozen video projects, when she’s not leading her foundation. Xena is building a new business and launching another radio show. Claudia’s science education company is going gangbusters. It’s all Adam’s fault!! We hope he’s pleased. We couldn’t be happier, but something has to give. We would love having others join us here in producing this blog. What? You don’t know how? Neither did we when we started out. Xena googled “blogs” and came across this thing called WordPress. If we did it, so can you! We can teach you. Just. Say. Yes!

@LoveMrSpencerRaaawwwrrr! Turnin it up! #cuckoo @adamlambert #glamily #wag #trespassing

Raaawwwrrr! Turnin it up! #cuckoo @adamlambert #glamily #wag #trespassing



These photos from April’s InRock magazine will do things to your heart

Thanks to @glam_alidol for posting them!!







March 16: Concert Moscow, Russia at Crocus City Hall at 8 pm (World Clock)

Twitter List via @AdamLambertRUAB



62 Pro Photos from the Minsk show

Adam heats up the frigid Russian winter!! Videos via Airin Cat

Minsk Fans show their love for Adam – a sea of waving hearts!!

@ Дворец Спорта

@ Дворец Спорта

@ Дворец Спорта

@ Дворец Спорта

Here is a rough (!! hysterically funny!) google translation of the @AdamLambert review here: via @Ziamp:

Difficult to talk about the sound as a whole – the music of Adam Lambert does not belong to that category, which is necessary to understand the soul and feel the solar plexus. The main thing that was worth listening to – vocal singer. That voice, strong, bright, with an incredibly wide range, caused a feeling of sincere admiration. Two nice women bekvokalistki with figures of opera singers and equally bright voices complement sound picture. A set of standard tools and musicians – guitar (guitarist handsome aroused fans no less enthusiasm than the Lambert), bass guitar (brutal, deadpan worthy girl managed with great tool), affable drummer, keyboardist focused, he’s bekvokalist. Two charming picture complemented by young dancer. How they moved, would envy other girls.



USA Today – Adam Lambert to headline Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade “”In five short years, Miami Beach Gay Pride has gone from a neighborhood event to an event on the global stage,” Babak Movahedi, chair of the Pride board of directors, said in a release. “The fact that someone of Adam Lambert ‘s caliber is enthusiastic about performing at Miami Beach Gay Pride speaks volumes about the significance of our events.””

U-T San Diego – Lambert, Train highlight fair’s lineup “The 31-year-old singer has been doing dates internationally in support of his second album, “Trespassing,” as well as several European concerts fronting the rock band Queen. He performs a paid show July 2.”

From the Adam Lambert Fan Club


Pre-Sale & VIP UPGRADES for San Diego 7/2/2013

Attention Glamberts!

Starting TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 13th at 10:00AM local venue time (PDT) there will be a fan club pre-sale AND VIP upgrade opportunities for Adam’s show at the San Diego County Fair on July 2nd 2013!


To access the pre-sale, simply login to your account,  head over to THIS PAGE and you will automatically have access to the pre-sale when it goes live at 10:00AM PDT.



New York Times – The Singer Who Fell to Earth “Yet while Mr. Bowie himself receded for the past decade, the Bowie-esque has been omnipresent. After the ’90s, a period dominated by the grit and authenticity of grunge and gangsta rap, the 2000s saw the return of artifice and glitter. The things that Mr. Bowie explored to the hilt, alongside his fellow glam rockers like Roxy Music and Alice Cooper, during the early ’70s — over-the-top theatricality and staging, extremist fashion and sexual androgyny — became defining principles of 21st-century pop. Lady Gaga is the most visible of his inheritors, with her freaky costumes and her gender games (the male alter ego Jo Calderone; the artfully concocted rumor that she’s a hermaphrodite).  Adam Lambert, the “American Idol” graduate, called his first major tour Glam Nation….”

New York Times
New York Times

Out – My Bowie: Adam Lambert  By Adam Lambert (he writes!!). “It was about the androgyny of mixing it up, and that was what was so incredible about his concepts — he was one of the first rock stars to really push the idea that sexuality was not black and white but an exploration. Later, when he finally made his big American breakthrough in the ’80s working with Nile Rodgers on Let’s Dance, his image shifted to a more masculine sensibility. Considering how far he had pushed it the decade previous, however, it gave his masculinity an edgy and mysterious undercurrent.”


GayStarNews – Glam rocker Adam Lambert calls David Bowie a ‘key inspiration’ “‘I didn’t really start appreciating Bowie for myself until my early twenties, when I was getting into glam rock,’ Lambert tells ‘A light bulb went off. I wasn’t into drag, I didn’t want to dress like a woman, but I wanted to express my gender and artistic identity differently than the mainstream. Bowie was a key inspiration.'”

AsiaOne – Parents at Lambert gig: So what if he’s gay “…at the concert on Friday, the 31-year-old’s ardent supporters seized the initiative and showed him just how much they adored him. The audience included parents with children, teenagers, yuppies, gays, straight people and even the elderly.”

LA Times – OUT Celebs:

LA Times

LA Times




JayMcGuiness∞ ‏@SkipsSlut_One of the best pics I took of @adamlambert tonight :')

JayMcGuiness∞ ‏@SkipsSlut_
One of the best pics I took of @adamlambert tonight :’)

The Jakarta Globe – Adam Lambert Coming to Jakarta a Proven Star “Just three months ago, American singer Adam Lambert rang in the new year in Bali as headliner for a concert at the Mulia hotel. Now, fans who may have been disappointed that Lambert finally made it all the way to Indonesia but didn’t stop in Jakarta have reason to cheer up: On Sunday, the runner-up of American Idol’s eighth season is scheduled to take the stage at Gandaria City in South Jakarta. ”

Greeting Adam Lambert Live Concert in Jakarta

@adamlambertJust posted a photo

Just posted a photo




Singapore Playlist – by bayoulady1

Time for Miracles, Singapore (good audio!) – by shahida7

Singapore setlist

Set list:

1.If I Had You

2.Naked Love


4.Never Close Our Eyes

5.Pop That Lock



8.What Do You Want From Me

9.Time For Miracles

10.Outlaws of Love

11.Is This Love (Bob Marley cover)

12.Kickin’ In

13.For Your Entertainment


15.Dragon Attack (Queen)



18.Music Again

Madeline Ee

Madeline Ee



Dragon Attack - @Clear_Liqueur

Dragon Attack – @Clear_Liqueur

FYE - @Clear_Liqueur

FYE – @Clear_Liqueur

Intermissions  - @Clear_Liqueur

Intermissions – @Clear_Liqueur

Shout - @Clear_Liqueur

Shout – @Clear_Liqueur

Chokehold - @Clear_Liqueur

Chokehold – @Clear_Liqueur

@Clear_Liqueur: LOL with my devil horns and big flickering stick before the show.

@Clear_Liqueur: LOL with my devil horns and big flickering stick before the show.



MTV – Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Has A Pair Of Blue 3-D Glasses, And He’s Not Afraid To Wear Them (PHOTO) The “Stay” singer shared the photo of him embracing a multidimensional experience on Instagram along with the caption, “Universal Studios – Singapore. 3d time!”


@adamlambert: Universal Studios – Singapore. 3d time!

Adam Lambert Interview (HOT FM’s HOT BREAKFAST)

MSN – Adam Lambert flaunts both style and substance at Singapore show “This particular version of his Grammy-nominated single [Whataya Want From Me?] was mellower than the original recording – not that anyone was complaining. It enabled listeners to focus on Adam’s voice, and reminded everyone that beneath the flamboyant get-ups and mesmerising stage presence, is a truly talented singer (this is, after all, the American Idolcontestant who brought Simon Cowell to his feet with his rendition of ‘Mad World’).”

Today – The Unexpurgated interview with Adam Lambert “One of the things I’ve learnt this year is part of being in control of your life is knowing when to surrender. That’s my new motto. It’s a struggle and it’s a journey but I’m trying…I’m very happy with my success and very satisfied with it but of course I want more and it is a bit of a challenge getting out of the shadow of being a TV persona.”

Today – Concert Review: Adam Lambert  “Strip away all the theatrics, and it is evident that Lambert is a very accomplished vocalist – one whose voice carries loads of experience, with incredible range and falsetto. But one thing really stood out for me: The amount of vocal control Lambert displayed showed how much more polished his performances have become, and long gone are the days where critics labeled him as “over-indulgent”.”

Concert Review: Adam Lambert ‘LIVE’ in Singapore on March 8! “Although Adam made a late appearance at about 8.20 pm, all was forgiven when he shimmied onto the stage to the rousing applause of the 4,500 strong audience and glaring strobe lights. Decked in a electric blue suit with a thunderbolt emblazoned to the back of his blazer, he opened the show with his debut single, If I Had You. I was instantly starstruck by his stage presence – and it’s not because of his statuesque figure – I’m sure other Glamberts felt the same way too. The atmosphere was thick with glamour and in the words of Adam, “The night is young.””

ADAM LAMBERT LIVE IN SINGAPORE “…At one point Adam even called out the people sitting front-and-center, because they weren’t on their feet like everyone else. The exchange literally went something like this: “What are you doing? Are you sleeping? No? Then get up! Oh I see, you’re updating your Facebook. In the middle of my concert. She’s updating her Facebook! Nah that’s alright.”…The concert was held at the new Star mall, in the massive concert hall that recently opened. It seats up to 5,000 people, and when I looked around I swear I couldn’t see a single vacant seat. Not a single one. That’s 5,000 people in a country notorious for its homophobic laws, that just don’t care about preferences, just letting themselves go and having the time of their lives. It made me so happy on so many levels. Adam even recounted this one time someone asked if he was “promoting certain lifestyles” (quote unquote) and everyone in the theater booed the guy. It was fantastic.”

Yahoo – Churchgoers dismiss controversy over Adam Lambert’s Singapore gig “Several churchgoers that Yahoo! Singapore spoke to dismissed the recent controversy over a complaint reportedly filed to the National Council of Churches (NCCS), over openly gay singer Adam Lambert performing at a venue owned by a church’s business unit in Singapore.”



According to an article in Gather, “Adam Lambert’s music has hit the choir scene, as Clinton High school’s show choir Attaché performed two of his songs at the Wheaton-Warrenville Choral Classic Competition on Saturday (March 9).Attaché is the #1 nationally ranked, award-winning high school show choir from Clinton, Mississippi.”  Watch below:

Clinton High School show choir Attaché performs “Trespassing”

Clinton High School show choir Attaché performs “Never Close Our Eyes”

Via pumpkit101 – I have been following Michael Slezak’s Idology every since season 8 and you all should watch his latest version starting around the 4:15 mark:


Full Adam Lambert American Idol Season 8 – All performances – by ThisISMare

Four years ago this week on American Idol… OMG, life was never the same after that!



Adam-030913 Adam-030913-Idol Adam-Popjustice



Via Adam Lambert Events

Trespassing Mini Tour – Asia & Europe / ‘We Are Glamily’ Tour
March 15: Concert Minsk, Belarus at the Minsk Palace of Sports. Concert start time 7pm local time. [Concert & ticket information Here | Here | Here | Concert Twitter list | Twitter list]
March 16: Concert Moscow, Russia at Crocus City Hall. Concert start time 8pm local time. [Concert & Ticket information Here | Here | Concert Twitter list | Twitter list]
March 18: Concert Kiev, Ukraine at the Palats Sportu Kyiv “Palace of Sports” arena. Concert start time 7pm local time. [Concert & ticket information Here | Here | Here | Here | ConcertTwitter list]
March 20: Concert Russia, St.Petersburg at the Ice Palace arena. Concert start time 8pm local time. [Concert & ticket information Here | Here | Here | Concert Twitter list | Twitter list]
March 22: Concert Helsinki, Finland at Hartwall Arena. Concert start time 6:30pm local time. There will be an opening act. **Note I’m assuming that Adam’s set will be around 8pm? [Web page | Ticket info | Win tickets | Concert Twitter list]



Voting Links to ALL Contests/Polls via UK Lambrits The Lambrits have put together a consolidated voting page to support/promote Adam all in one page. Use the link above to vote! Thanks Lambrits!!

Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



Amazon  iTunes Barnes & Noble

From Adam Official – “Trespassing” single, Deluxe Box Set and more!!
Full album stream here – share with friends!!

Trespassing Box Set



Adam Lambert Official Store

Buy Our Book, Tattoos and Bumper Decal

For more, check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!

We love this card from Paper Hammer


Bertwear Designs from Lambosessed Perfect gifts for the Glamberts in your life! We love her original designs! Lambosessed explains her approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

Check out Coolspotters’ listing of where to get Adam’s fashions and accessories

GET “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS” EPISODE ON iTUNES. Thanks to @LAMBERTLUST for alerting us. Here’s the link

Glam Gloves – Our out and proud manbert @josh_tripp makes these fun, fingerless babies – just the thing to wear to your next Adam concert…or around the house when you’re lip-synching in front of the TV!! He’s offering them made-to-order for $8 including postage. If you want a pair — let’s say for the Cyndi Lauper concert!! — please tweet him or leave a message in the comments section and we’ll connect you with him via private email.

Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant in antiqued bronze and silver, just perfect!

Human Rights Campaign Store – Support this great organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. They have beautifully designed jewelry and accessories.

Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

Anyone on your gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots?

Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

Need feather hair extensions? Hop over to @PeaceFrogDesign’s Etsy store!

Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed.

Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Order Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on Amazon and iTunes.

Buy Aftermath Remix here

The imported Sleepwalker single can now be ordered at U.S. Amazon

Labor of Love Project – Buy Scarlett Cherry’s gorgeous new CD. Organic goodies for moms and babies too!


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  1. March 13, 2013 8:10 am

    Would have given anything to be in that audience! Love that he is doing Time For Miracles live as I always thought that song had a Queen vibe when taken by itself, minus the apocalypse of the movie.

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