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Rich Appel’s Annual I.R.S. “It Really Shoulda” been a hit – Radio Show

March 12, 2013

Join us…

Wednesday, March 13,  10-11PM ET

Chatroom will be live, so come join us there! BYOB!

Log in or dial up our guest call-in number (917) 932-1825

Rich Appel 


Join us on Wednesday night when Xena and Thea co-host the show with Rich Appel as our guest.  Rich brings us his annual I.R.S. event!

If you’ve ever heard a song and said “THAT really shoulda been a top 10 hit,” have we got a list for you. Or we will, once you help create it.

Since 2008, Hs So Good‘s I.R.S. (as in, “It Really Shoulda” been a top 10 hit) has ranked those “shoulda beens,” based on your filed returns.

Now comes the part where you say, “I was wondering when that was going to happen again. How do I file?” Everyone should be so excited about that other I.R.S.

Go to It’s Time For The I.R.S.!
Need another reason to file? Everyone “filing an I.R.S. Form” receives a FREE one-year membership to, including a 20% discount off non-sale items!

Of course, there will be music! Rich will bring some examples for I.R.S…


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