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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 25

March 12, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.


Chapter 25 – BOTH SIDES 

              They turned to run but Do-Good grabbed them first and pulled them back to the door.

              “Whoa, wait up a minute,” he said, while both kids were trying everyway they knew how to get away. Biting, kicking, they didn’t care what it took. He was going to kill them if they went in that house.

              “WAIT A MINUTE.” His voice was deep, sharp, commanding. In their shock both kids stopped what they were doing, then immediately started up again.

              “Twin said you two’d do this,” he laughed, pulling on them. “This the safe place she set up for ya.” He laughed again. “That’s right, I’m the one’s gonna keep you two safe ‘til we can get y’all out of town.”

              Lil Bro and Sis barely heard him, they were still so busy trying to get away. But Do-Good wasn’t called that for nothing. He grabbed them up so they couldn’t get away but couldn’t hurt him, either.

              “Come in here,” he said, tired of their playing around with him. “Now, you think she’d really give dat Cab Driver this address if she didn’t know you’d be safe?”

              Lil Bro wasn’t having it.

              “You can’t fool us. You the one killed Mommy.”

              “Boy, where’d you get that idea?”

              “I heard you. I was on the phone when you came through the door. I heard her screaming.” He was crying and terrified but determined to protect Sis. He had pushed her behind him, trying to dare Do-Good to go after her.

              “Look, little boy,” he said. “Yeah, I done a lot of people in my life but never a woman. Do you hear me? It was Man that done that, not me. Do you honestly think she would have opened the door if she knew it was me? Nah, that was Man’s shit, not mine. Besides …”

              Lil Bro didn’t believe him. Everybody knew Do-Good liked killing people. And he did it well. That’s why he was called “Do-Good.”

              “Look, kid,” he said, “I know de word on de street. But I ain’t never liked it. I don’t do women and …” He stopped and looked at the two terrified teens. “ … and I don’t do kids, neither. Now git your asses in here ‘fore somebody see you.”

              They couldn’t outrun him, they couldn’t outfight him. What else could they do?

              Lil Bro was thinking. He’d think of something.


              Still scared, Lil Bro followed Sis into Do-Good’s house, keeping his eye on the hitman. The place looked pretty good, for somebody like him.

              “Now sit yo’ asses down. Shit, y’all sho do put up a fight.”

              Lil Bro pulled Sis close and backed into the living room, never taking his eyes off Do-Good while looking around for something he could use as a weapon. Do-Good saw what he was doing and started laughing again.

              “Boy, you really think you could catch me up with anything in dis room?”

              “No,” said Lil Bro. “But you’re not gonna keep us in this room, are you?”

              “Huh.” The man looked at Lil Bro, really looked at him, defiant, protective of his sister. And Do-Good saw something else. He was smart.

              “Twin told me about you two. I’m surprised y’all made it this far.”

              At the mention of Twin’s name, Sis started sniffling all over again. Do-Good, surprisingly, just handed her some tissue.

              “Look, I know y’all wondering what the fuck’s going on. And yo’ right. Y’all should be wondering. After all, I ain’t known for my ‘gentlemanly’ manners. But you can trust yo’ sister. She lookin’ out good for y’all.”


              Twin sure was looking out for them. She was looking out for Pimp Daddy, too. Some of his Crew members she could trust because they were getting paid, big time, by Dealer. Some, though, were still loyal to Pimp Daddy. Those were the ones that worried her.

              As he’d promised, Dealer had taken Twin for that week. He was right about something else, too. It did hurt. But everytime Twin did it, he made sure she was high enough not to feel it so badly. And he did treat her better than Pimp Dealer did. It was taking it out of her, though, runnin’ back and forth between the two of  them. She was still on the track at night and then getting whatever little sleep she could before leaving to get over to Dealer’s place. (He didn’t mind; her being that way just made her look more slutty in the photos he shot for his customers.) Dealer even kept his word on the money part. Every morning he made sure she had enough to convince Pimp Dealer she’d been on the track. By the end of the week Twin had enough money to get the kids out of town.

              None of this was to say that Dealer was on the up-and-up. He made his money off his casinos as well as his drugs. The clientele at the casinos were always looking for more than just a win at blackjack or “21” or the slots. Very few of them came out winners. Dealer and his “dealers” made sure of that. Customers regularly ran out of money and sure, Dealer could take care of that, at a substantial rate of interest. The customers didn’t care; they lived in the moment. And every moment might mean a jackpot if they just played it right.


              Do-Good was still chuckling at how scared the kids were when the doorbell rang. Both the kids jumped. Could it be Pimp Dealer? Do-Good just shook his head and opened the door.

              Twin stepped into the hall, holding two large pizzas and what looked like three big bottles of soda.

              “Here you are,” she said to Do-Good. “How they been?” She came into the front room. They all hugged and cried and shook and hugged some more.

              “They OK,” Do-Good answered. “Scared shitless but OK,” he chuckled.

              “OK,” she said. She looked at the kids, really looked at them. “This important, you hear me? Dis somebody gonna help us get y’all outta town.” She turned to face Do-Good again. “You talk to him?”

              The kids, who’d attacked the pizza and sodas, stopped mid-chew. Did she mean Pimp Dealer? Had she turned on them, too?

              “Yeah, he waitin’ at the place, you know where, right?”      

              She nodded. “And he gonna do what he said?”

              “Yeah, don’t worry. You got the money?”

              “Here it is, de first part. I’ll be back with the next one later, after I know dey safe and outta here.”

              “Don’tchu worry, I’ll get ‘em there. They’ll be on their way soon’s we done eatin’.”

              Sis had to ask. Details.

              “Where are we going?”

              “Houston,” Do-Good answered, looking at the kids. “We got people there.”

              “We?” asked Lil Bro.

              “Yeah, we,” Twin said, turning towards Do-Good. “Meet your cousin.”


Video 10:  “Never Close Our Eyes”                               Credit:  MYFM1043    

Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  Goodbye, New Orleans  

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