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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 18

March 5, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.




              Do-Good told the Crew Member to hold onto Lil Bro until he got back, to take him downstairs and get him ready for him. And to call the other Crew Members and invite them over to Mommy’s, too. When he got back he’d be ready for some fun. Lil Bro’s “fun” may not be like his Sis but she’d be there in time. Do-Good promised him that.

              He and Guy were laughing as they left the house, talking about what they were going to do to Mommy and Sis. The Crew member dragged Lil Bro through the kitchen and over to the basement door. There were drugs and needles and other paraphernalia all over the room. Lil Bro shivered as he fought and thought about what it must have been like for Twin.

              Crew Member unlocked the door to take Lil Bro down the steps. It took him two hands to open it but he managed to hold on to Lil Bro as he did it. What he didn’t count on was Lil Bro’s determination to warn Mommy and Sis. He bit into the Crew Member’s hand as hard as he could, grabbing his cell phone out of his pocket before running out of the house.

              But Guy and Do-Good wouldn’t be the first ones to get to Mommy’s. Man had seen and heard the whole thing with Lil Bro. He was determined, too. He was on his way over to Mommy’s long before Guy and Do-Good took off. By the time they got there it would already be done. And wouldn’t Pimp Dealer be impressed by his initiative?


              Lil Bro didn’t know exactly where he was running but he knew he had to get away from Pimp Dealer’s house. He figured he had a few minutes at least since he’d taken the Crew Member’s phone. That meant he wouldn’t be able to call the other Crew members to be on the lookout for Lil Bro right away.

              He ran down alleys, past Rosie’s Row and across streets to Good Hope Road until he reached the border between Pimp Dealer’s territory and the next one over. He was taking a risk, he knew that, but at least he’d be away from the Crew. He crouched behind a dumpster and dialed home.

              It took Mommy a few rings to answer the phone.

              “Who is thi … ?

              Lil Bro didn’t give her time to finish the question.

              “Mommy,” he whispered, out of breath. “Get out of the house. Guy and Do-Good’s on their way over there.”

              Mommy wasn’t worried. Do-Good often came over in the afternoon.

              “No, Mommy, you don’t understand.”

              That was all he had to say. Mommy knew immediately what he meant. “Your Sis,” she said, getting ready to run herself. “Where is she?”

              Just then Lil Bro heard the knock on the door. Then he heard the crash. And the scream.


              Lil Bro let himself be in shock for only a few minutes before he pulled himself together. Man of the house, he thought.  He knew what Mommy would want him to do.  He opened the phone again and dialed the beauty parlor. Sis answered the phone, a good sign.             

              “You gotta get out of there,” he said.

              “What are you talking about?” asked Sis.

              “Don’t ask questions. Just meet me at the place. NOW, Sis.”

              “The place” was an old warehouse by the train tracks down by the River that had been empty for years. Nobody went near it anymore. Lil Bro and Sis had found a way in and stuck two suitcases full of clothes and some money when they’d decided to go traveling around the country, to see some other places besides their ghetto, maybe even go see Peanut. Their original plan had been to just sneak off one night when Mommy was out with Do-Good and leave her a note. Now they would be sneaking off but Lil Bro knew that they wouldn’t need to leave a note after all.

              They’d both been saving up money for some really nice presents for Mommy for Christmas, too. Together they realized they’d saved almost $300. That was enough for two bus tickets south.


                   “Come on, Sis. We can’t stay here for long. Pimp Dealer’s Crew’ll be looking all over for us.”

                 Sis was a mess. Lil Bro had told her about how he’d been found out while he was following Guy and held at Pimp Dealer’s place. He’d heard that Twin was with Pimp Dealer down south somewhere.

                  “I don’t wanna go,” said Sis, crying at the thought of leaving Mommy. Lil Bro didn’t tell her what he’d heard on the phone.

                  “Don’t think about that,” he answered. “We gotta get outta here.”

                  “But where we gonna go? How’s Mommy gonna know where we are?”

                   Lil Bro didn’t have an answer for that. All he could say was, “We’re going south. That’s where Twin is, so that’s where we’re gonna go.”

                   Sis wasn’t sold on the plan but it sounded better than anything she could come up with.

                  “But where ‘down south’,” she insisted. “They could be anywhere.”

                  Lil Bro knew she was right.

Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  The kids head south in unknown territory

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