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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 15

March 2, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.


Chapter 15 – NIGHT AND DAY


              A lot was happening during the next few years.

              Twin was still with Pimp Dealer down south. He was setting up his network of whores and drugs and porno movies, making a national name for himself. He even took Twin with him to South America for a while, expanding his network of suppliers and starting some mess down there. He used Twin like he used money, often trading her for whatever drugs he needed at the time, temporarily of course.

              The other reason he took Twin with him was to make sure she didn’t run. She’d tried to, a couple of times, but each time Pimp Dealer or one of his Crew had found her and dragged her back. She’d paid for running, and violently. Pimp Dealer made sure none of the bruises could be seen unless he got paid to show them. Sometimes his friends made sure she got a few more along with their “welcome home.” And since things were going so well with her overall, he spared her family just to show he had a heart (ha).

              That was only one of the problems. Twin had proven to be very fertile. Over and over she found herself pregnant, which meant she was no good to Pimp Dealer. Having children around wasn’t what Pimp Dealer needed. He needed Twin to be “available” from one continent to another for his “associates.” Over those years Twin suffered eleven miscarriages, all at the hands of Pimp Dealer and his friends. She sometimes considered the miscarriages a good thing since she didn’t know who the father of each baby was anyway. Plus the drugs kept her from caring.

              But she’d promised herself she would have a baby someday. And, finally, in her mid-30’s, she did. In honor of her twin brother she named her “Niecy.”


              Unconsciously, Peanut buried the trauma of that day on the roof deep within himself. While all this was happening to Twin, his grades, SAT scores, the story of his life in the ghetto and trophies for winning speech competitions resulted in a scholarship to Harvard for him. He used the experience there well, making friends with future CEOs and millionaires from around the world. A Business and Marketing major, one semester he was asked to intern at the premier Public Relations and Marketing firm in the country (which meant “the world”) located in L.A. He showed the same skills there as when he’d worked for Pimp Dealer, learning how to get things done and learning it fast.

              He formally “came out” as a gay man when he returned to Harvard, having seen what life could be about in L.A. Among the things he’d learned was a lot about the entertainment industry and the people in it. Some of the (closeted) entertainers had said they felt he “understood” them. This gave him the courage to be authentic when he got back to the University and put together a plan for his future.

              Upon graduation as one of the top three students in his major, Business schools recruited him offering scholarships, internships and contacts. He chose Wharton School of Business, where he furthered solidified his network of future movers-and-shakers. One of them was the future Exec, who fell in love with the smart, personable young man. They decided together, Lover thought, that they were better friends than anything else. Exec, however, although as busy socially as he was scholastically, never got over his feelings. He brought them with him to L.A. a few years later when that young man asked him to come work with him at his own P.R. firm which, in honor of his Twin sister, he founded on their birthday.

              The new Founder wished he could share his success with his family but all he knew was that Mommy had made it clear as day that he should never come back to his old neighborhood or try to keep in touch with them. He’d forgotten why; he missed them. Of course he’d been told about Twin’s overdose but Mommy and his little brother and sister were still there, weren’t they? Why couldn’t he go see them? Why couldn’t he call?


              At about the same time, the future Rock Star was beginning to develop his career. He’d tried college but realized early on it wasn’t for him. He was a trained singer with a voice that made people shiver and he wanted to be an entertainer, so he took whatever gigs were available (which weren’t many in his part of the country). He moved from his midwestern hometown to L.A. and got to show his talents in clubs and showcases. People began to notice the young singer. Invitations to audition or perform came in. The future Rock Star found himself in the road casts of big-name shows but always as an understudy or supporting character rather than the lead.

              As well as his career was developing, his social life lacked the same level of success. The young men the entertainer got involved with never seemed to be the right one for him. He tried to make the relationships work but something always got in the way. Either he was too submissive or too controlling or too easy, something. He knew there was someone out there for him and decided to be patient, to wait until he came along. Meanwhile he asked the Universe for help. “Help,” though, also was patiently waiting–until the future Rock Star was ready.

              Learning that music companies wanted artists who brought their own audience with them, the future Rock Star looked around for ways to do just that. Audiences for the shows and showcases he’d been in weren’t large enough. Some younger kids were making a name for themselves by posting their own videos on YouTube but that didn’t feel right, either. Then the idea came to him. Where were the biggest audiences? On television. That’s where he needed to be.

              So that’s what he did. He auditioned for a singing competition on television. It was clear from the start he had something “different.” Maybe it was his fierceness, using all of the stage as if it all belonged to him. Maybe it was his looks, stunningly beautiful and which could go from innocent to thoughtful to hyper-sexy in the space of one of his thrilling vocal “runs.” But most people agreed that it was the Voice, a trained, flexible instrument that could hit almost three full octaves, each note from the lowest to the highest as clear as a bell and controlled like a well-oiled machine.

              Even that wasn’t enough for him to win the competition but he did make it all the way to the final two. He didn’t mind. His objective had always been to be seen by as many recording companies and potential fans as possible. In that way he was supremely successful and almost immediately went on to become an international superstar.

              It was about that time he read “The Starlight Stories.” The Universe had heard him after all. Later he would say that, for him, that was when “Help” finally arrived.


Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  Lil Bro and Sis find out the truth

“Promises of Starlight” – Table of Contents

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  1. Glamluvhns permalink
    March 18, 2013 12:13 am

    Hi Thea,

    Me again! I’ve decided to start over on “Promises” and so here I am. Just reading this chapter remind me how I didn’t put the time to watch our Angel during his rise to such an unbelievably large fan base. Then to read about Lovers rise to success. It continues to bring me to tears.

    How has everything been going with you? Well I hope! Off to the next chapter

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