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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 11

February 26, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.


Chapter 11 – WHAT GOES AROUND … 

                   Twin had been seventeen and thought she was grown.

              “Aw, you can’t tell me that.”

              “Oh, yes I can. Everybody know you and him was up there in back making out.”

              Twin was acting like nobody could tell her nothing. So what if she was making out with Guy on the roof of the tenement where she lived? Whose business was it but hers anyway?

              “Yo’ mama told you she didn’t wantchu hanging wit dat boy. And she done always tole you ta stay off dat roof. You know what she gonna do when she find out.”

              “Girl, you say anything ‘bout dat , you know what I’m gonna do.”

              To tell the truth, Twin was worried Mommy would find out. They were always getting into arguments about what she was and wasn’t doing—and with who. School and church were Mommy’s priorities, ones not shared with her oldest daughter, Twin.         

              She swished into their building and up to the apartment. Things hadn’t gone well since her twin brother gone to live with Auntie. But that was OK. It meant she had things for herself for once and didn’t have to share like she’d had to before. Besides, there was a good reason why he’d had to leave.

               She still remembered that day when he came running in, his shirt all bloody, freaked out over that Snake business. She remembered Mommy taking his clothes and burning them, then going up on the roof to his secret place and getting all of his books and money. The money’d run out pretty fast and the books still just sat there. It had been what, three years since all that happened?

               It seemed like there were so many secrets in that place. What Snake had tried to do to her twin brother, what he had done in return. Getting him out of the neighborhood before anybody connected him to Snake. Twin was good at keeping secrets, though. She had a few of her own. Now if she could just get Mommy off her back …

                “Girl, whatchu doing wit dat Guy?” Mommy came in the apartment carrying groceries and spoiling for a fight. Not that she liked to fight with Twin, especially when the younger ones were around. But she’d had enough. It was time for it to stop.

                “I ain’t doing nothing,” said Twin, trying to act like she had no idea what Mommy was talking about.

                 “Girl, do not lie to me,” Mommy said quietly, but in a tone of voice that said more than her words. “I will not take dat shit from you today.”

                  Twin knew Mommy had been out with a Man to get some extra money for food that month. Mommy’d had to go back to getting new “boyfriends” for the basics—food, rent, the electric bill, that kind of thing. Twin was supposed to be watching her little brother and sister but when Guy’d said, “Let’s go up to our ‘special’ place,” making out with him sounded a lot better than making sure the kids did their homework. Besides, she was a good girl. Nobody had gotten her yet, not all the way. She might even make it through high school “intact.”

                  Tonight, though, she didn’t feel like hearing Mommy talking at her about all that, so she decided to speak up for herself.

                  “Oh, yeah? Whatchu gonna do ‘bout it then, kick me out?”

                   Mommy looked at her like she just might. Twin wasn’t backing down though, not this time. After all she was seventeen now, almost grown.

                   “All you ever do is holla, holla, holla ‘bout me and Guy. At least I’m not letting him fuck me just to get a few dollars here and …”

                   Twin didn’t even see it coming Mommy slapped her so fast. She could feel one of her teeth, the one that hurt anyway, loosen up a little more.

                   “Chyle, don’tchu disrespect me like dat.” Twin was on Mommy’s last half-a-nerve. “I can throw yo’ little ass right outta here if I want. Let you go live with that drugged-up Guy you like so much. Do he even gotta place of his own? Or he still sleepin’ on somebody else’s beat-up couch?” Mommy stopped for a minute to catch her breath.

                   “You’ll see what it’s like,” she continued. “Living like that, him taking whatever little money you got to go tweak some mess. And you so dumb you’d prob’bly go right along wit’ him. You’ll see right quick how it is out here fo’ real, you and your bad little ass.” She shook her head. “Times like this I sho’ do wish yo’ brother was here.”

                   Twin was holding her cheek where the bad tooth was. She still had enough to come back at Mommy, though.

                  “You got nerve talkin’ to me ‘bout my brother,” Twin said. “Maybe I should go ‘round the corner to Pimp Dealer and tell him what really happened to Snake.”

                   Mommy’s face turned all kinds of shades of red and purple as she whispered, “Girl, you EVER open yo’ mouth ‘bout that boy and you’ll wish you were dead. Pro’bly be better than what Pimp Dealer would do to you.”

                   “I don’t care.” Now Twin was getting all wound up like a tight coil herself, louder and with more attitude, too. “Maybe that’s what I’ll do, have him come over here and get you, take you away.”

                   Now Mommy really looked scared.“Chyle,” she warned Twin, “don’tchu even think dat. You know shit like dat be done come back atchu.”

                   “So what?” hollered Twin. “At least I wouldn’t havta listen to you always talking ‘bout how good he must be doing up there with Auntie. I don’t see why he the one got to go away noway, prob’ly living in some big house wit all them good clothes and stuff. I bet he even got his own computer!”

                  “He deserve all that,” yelled Mommy right back. “He was always helpin’ out with things ‘round here. Why shouldn’t he have something nice for a change?”

                  Twin could feel it coming. And this time she wasn’t gonna hold her tongue like usual. She took a deep breath and screamed it, not caring who heard her.



                  Guy was snoring on the sofa next door when all the fighting between Twin and Mommy started getting louder. He completely woke up from his drugged sleep just in time to hear Twin scream those last words.

                 “Aw, man,” he thought. “De dope I could git wit dat.”


Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  When Pimp Dealer finds out …

“Promises of Starlight” – Table of Contents

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