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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 10

February 25, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to imply or duplicate Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.



                  “I don’t know what to do,” he said later as he and Angel got ready for bed after tucking in all three of the cousins. “I thought she was doing fine but Niecy says she’s been spending almost every night out somewhere.”

              “You knew this was gonna be hard.” Angel was listening as Lover told him about Twin.

              “Yeah, but I thought … I don’t know what I thought. I guess I hoped she could kick it on her own. I never thought she’d go back to the life. Maybe the drugs would be hard to kick but to go back to the street?”

              “T, you know where she’s been, what it was like for her before. It’s all she knows.”

              “Yeah, but I thought …” Lover sadly shook his head. “I hoped the change of scene and being out here with me would do her good.”

              “It has, baby,” said Angel. “She looks a lot better than she did when she got here. And Niecy’s doing fine at school.”

              Lover nodded and smiled. “Yeah, she is doing well. Did the kids tell you she might be promoted?”

              “No, I didn’t know that. What did Twin say about it?”

              “That’s part of the problem,” Lover answered. “Niecy said she didn’t show up for the meeting with the Teacher and the Principal so she’s still in the “Special” group where she was when she started. And that’s after she’d passed all the tests and everything.” He turned, looking at Angel. “You know what she told me on the way over here?”

              “What, baby?”

              “She said Twin’s gotten mean like she used to be. That she even smells the same.” He remembered how Twin had looked when he’d first seen her the year before. The undone hair, the unclean clothes, the unwashed body. The blunt and the beer and cigarettes.

              He stopped in the middle of climbing into bed. “Oh, no.” He looked at Angel. “I just realized,” he said. “She’s not just back on the street. She is back on the drugs.”

              “How do you know?”

              “I’m not sure. But I remember how the addicts looked when I was a kid. You could recognize them. They’d walk kind of hunched over and slobber all over everybody. The drugs had rotted their teeth out. Their eyes were red all the time. Mostly I remember that they were always mad about something. That’s how you knew. They were always angry.”

              “So have you seen Twin like that?”

              “I haven’t,” said Lover. “But it’s been a couple of weeks since I saw her last. Niecy told me that she has, though. She didn’t know what it meant but she described it right.”

              “What are you going to do?” asked Angel.

              “I don’t know exactly,” said Lover. “But I know somebody I can ask.”


              Therapist was glad to see Lover again. It had been a while. She knew he and Angel were fine so this wasn’t about them.

              She sat and listened as Lover told her about what was happening with Twin and Niecy, letting him explain in his own words what he knew and what he suspected and why.

              “It sounds like you’re right. What do you want to see happen now?” she asked.

              “I want to get her clean and out of that life.”

              “That life is all she knows.”

              “I know. But, if she’s going to keep Niecy, she has got to change how she’s living.” Lover remembered all too clearly his family’s situation with Child Protection Services. He and Angel had almost lost custody of their kids.

              “Does she want to change?” asked the Therapist.

              “Well, I guess so. I mean, I can’t imagine that she wants to stay like she is.”

              “Why not? It’s something she knows, something that makes her feel good, makes her feel like she’s in control of something in her life. Why should she change?”  

              “She has to. She has to do it for Niecy.”

              “I agree with you. Now the question is, how do you get her to realize that?”

              “I was hoping you could help me with that,” said Lover. “I think we may need an intervention.” He paused while he thought about it. “And I was thinking that it needs to be more than just me.”

              “Well, there’s Niecy’s Teacher and Counselor at school,” suggested the Therapist.

              “No,” said Lover. “It has to be somebody closer, like family.”

              “I thought your family, your younger brother and sister, were back east,” she said.

              “They are now,” said Lover. “I didn’t know this at first but somehow they found out she was still alive before I did. They went down south to try to find her.” He paused, almost shaking. “They did but it almost got them killed.”

              Lover hadn’t even told Angel about that. It was hard enough, to keep this to himself. He remembered the two times before when he’d kept something from him. He’d almost lost Angel each time. The last time, Angel had almost lost himself.

              “What happened?” Therapist asked quietly. She could tell this was going to be something difficult, but important.

              Lover took in a big breath. How he hated talking about this. He knew that, afterwards, he’d have to go home and tell Angel. It was just that there’d been those two other times …           

              “Why don’t you start at the beginning?” suggested Therapist. “And remember, the beginning can be anywhere you want it to be.”

              So Lover took a minute and decided where he wanted to start. It had been a very long time ago.


Video 5: “Kickin’ In”                                                   Credit:  Jesha 84

Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  Twin tells a secret that starts a string of tragedies

“Promises of Starlight” – Table of Contents

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