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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 7

February 22, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to disturb or predict Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.


Chapter 7 – GOOD GRADES

               They kissed their way up the stairs to the bedroom. It was hard to tell who began undressing the other first. Whoever it was, he knew his way around his husband.

              It’s so good to feel safe with this man, thought Angel, pulling Lover’s tee shirt over his head. He remembered saying once it was weird (in a good way) that they’d been faithful since the day they’d first laid eyes on each other. Now he saw the advantage of that. He knew this man was completely his, just as he belonged to this man.

              “I love you. I love you so much,” he whispered, wanting to kiss Lover for the rest of his life.

             “Your arms are my home,” whispered Lover in return before pulling down Angel’s briefs, then crawling up his body.  Always and always.”


              After a brief recovery (from their first round of lovemaking), Angel suggested they move down to the pool. He felt like a swim. So did Lover. He was looking forward to seeing his Forever Love wet all over, covered in nothing but water. He’d need to be dried off, wouldn’t he? So, just as they’d kissed their way up to the bedroom, they kissed their way down to the pool.

              After his swim and their water-play Lover sat on the edge of the pool, drying off and reaching for the moisturizer. His legs hung over the side in the warm water. He loved their pool. It really did seem to stretch to Infinity. “Like us,” he thought.

              Angel was on the other side, the deep end, doing a lazy backstroke. The two men had made a pact to “get in shape,” occasionally juicing for days to cleanse their bodies of toxins. Lover looked at the “v” Angel was beginning to develop alongside his abs, letting his eyes follow it down to its point. Angel saw him watching and smiled before diving under the water. When he surfaced he was between Lover’s legs.

              “Foot massage?” he asked Lover.

              “Whatever you want, babe.”

              Angel pushed himself out of the pool and, not bothering to dry off, walked over to the pillowed recliner and settled on his back. Lover followed him, enjoying the view and grabbing a pillow, kneeling on it at Angel’s feet. He began the massage, using one hand to cup the ankle, loosening it, gently moving it in a circular pattern. Then he began to work the toes and underside of the foot while running his strong hands up and down the bottom of it, using his thumb to especially work the ball and arch, but not too hard. That came later.

               Lover began to work the heel, up and around it, giving it the attention it deserved, giving it some traction. Then gently he rolled the foot between his hands, again cupping the ankle as he pushed the foot back. One last time he manipulated the toes, curving them inwards and out, flexing the ball of the foot. Then it was time for the deeper touch. Moving his hands up Angel’s calf, he worked the leg back down to the foot and, with some last deep rubs between his hands, bent down and ran his tongue under the toes. Angel closed his eyes and let himself revel in the pleasure of it.

                Lover went to work on the other foot, beginning with the toes this time, using his thumbs on that fleshy part right under them. Again he used the lighter touch at first, focusing on the muscles and tendons. Again he worked the arch and the sides before getting to the heel, working it in the circular motion, bending the foot back toward Angel, stretching the calf. He also gave this foot some traction, spreading the bones, deepening his touch now, rubbing it between his hands from top to bottom. He finished by working this leg and curving these toes, inwards and out, flexing them before he bent down and began to lick and suck the biggest one.

                Angel was in heaven now, or at least heaven on Earth. He’d been resting one foot on Lover’s hip, slowly moving it in towards the tip of Lover’s “v,” tickling it with his toes.

                By the time the foot massages were done it was clear that both men were ready to have other places massaged, right there beside their Infinity.


                “Always and always,” murmured Angel, wrapping his arms around his warm, luscious husband, kissing his forehead, his eyes, nose, each cheek before returning to that perfect mouth. He lowered the recliner and his husband to it, nuzzling Lover’s body with his own, holding his perfect face, running his fingers through the thick, curly hair.

                 Lover’s touch was perfect, too, knowing exactly where to please his husband the most. Yes, he knew this man. And it was true; after all these years they still couldn’t get enough of each other.

                “This is where we belong.”

                “Yes, yours. I belong to you. You have me.”

                “It’s you who has me,” sighed Angel. “I am yours, in all the ways, for all the days we have.”

                Lover remembered something he’d said at their wedding, the formal one. He repeated it now as Angel kissed his way down his neck.

              “We were born together

              And together we shall be forevermore.”

                “Yes, forevermore …”

                “Beyond Forever.”

                “Yes, my love, beyond Forever.”

                They lost count of how many times they said “I love you” that night. Not that either was counting. It was Paradise enough to hear it. And to feel it. And to almost touch it, it was so real.


Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  The Rock Star goes to school? He’s cuckoo. 

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