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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 2

February 17, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to imply or duplicate Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.



          After Son was born, Angel and Lover were smart enough to have brought in a nurse who specialized in families of firstborns. But her contract tapered off and was up after 6 months. Unfortunately, that was the month before Son began to walk and Daughter began to squirm.

         After Daughter was born a subject came up that Angel nor Lover had ever discussed. Lover had thought about it, though, which to him meant it was going to happen.

              “I can’t wait,” he said one morning after a very energetic night with Angel, a beatific smile on his face.

              Angel knew this, whatever it was, was going to be “interesting.”

              “Wait for what, T?” “T” was short for “Treasure,” which is what Lover was to Angel.

              “For the christening, of course!” Lover had been raised Catholic and Mommy had insisted he and his siblings be christened and go to church.

              “Hold on,” said Angel. “We never said anything about a christening.”

              “But we have to,” replied Lover. “Otherwise they won’t have godparents. And God forbid something should happen to us at the same time.” He stopped to think about that. The thought was horrendous in itself; God only knew what it would be like if it came true. “Who’ll we want to raise them?” Angel could see that Lover was getting more and more agitated about this.

              “Wait a minute. Aren’t you getting all worked about something that probably won’t happen?”

              Lover gave his husband one of his exasperated looks.

              “I know. The probability is small, but …”

              Angel decided it was time to take over the conversation. “Look,” he said, using his “soothing” voice and hoping it would at least begin to calm Lover down. “I can understand you wanting to be sure about who would raise them if …” He could barely stand thinking about it, either, but he knew they had to settle this. “ … if something were to happen to us. I think that’s a good idea.”

              “Oh, good, then it’s settled.”

              “Whoa,” Angel said. “We’re a long way from it being settled.”

              Lover had known this was going to come up. He and Angel had talked about this before, how Angel’s beliefs about the Universe were so different from Lover’s.

              “OK,” said Lover, resigned to what was coming next. He decided to deal with it straight on. “You and I have different ways of thinking about spirituality and religion.”

              “Yes, we do.” Angel was well aware that there was a moderately-serious difference. “We really need to talk about this ‘christening’ thing.” Angel couldn’t remember the last time he’d been in a church and wasn’t about to just prance into one anytime soon.

              Lover was unsure how to proceed. He knew that, in order to have the children christened in a Catholic church, both parents would have to be Catholic. And considering the Catholic church’s stand on homosexuality and marriage equality, that wasn’t going to happen. Especially with Angel.

              “Why is it so important to you to have the kids christened anyway?” Angel asked. “I don’t get it.”

              “Look, I know what you believe,” said Lover. “It’s just that I was taught that if babies weren’t christened, they would never go the Heaven.” He stopped to figure out how best to explain THAT to Angel. He continued, “I just want to know that we’ve done everything we could to make sure that happens.”

              Angel was completely out of his depth here. “You don’t even know if there is a Heaven, so why should you be worried about it if it turns out there isn’t one?”

              Both of them had the same thought at the same time.

              Ask Starlight.


              She was off being other galaxies when she felt her boys needing her. She turned toward Earth to get a sense of what could possibly be signaling her so strongly. When she felt it, she decided well, they hadn’t really needed her since the babies were born. It was about time for a visit.

              She invisibly manifested in Lover’s office where her boys were waiting for her. They both knew she’d come.

              “It’s not really a question of whether or not there’s a Heaven,” she said. “What’s most important is how you two will feel if you decide to christen or to not christen the babies.” As always, Starlight had instantaneously gotten to the crux of the matter. “Lover, this is important to you. You need to know that the babies will always be blessed and able to enter what you call ‘Heaven’. On the other hand, my Angel, you don’t really care if there’s a ‘Heaven’ or not. You just don’t want to take part in what you consider some outdated, meaningless ritual.”  She looked at the two men, who would always be her boys.

              “I’ve always taught you that “need” trumps ‘want’.” She began to transform into her usual Spiral of glitter. “In which case, you might consider having a ceremony to bless the babies and name the godparents in some setting other than a Catholic  church. Lover,” the Spiral continued, “it’s been years since you set foot in one, anyway.”

              Lover looked sheepish that, indeed, he hadn’t. It was just such a part of his history that he hadn’t even thought that christenings wouldn’t happen for the babies.

              “The blessing and the godparents are the most important part of this,” said the Spiral. “You can have that anywhere you want and make it as meaningful as you want.”

              The Spiral vanished. The two parents looked at each other. They were both thinking the same thing.

              The “christening” or “blessing,” or whatever it ended up being called, would take place in a sunny, empty, love-filled room at the Museum of Latin American Arts, where they’d exchanged their private marriage vows. For them it was the most sacred place on Earth.


              With that settled, it became a question of who would officiate and who would be the godparents. They easily agreed on both. The ceremony would be conducted by the same MCC minister who had attended to their public wedding. The godparents would be their good friends the Guitarist and his Wife.

              “What should they wear?” As always Lover wanted every detail arranged as soon as possible. “Usually babies where white when they’re christened.”

              “But this is a ‘blessing’, not a formal ‘christening’,” answered Angel. “We can dress them anyway we want.”

              Lover had to think about that. He was afraid Angel would have the babies in coordinated animal prints. Angel could see it on his face and couldn’t resist riling Lover a bit.

              “You know, that’s not a b … “

              Lover didn’t even let him finish the thought. “I think something symbolic that brings out their coloring would be nice. Like Son could wear light green and Daughter could wear yellow.” His suggestions were good, since Son’s coloring favored their ginger, freckled “Dad” while Daughter’s favored their café au lait Latino “Papa.” And both fathers knew the significance of long-stemmed yellow roses. They’d always been Starlight’s favorite flower. She’d be there, too, of course. Together all of the souls and colors would symbolize the birth of Spring.

               It was perfect.

Tomorrow in “Promises of Starlight”:  The fathers aren’t ready for this, either

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  1. February 18, 2013 5:04 pm

    Glamity, you shouldn’t feel like you want it ALL. I think it just means you are a true Adam Lambert fan. I’m a Woodstock (you may be to young) era gal so Adam with Queen is right up this old gal’s alley. Of course, any alley with Adam would do (I’m also naughty from time to time) I couldn’t be more happy for his success and hope it continues for a long, long time to come. Just get your cute little butt home. Glamity, myself and others are beginning to have withdrawal symtoms. I’d go anywhere, anytime (like you) to see Adam, but I too suffer in the finance department.

  2. Glamnluvhns permalink
    February 19, 2013 11:11 pm

    Love it. Ready for E3

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