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“Promises of Starlight,” episode 1

February 16, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

None of the characters in “Promises of Starlight” represent any person living or dead.

The character “Rock Star”/”Angel” is based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to imply or duplicate Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters in this story.

All videos are to be enjoyed through their link to YouTube. They are not to be downloaded. No claims are made on the videos by the author.



Video 1 – “Pop That Lock”                                                               

Video Credit: TALCVidsLuv2Laugh 77

               With Daughter’s long-awaited announcement of her pregnancy, with fraternal twins to be named “Adam” and “Joy,” that year’s July 4th at the Guitarist’s took on a special significance. This was what Starlight had promised Lover that night years ago, that there would be “generations to come.” Starlight’s promises had gotten him and Angel through some of the darkest experiences of their life together. This was yet another one fulfilled.

              Son was very happy for his sister’s pregnancy. Just like her mother she’d had two miscarriages before this, which was why she and her DH had delayed making the announcement. That they were making it now was a good sign; it meant her Doctor had confidence that the babies would be healthy. More importantly to the telepathic sibling-cousins, Starlight had agreed.

          “Sister” was how Son thought of Daughter even though technically they were cousins, their surrogate mothers twin sisters. They had always been close, so it was no surprise she’d “told” him about the pregnancy before announcing it to everyone. The two, only five months apart in age, had shared a lot as children including intuition, thoughts and feelings. It had begun almost as soon as they were born. In fact, it had begun soon after Son was born but while Daughter was still in her womb. Starlight had taught them how to do it.

          Of course the announcement of the pregnancy called for everyone to celebrate in the way most special to them.

              “Let’s go home,” said Angel after the last of the official fireworks filled the sky. He gave Lover “the look,” the one with the eyes and the smile-with-a-hint-of-smirk?

              “I know what you’re thinking,” Lover/”Papa” happily replied. “I wonder if there’s any of that potato salad left.” He was thinking about them making some fireworks of their own. “We might have to process it a little, though. I like it kind of mushy.”

              “That’s not a problem,” Angel/”Daddy” agreed. “I think I’d like it kind of mushy, too,” his eyebrows doing that dance now and added to “the eyes” and that smile.

              As usual Lover was already figuring out the details. “We may have to heat it up some, too,” he said, thoughtfully. “It’s been in their refrigerator for a while.” He was thinking it through step by step. “Cold potato salad wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

              Angel, who could practically read Lover’s mind, nodded.  And he could see it on Lover’s face. He, too, was already thinking about the possibilities of warm, mushy stuff. He hadn’t thought about the “warm” part, though, so he was glad Lover had. “You know, you have the best ideas. How come I was so lucky that you fell in love with me?”

              “I don’t know,” Lover claimed. “Guess it was just destiny or something.” He was unwilling at that moment to admit it had happened the moment he’d seen the Rock Star. That was OK; they both knew it. “And how was I so lucky to find you, my love?” They both knew the answer to that, too. It hadn’t been so much a question of “find.” It was more like “wait for”—more than once.

              “I don’t know,” said Angel, that faked “innocent” look on his beautiful face. “Guess it was just meant to be.”

              “Yeah, right,” answered Lover, smiling. “Let’s go find that potato salad.” The two men climbed off the picnic table. Their days of jumping off hard surfaces were fewer now but there was still life in those bodies. A LOT of life. And a penchant for food experiments, too.

               Across the yard Daughter and DH watched the future grandfathers head for the kitchen. The future parents were wrapped around each other just like she knew her fathers would be soon. “You know what?” she asked DH.

“What, baby?”

              “Maybe they have the right idea.”

              “I’m all for it,” said DH, smiling that smile she loved so much. “Can we skip the kitchen thing, though?”

              “Sure,” she laughed, gazing at her happy, handsome husband. “Let’s just do the “thank you” and “goodbye” stuff and get out of here.”

                   “You have the best ideas,” DH laughed. “You must get that from Papa.”

              “You’d be surprised,” Daughter said. “Don’t count Daddy out.”


              Later, at the Mansion, “Mmm,” Lover murmured. “Thank God for microwaves.”

              “Um hmm,” Angel whispered, watching as Lover licked the warm, mushy potatoes off his fingers, taking particular care to get in between. His other hand was getting other parts ready to be licked clean, too. “Means we didn’t have to wait.”

              “Ooo, waiting,” smiled Lover, taking a brief break from his hand-cleaning chores. “I love making you wait.”

              They both were remembering the infamous ice-cream experiment that had started their hunger for food—everywhere possible. And that didn’t just mean “everywhere” inside or outside the Mansion. It meant neither–and both.

              “Hmm,” the sound perfectly echoing the tones Angel was so good at humming. “I hope we didn’t get any on the car seats.”

              “I’m not worried about it,” answered Lover. “I’ll clean it up myself. No need to get the staff involved.” He paused. “And, if you want, you can watch me do it, just to make sure I’m doing it right. I know how you like to watch.” Finished with the finger work, he continued his task down Angel’s body to the parts he was really interested in. “Oh my,” he softly exclaimed. “Looks like I missed some.”

              Again Angel watched as Lover went to work. This time, though, he decided to switch things up. Quickly he pulled Lover up his body and kissed him, wrapping him up in his strong, muscled arms.

              “Your turn, my Treasure,” kissing his way from Lover’s mouth up his neck to his ear where he breathily whispered, “You did such a good job teaching me how to wait.” He flipped them over onto the other side of the bed, again reaching for the warm bowl of what the food processor had turned into flavored but not-too-spicy mashed potatoes (some parts of the body were known to be a little sensitive). “In all this time I’ve never taught you how to wait. And I think that time has come. Or, rather, not,” he playfully added.

              Angel sat upright on Lover’s thighs, keeping them together, and began to spread potatoes everywhere he wanted them to be. “Put your hands behind your head,” he instructed. “And keep them there.”

              Lover did as he was told. It was time for schooling and Angel wasn’t fooling.


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  1. Tazzie permalink
    February 17, 2013 10:19 am

    I am soooo happy to see this! Can’t wait for next installment.

  2. Glamnluvhns permalink
    February 19, 2013 10:38 pm

    I love this. “Promises of Starlight” is amazing. I love it. Can’t wait for rhe continuation. Excited!

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