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“The Starlight Trilogy” Summary – Segment 3

February 15, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

To help prepare readers for “Promises of Starlight,” we are first posting a 3-segment summary of “The Starlight Trilogy.”

None of the characters in the “Starlight” series represent any persons living or dead.

The character “Rock Star” is only based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to imply or duplicate Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters.


Reporter’s Evil Scheme

              Reporter was only too happy to hear that the Rock Star and Lover had broken up and he schemed to make sure they were through for good. He convinced an Intern at Lover’s P.R. firm to help him make that happen. Their objective was for Reporter to make the Rock Star fall in love with him, use whatever inside information he could get to get the Editor’s job and then to destroy the Rock Star’s career so no one would believe him when he claimed he’d been used all along.

              After Lover was hit by the chair he’d called Exec, his old friend from grad school. Exec saw this as his opportunity to convince Lover of his feelings for him, which had never died. Lover gently told him that he still loved Angel and always would.  Then Exec found out about Reporter’s scheme and, because of his true feelings for Lover, told him about it so that Lover could get back together with Angel.

              The Rock Star made sure word got out that Reporter was banned from the entertainment press. And Lover immediately accepted Intern’s resignation from his P.R. firm.


Starlight’s Promise to Lover Comes True

              Angel and Lover had triumphed and, as Starlight’s spirit had promised, they emerged even stronger than before. One night Angel proposed to Lover who, with great joy, accepted. Like “whatever you want“ had, “always and always” also became a vow between them, standing for “I always did, and I always will, love you.”

              The married couple decided to have children and, luckily, found twin sisters who would both act as surrogates. Angel’s Son was born first, followed just a few months later by Lover’s Daughter. Angel and Lover became “Dad” and “Papa.” “Son” and “Daughter” became the “Sibling Cousins.”


Reporter Discovers Another Truth

              Reporter wasn’t done with the family, though. He’d somehow found out the reason why Lover had been sent away from home when he was 14: Lover had killed the man who’d been attempting to rape him. The man had been Pimp Dealer’s brother, Snake. This was the reason Mommy had sent Lover away and the memory Lover had erased from his mind.

              Three years later, when Pimp Dealer had found out it had been the teenaged Lover who’d killed Snake, he’d kidnapped Lover’s Twin sister, then 17, as a “fair trade.” He’d abused her, turned her into a drug addict and made her his prostitute. Mommy found out where Twin was but Pimp Dealer threatened that, if anyone tried to take Twin away from him, he’d kill the entire family. This was why she’d told everyone in the family, even the little ones, that Twin had died of an overdose. By telling the lie about Twin’s death, Mommy felt she was protecting her family; now no one would try to find Twin.

              Years later, Lover and Angel still together and very successful in their fields, Reporter found out that Twin was still alive. She’d held a grudge against Lover all these years because he’d never come to rescue her, not knowing that Lover thought she’d overdosed. Reporter also held a grudge, his against the Rock Star, who he blamed for ending his career. He recruited Twin to help him blackmail Lover and Angel for $20 million.


Everybody Gets What They Deserve

              But Lover and his Twin sister reconnected and both found out the true story. Twin agreed to help Lover and Angel set up Reporter for the attempted blackmail. The sting worked.

              It still wasn’t over. Before the sting to catch Reporter, Lover had confessed to the Police that he’d killed Snake all those years before and why. He received a multi-million dollar fine and was sentenced to five years’ probation. He refused to file charges against Angel for the chair incident; however, the State’s Department of Child Protection was not convinced that their home was an appropriate place for the children and took them away.  

              The day of the custody hearing was almost more than the two fathers could bear. Waiting for the Judge’s decision, Angel calmed Lover by reminding him of all they’d been through to be together: Angel always running away because he couldn’t trust love; Starlight dying; Lover twice patiently waiting for him to come home; realizing just how much Lover had risked to get him to come home; Reporter and Intern trying to break them up; Reporter trying to blackmail them; Exec’s play for Lover while he was healing from the chair. And of course their (two) exquisite wedding(s).

              They’d made it through it all. They were still deeply in love, too-happily married, actively sexual whenever and wherever possible (!) and fathers of their two beautiful children. When the Judge announced his decision that the children should be returned to their fathers, Angel and Lover felt gratitude and love even Greater than their own.

              So now the family was together. The children were home, Twin and her little girl Niecy were in L.A. with Lover, and the twins’ own younger Bro and Li’l Sis were safe. Mommy, who had died years before, would have been very proud of her family.


              Years go by. Twin and Niecy are doing well. Son and Daughter (the “sibling cousins”) have finished college and Angel and Lover are the same as always, including their very active sex life (which sometimes now included food <grin>). It’s the traditional 4th of July at the Guitarist’s house when Daughter makes the announcement that she and her Dear Hubby are pregnant with fraternal twins! They tell everyone that they plan to name the boy “Adam” and the girl, “Joy.”


              Starlight had said there would be “generations to come” and that she would be Joy …



The 3-part Summary of “The Starlight Trilogy” will begin on

Valentine’s Day, 2013



The Sequel to “The Starlight Trilogy” will begin on Sunday,

February 17th, 2013

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