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“The Starlight Trilogy” Summary – Segment 2

February 14, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

To help prepare readers for “Promises of Starlight,” we are first posting a 3-segment summary of “The Starlight Trilogy.”

None of the characters in the “Starlight” series represent any persons living or dead.

The character “Rock Star” is only based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to imply or duplicate Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters.


Angel Runs Away (Again)

              As she grew older Starlight became ill, she and Lover keeping the secret from Angel that she was dying. When he found out, we saw the Rock Star’s rage and his habit of running away from his deepest emotions. After Starlight died he ran away to their Mountain House, telling himself that, since they’d spent such happy times there, her spirit would be there, waiting, unable to let him go. The truth was that he was the one who couldn’t let go of the life he’d shared with Starlight.

              Lover begged Angel to stay in L.A. where the people who loved him could help him grieve. But he refused, saying that all those people trying to “help” him and his memories of all the places he’d been so happy with Starlight, were too hard to bear.

              The day that Angel left the Mansion for the Mountain House, Starlight’s spirit visited Lover and promised that Angel would come back.


Getting Angel to Come Home

              Angel stayed at the Mountain House for two years, becoming a hermit. Starlight’s spirit, never leaving his heart, felt Angel’s agony. One night in Lover’s dreams, she asked him to put together a secret plan to get Angel to come home.

              Remembering Angel’s angry reaction to finding out Starlight was dying and that he’d kept it from him, Lover wondered why Starlight was asking him to keep another secret. In that dream visit to Lover she whispered into his soul that, while it would be difficult and painful, he, Angel and their love would emerge even stronger. She also promised Lover that he and Angel would marry and that there would be “generations to come.” She told Lover he would have no memory of her visit until the time was right.

              Since it was for Angel’s benefit, Lover had no hesitation saying “yes” to Starlight’s request and pulling together a plan for Angel. His plan was simply to plant a rumor telling the truth: “The Rock Star is coming home and, when he does, his music will blow people away.” He asks his old friend Exec to help him get the word out. Exec did so because he would do anything for Lover, at whom he’d fallen in love in graduate school. Together (thought Lover) they’d decided they were better friends than intimates but Exec’s feelings had never changed.

              The plan fell into place and included an interview given by the Rock Star to a young Reporter from “Rolling Stone.” It was supposed to focus on his comeback but all Angel could talk about was Starlight. It was a cleansing experience for his soul. After spending that day talking about her, he remembered her lessons about love and trust. He realized that, in order for him to keep Starlight with him, he would have to free her spirit. As he let her go, Starlight took his pain and grief with her, promising that, indeed, her spirit was now free to stay with him in Life as well as in his memory. She would come to him whenever he needed her.


There Were Still Problems

              So after her death, when Starlight’s spirit had asked Lover to bring Angel home from the Mountain House, Lover had put together the successful but secret plan.  And although Angel came home and the couple was happy, there were two problems.

              First, Reporter from “Rolling Stone” had gotten so much acclaim from his articles about Starlight, and the Rock Star’s comeback, that he’d grown evil and ambitious. He now wanted to become the new Editor of “Rolling Stone” and would do whatever was needed to get the job, including using the Rock Star. The second problem was that Lover hadn’t told Angel about the secret plan to get him home from the Mountain House.  When the Rock Star realized that everyone had known about his comeback before he had, he asked Reporter to track down where the rumor had started.

              Reporter discovered that Lover was behind it. While it had simply been the truth, it seemed to have taken control of the Rock Star’s life away from him. It had also directly addressed his need to be popular and loved by the public, a celebrity, something he knew was his weakness and thought he’d hidden from everyone. But Lover knew this man and loved him anyway, weaknesses and all. In his anger at Lover, though, the Rock Star forgot what Starlight had taught him about trust.

              When he found out that Lover was behind the secret and revealing plan, the Rock Star lost control. He threw a chair at Lover that hit him in the chest. He also told Lover they were through.

Tomorrow in “The Starlight Trilogy” Summary, Segment 3:  Reporter shows his real self and an important announcement is made

Segment 3

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  1. February 15, 2013 4:51 am

    I love the pic you posted of Adam (the one above Craig Ferguson). I looked at the entire photo shoot. yesterday. I really do think he’s sexy beyond sexy and simply can’t help myself! But then, who’s trying. Now headed to the AURA webpage

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