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“The Starlight Trilogy” Summary – Segment 1

February 13, 2013

Starlight orion nebula

Written by Thea Washington

To help prepare readers for “Promises of Starlight,” we are first posting a 3-segment summary of “The Starlight Trilogy.”

None of the characters in the “Starlight” series represent any persons living or dead.

The character “Rock Star” is only based on Adam Lambert. The author does not in any way wish to imply or duplicate Mr. Lambert’s life through the characters.


“Starlight and the Rock Star”

              The future Rock Star was having problems in his relationships and didn’t know why. He tried everything, from bottom to top and back again but nothing seemed to work.  He asked his Higher Power, the One Forever Present, for help. His prayer answered, he was sent “Starlight.”

              Their friendship began when, as “Author,” she’d written “The Starlight Stories” with the intention of entertaining the puzzle-loving Rock Star with the clues she’d embedded in them. She’d posted the “Stories” anonymously, so the Rock Star named the unknown Author “Starlight.” She’d intrigued him so much that he set out on a quest to solve the puzzle and to find her. He did both. The two, Starlight and the Rock Star, “clicked” and became close friends.

              Starlight was 20 years older than the gay Rock Star. Their platonic friendship was deeply meaningful and important to them both. As he had named her “Starlight,” she called the Rock Star her “Angel,” a name used only by those he loved. To everyone else he was always “the Rock Star.”

               They cherished their 8-year friendship, living together for most of it. Starlight began teaching Angel about real love and how to trust it.


       The Friendship is Threatened

              There was only one time when the friendship almost ended. The Rock Star had been drugged and set up with (faked) photographs that appeared to show him having sex with a woman. He’d planned to “gift” himself to Starlight but his fear overwhelmed him and kept him from trusting her enough to tell her what had happened. When Starlight found out about his lack of trust in her love for him, she told him to leave.

              After agonizing days apart, Starlight let herself feel Angel’s fear of losing their friendship and understand just how important it was to them both. She called him and asked him to come home. When he did Starlight received his “gift,” giving him the reassurance that he could trust love and he showing her how much he did trust her.


The Rock Star Meets His Lover

              The Rock Star went to see the Founder of a P.R. firm to get a referral to someone who could help him heal from that awful episode when he’d been drugged. The Founder referred him to a Therapist friend who he knew was effective as well as sensitive to the needs of members of the entertainment industry. It took the Rock Star months to heal and, as he did, he began to notice the man who’d given him that referral, who’d also noticed him.

              Starlight’s lessons about love started the Rock Star thinking about having a healthy relationship.  He and the Founder took their time getting to know each other. When the Founder finally met Starlight, she knew he was the perfect man for her Angel.

              One night, while dancing at their favorite club, both men realized that something special was happening between them. A few days later the Rock Star invited the Founder over for dinner. After another dance and making love for the first time, the Founder became “Lover” and, also for the first time, whispered “Whatever you want” to Angel. It became one of their private, lifelong vows to each other.

              But the next day, afraid of the depth of what he was feeling, Angel ran away. After a few days he came back and the men admitted they were in love.


Who is “Lover”?

              Lover grew up in a ghetto in Washington, D.C. Some of those memories were traumatic. He did remember being eight years old when he’d been “recruited” by the local Pimp Dealer as a lookout. As Lover’d gotten older he’d been shown how to “get things done” in business. Lover never lost his love of school, though, even making a hiding place for himself on the roof of the tenement where he and his family lived. There he’d kept the books he’d loved and the money he’d earned from Pimp Dealer.

              Things changed for him when, at the age of 14, his Mommy sent him away to live with his Auntie and her family. There were good schools there and Lover achieved a lot. The unusual and horrifying thing about living with Auntie was that Mommy had told him to never come back to their neighborhood in the ghetto and that, although she loved him with all her heart, she would never be able to see him again. At the time he knew and understood why but it still devastated him.

              Three years passed. When he was 17, Auntie told him that his Twin sister had died of a drug overdose. Lover was never quite the same. He focused entirely on his studies so the remaining, painful memories of the ghetto and Twin almost disappeared.

              Lover went on to win a scholarship to Harvard University, making lifelong friends there. One semester he interned at a P.R. firm in L.A. That led to two decisions: (1) this was the career he wanted and (2) he would “come out” as a gay man.

              After graduating from Harvard Lover went on to the Wharton School of Business, one of the best in the country. It was there that he made more lifelong friends, some of whom would join his own P.R. firm when he opened it a few years later. One of them was “Exec.”

             Lover’s firm was successful from the beginning but he felt that something was missing from his life, something important. That all changed the moment he met the Rock Star and knew that, for him, it was love at first sight.


Tomorrow in “The Starlight Trilogy” Summary, segment 2:  Angel runs away again but Lover has a plan

Segment 2

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