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Adam Lambert Daily Update – February 7, 2013

February 7, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the Week in Review

AURA the Adam Lambert Tribute Magazine can now be pre-ordered!!

Supporting the Forty to None Project against LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

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Alright, we’ve been AWOL for a few days. Truth is, we got hit by a triple whammy. Claudia and Juneau have been super busy this month with something called WORK. Real life, dammit! Deadlines, meetings, business travel, family obligations, stuff. Xena has a Macedonian family. As if that’s not bad enough, she came down with a nasty bout of flu. We thought three dedicated Glambloggers would provide sufficient back-up, but we were wrong. We could use some help!! If you trawl the internet 24/7 for the latest Adam photos, YouTubes and Tweets, download/screencap each one and save them in meticulously organized files on your laptop, if you pounce on every last blog post and media blip about our Glam God, WE NEED YOU. If the idea of running fact-checks and arranging the daily shower of blessings into user-friendly, cleanly laid out blog posts makes your heart beat faster, we would love to welcome you to our team. We’ll teach you our best WordPress tricks and hand you a license to slay as many hearts as you can with the sheer fabulousness of Adam F. Lambert!! Please email if you are interested.



Video surpasses 13 million views!!





Happy Belated Birthday Adam Lambert!! — with Niles Abel and Adam Lambert at Mr. Blacks in West Hollywood. Adam Lambert & Friend arriving at Bootsy Bellows! Feb 5 2013. Adam Lambert & Friend arriving at Bootsy Bellows! Feb 5 2013.

Pap Pics by Adam Lambert & Friend arriving at Bootsy Bellows! Feb 5 2013.

Pap Pics by Adam Lambert & Friend arriving at Bootsy Bellows! Feb 5 2013.



Yahoo – The Cost of Being on ‘American Idol’ “Ever wonder whether Adam Lambert paid for those outrageous “Glambert” costumes he wore on the eighth season? The answer is yes — and no.”

On Top – Adam Lambert Recommends Gay Bars For Straight Men “Singer Adam Lambert recommends gay bars for straight men looking to find dates with women. ran into Lambert, who is openly gay, at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where the TMZ crew asked him why straight guys score in gay bars.LOL, Adam still doesn’t get it! He needs to read “Adam’s Pick-up Advice.

After Elton – 5 Awesome Current Artists Who Need Grammy Awards “Get this: Zero male American Idol contestants have a Grammy to their name. Nope, not even Kevin Covais. Adam Lambert earned a nomination for “Whataya Want From Me?” last year (and lost to Bruno Mars in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category), but if anyone deserves multiple Grammys from the past five seasons of Idol, it’s Lambert. Surely his latest album Trespassing is his best work to date, and if you can’t even earn a Grammy nomination for notching a #1 album as a self-defined gay artist with a distinct pop sound and an otherworldly voice, maybe it’s time for Grammy voters to revise their rubric.”

Hollywood – ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week Is Here: 10 Signs Your Favorite Contestant Is Doomed “You could be the sweetest, cutest little singer this show has ever seen, but if you find yourself in a group with the next Adam Lambert, you should go ahead and plan on finding a new dream (or at least trying again next year). The group behind the eventual Season 8 runner-up were S.O.L. as soon as Lambert let out that incomparable voice of his. Sorry, kids. Showbiz is a bit of a cruel bi***…”

OMAR HAKIM + CHIC + ADAM LAMBERT + ????? “I’m sitting with Rachel Z. and she’s telling me all of what I just told you, red carpets and the Chic band, omg A. Lamb and I’m just going nuts, I love Adam Lambert and I made her listen to me sing along to all my favorite songs and I told her that the next time I see Omar I’m gonna touch him ’cause I know he’s got some of A. Lamb’s magical sparkle on him still.” Go to the story to watch the video.

mmyy9: INROCK March 2013 (out Feb 15, 6 color pages of Adam) can now be pre-ordered on HMV and Amazon





Via @mmyy9 Twitlonger

Trespassing Asian Tour Edition (Feb 26, Mar 5) available for pre-order on Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan

Amazon US “Import”, Feb 26
Canada “Asian Tour Ed”, Feb 26
Germany “Import”, Feb 26
France “Import”, Feb 26
Japan “Asian Tour Ed”, Mar 5




David Arquette on giving Adam Lambert a Lap Dance for BDay at Bootsy Bellows

Adam Lambert “Pop That Lock” – 2012 HTE Camp Dance Choreography by: Bryan O’Shea & Carly Kingston

Official video: Shanghai Hennessy Artistry Mixing – Adam Lambert part – posted by @alidol2011

2013-02-06 J-WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) BEAT PLANET – by @mmyy9







On the dangers of plastic surgery. Brought to you by Adam Lambert.








AdamTweet-Superbowl AdamTweet-Beyonce

AdamTweet-020413 AdamTweet2-020413

AdamRT-020513 KeishaTweet-0200613Adam-020513

@byronjflitsch: @adamlambert never met so much love until I started writing about you. You have the best fans. GLAMBERTS, you ROCK.


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    Sorry that I’m not stepping up to help with the blog. I’m just trying to finish the last four months of school.

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