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Adam Lambert’s In-flight Twitter Party

February 2, 2013

Capped by Juneau

It hadn’t escaped our notice that Adam seems to throw Twitter parties when he’s in transit. Our hunch was confirmed today when mid-Twitter session he revealed that he was in the air. What was new? Big disappointment for fans who love “Runnin'”. And for those with a shaved-man-legs or shaved-head fetish. Good news for ink lovers and chevre afficionados. Most excitingly, he promises his upcoming tour will feature “two albums worth of untoured music.” What does he mean? Let the speculation begin.




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  1. February 2, 2013 10:48 pm

    OMG! Adam writes “gurl” like I do, ‘coz I’m earlzagurl4Adam! 😛

  2. Susie permalink
    February 3, 2013 12:36 am

    So disappointed. He never answers my questions and I thought they were really good.

  3. Adina permalink
    February 15, 2013 8:57 am

    Would this be a glamigon? This short animated film really touched me back then and I completely connected it with Adam in 2012.

    I know leather is like, a sexy rock’n’roll symbol but dead cows & robotized humans are not sexy. There will remain a disconnect from humanity in place if we don’t sort out these hidden feelings of unwantedness or whatever they are (soul therapist must apply his own medicine there). Wonder if it’s the eco stuff anyways – for example, the Ryan Seacrest article saying “fearless fashion, leather & fur” did not exactly focus on what its title seemed to be implying, after all. It was more like a nod to the freedom of looking ridiculous, or choosing unusual looks according to feeling/emotion, rather than the staple of everyday society and life. Because life is meant to be fun, not what people expect you to be/dress as. (Where does that leave my dead cows? Well, I know we are really very small in this world, not so important as I’m making this out to be – it’s only clothes after all, but still a dilemma).

    Life after death? You’d imagine it was important, and once I too believed that was the source of my free spirit… but how about Life Right Now? Cue in the Paradise people. The implications are not what they seem. Spiritual existence, like he says, is right here – and the “other” stuff is not across some border somewhere, it is right here as this is a Multidimensional Existence (reality). We are not pinned down to our isolated brains, and once you see how that works, you see how that works.
    “YOU yourself are most definitely “not” a stable or fixed static thing/event/being, but at the contrary under this scenario you are a permanently Morphing and Evolving-Into-Something-Else being; this is what organized Religion and Ideology lie to you about, in a clear deliberate way; why…? Because by not being aware of the Morphing/Evolving rapid phenomena, you CEDE CONTROL OF THIS TO OTHER BEINGS WHO THEN RUN & DECIDE IT FOR YOU. In other words the control and shape of this merging and morphing ALCHEMY via vortex energies is for the benefit of other beings since you are not a part of it in your awake consciousness. Instead you are given a highly slanted version of your “person” as a “final” product, that only needs some will-testing before it enters Paradise (which eerily reminds one of the tale the clones are given in the film “The Island”); and in both states -the here and the heaven/hell duality-, you are told you remain “fixed & finished”, obfuscating the fact you are the very opposite, in constant rapid morphing/evolving due to the Realm-Border-Crossing mega quantum cosmic event, within an infinite multi-dimensional fractal spiral vortex pulse.” (

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