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Adam Lambert Daily Update – January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013


By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

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@WeAreFamilyFdtn: Twitter hashtag for the Gala tomorrow is #wearefamily !

Twitter List via @Virg1877

Possible Ustream via @girlphenom

Adam Lambert on Keek: @nilerodgers bringin his signature funk to Shady. Great rehearsal today.!c31cbab




@sams_parro on Instagram: Sing bitch!

@sams_parro on Instagram: Sing bitch!

@FOLAMI: Coolest day ever!!!! The singing thats about to go down tomorrow.... You are not ready!!!!

@FOLAMI: Coolest day ever!!!! The singing thats about to go down tomorrow…. You are not ready!!!!

@sam_sparro: Me and @nilerodgers @adamlambert adamlambert at rehearsal for WAFF Gala!! #shady

@sam_sparro: Me and @nilerodgers @adamlambert adamlambert at rehearsal for WAFF Gala!! #shady

@FOLAMI w/o Adam: Here's a pic I snapped... "@14gelly: @FOLAMI: @Anjeebaby : @nilerodgers @sam_sparro @taylor_dayne @kathysledge

@FOLAMI w/o Adam: Here’s a pic I snapped… “@14gelly: @FOLAMI: @Anjeebaby : @nilerodgers @sam_sparro @taylor_dayne @kathysledge

@FOLAMI: @Anjeebaby here is a picture : @nilerodgers @adamlambert @sam_sparro @taylor_dayne @kathysledge

@FOLAMI: @Anjeebaby here is a picture : @nilerodgers @adamlambert @sam_sparro @taylor_dayne @kathysledge










@glam_alidol: @adamlambert new interview on Sina Entertainment main page…


Translation by maddie509 from

I won’t translate word for word ‘cuz most of it aren’t news to us, so just gonna cherry-pick a few that stand out, at least to me.

(Note: this is a translation from Chinese which is subject to the interviewer’s interpretation and understanding, so please proceed with “caution” on certain topic. )

1) Trespassing will be officially released in China, soon (sounds like around the concert time).

2) Zhang Wei, the singer duet with Adam on the Voice of China, will be attending his idol’s only concert in mainland China.

3) He feels a special connection with China, particularly the city of Shanghai! The first time in Shanghai, not only had he a fabulous suit custom made at a very well-known shop, but also went home with lots of nifty small purchases (for families & friends too).

4) Very proud of his charity work, the most recent one is “We Are Family Foundation” (with mention of surpassing 31k donation).

5) He’s been busy getting ready for his Asia and East European tour (besides getting a birthday lap dance from David Arquette — okay! that’s me, maddie not the interviewer’s add-on )

6) After wrapping up his Asia & East European tour at the end of March, he will be starting the creative process of album #3; he’s got so many ideas already and can’t wait to work on it. AND…he’s hoping in 2013 he will get to do some more TV, maybe even movies. Then, he adds, “I’ll be a very happy man as long as I’m getting to create art it doesn’t matter which form of art”!



The Inauguration: Eric Mettner Was There “Mettner saw that Congressman George Miller was giving a handful of inauguration tickets to constituents. So, Mettner wrote to the office, telling them his life story. On Dec. 14, he was walking out of a Adam Lambert concert in San Francisco when he checked his cell phone and saw the message from Miller’s office, telling him he had two tickets. “I just starting crying,” Mettner said. “I had gone from having no hope in 2009 to going to the inauguration in 2013.””

Forbes – Top-Earning American Idols 2012 “For a handful of artists, a higher position on next year’s list is all but guaranteed. Adam Lambert toured his way to $6 million in earnings in 2011 and this year falls to No. 7 with $1.5 million after taking time off to record Trespassing.””

My Fox Chicago – Adam Lambert in talks to judge `Idol` next season: Zwecker “When the feuding between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey was intense, we heard a rumor about season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert–who’s already carved out a big career–being considered for a judging slot next season. Now, good “American Idol” sources are saying it again.”

VH1 – Hey, Saturday Night Live: Five Artists We’d Like To See As Musical Guests This Season



@sarah_jane41: @adamlambert. In Glamour magazine No1 Womens Magazine In the UK x

@sarah_jane41: @adamlambert. In Glamour magazine No1 Womens Magazine In the UK x

@iMenageTrois Adam in the Toronto newspaper 24HRS.

@iMenageTrois Adam in the Toronto newspaper 24HRS.

@WilmaStenhardt: @adamlambert You and Sauli in a Swedish girl magazine. So cute together!:)

@WilmaStenhardt: @adamlambert You and Sauli in a Swedish girl magazine. So cute together!:)


AURA the Adam Lambert Tribute Magazine can now be pre-ordered!!

Supporting the Forty to None Project against LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

AURA blog banner

FAULT Magazine – FAULT COLLABORATION WITH ADAM LAMBERT IN AURA MAGAZINE “For those who didn’t manage to get a copy of Issue 10 with Adam Lambert on the cover, we are making the shots available again to all fans in the fan-run tribute magazine, AURA. The shots will be accompanied by an exclusive article, written by the FAULT Magazine editorial staff, recounting their experiences of working with Adam and his amazing fans.”



@sutanamrull@adamlambert Ugh! why do I have to leave NY today!!!
@Star1013Happy Birthday @AdamLambert! “Cuckoo” coming up later tonight. In the meantime, check out Adam’s Jingle Ball interview: …


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  1. Jennifer permalink
    January 31, 2013 7:44 am

    Is there no talk of a tour in the US? Just a small one would be better than none. Come on Adam, your home glamberts need to see you!

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