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Update on project AURA

January 29, 2013

Dear Friends,

After more than two years spent working on AURA, we have decided to resign from the project team. We truly are sorry to leave the project when Alice needs support to complete the daunting list of tasks that lie ahead. However, our presence has become a distraction. We can’t stand by and watch as some try to derail a project we all care deeply about. It must succeed on behalf of all the fans who entrusted their stories to us and for those who would be helped through the project’s fundraising.

And so by mutual agreement, the two of us are stepping aside. We wish Alice the success she deserves. We trust that others will support her in completing the project she envisioned creating for Adam’s fans.

Light and Love,

J & X

P.S. Please pre-order your copy of AURA!!

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  1. el Kat permalink
    January 31, 2013 4:00 pm

    Thank You Annehedonia.

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