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Adam Lambert Daily Update – January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

AURA the Adam Lambert Tribute Magazine can now be pre-ordered!!

Supporting the Forty to None Project against LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

AURA blog banner


Adam’s Birthday Bash At Boosty Bellows!

From  Benn Mendoza  Of all the celebrities I’ve worked w/ or 4, Adam Lambert is by far the most fun & down to earth. What a great guy (: 

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 7.47.32 AM

Via xWhenLoveFails Saija Edited version of the bf's at Adam's bday party

Via xWhenLoveFails Saija Edited version of the bf’s at Adam’s bday party

Via JayRKalis on Instagram

Via JayRKalis on Instagram

Credit: ?

Credit: ?






Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.19.52 PM



RT @LiamMcEwan: Got a birthday message for Adam Lambert you’d like me to play on the 3 hour special? Email your audio to 🙂
Via @LiamMcEwan: Poster & World Clock for my 3 Hour @AdamLambert b’day special, which will air a few days b4 his Jan 29th b’day.
Airs on Jan 27 9am NZ Time, Jan 26 3pm ET US


ALFC Viet Nam (@adamlambertfcvn)

To celebrate Adam’s 31st birthday, and be thankful of his visit to VN this eaarly month, thanks to ITV channel of Viet Nam, we are so honor to be albe to contribute a little work to make a progame which Adam Lambert will be the artist to be honored in their progame named Fanmade ep.113. There will be 10 songs of Adam with the introduction about his career in this. The show will be aired on Sunday ( 27th Jan ) at 8h15 pm ( local time ) and can be watched online at :
Setlist :


New Photo via @JOYRICHLA Clothing: ADAM LAMBERT Visits at the Joyrich Headquarters @funkyfantastic adamlambert @hellojonte #adamlambert #jontemoaning #joyr

New Photo via @JOYRICHLA Clothing: ADAM LAMBERT Visits at the Joyrich Headquarters @funkyfantastic adamlambert @hellojonte #adamlambert #jontemoaning #joyr

Pictures of Adam's friend Alisan's Baby Mason- adorable!!

Pictures of Adam’s friend Alisan’s Baby Mason- adorable!!

VIA imakedreamss Brandy Pond ᴳTeenage Adam,/White socks/On the treadmill. Funny!

VIA imakedreamss Brandy Pond ᴳ
Teenage Adam,/White socks/On the treadmill. Funny!


PRESS AND BLOG PICKS Rosie Perez’s Charity ‘We Are Family Foundation’ On today’s show, co-host Rosie Perez discussed an upcoming event for her charity, We Are Family Foundation.
The foundation is hosting a concert event: We Are Family Foundation Celebration Gala 2.0, in New York City on January 31, 2013. The concert will feature performances by Adam Lambert, Taylor Dayne, and comedian Russell Peters.

Ryan Seacrest: ‘American Idol’ Flashback — Before They Became Famous

Adam Lambert, Season 8, Runner Up

Adam Lambert

FOX / Getty Images

LambertLust Meets Tommy at DIVAS!


More Pics Via Lambertlust Here! 

New Translated Saulin Hollywood Blog LA ZOO Jan 24 2013
Translated by ALFC on FB.
01/24/2013 Author: Sauli Koskinen




Chris Sings If I Had You (BADLY!): Chris Barthel – Baton Rouge – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Peter Farrelly on Adam Lambert & American Idol

Glamberts going to the Gala



mmyy9 ‏@mmyy9 Adam Lambert 2013 Japan Tour … 1) VIP Packages Additional sale for (cont) 
Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 6.20.36 PM
LAMBERTLUST ‏@LAMBERTLUST #Trespassing by Global Super Star @adamlambert is 216 on iTunes Pop Chart! Buy a copy today! Fav song right now: Shady!


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  1. Adina permalink
    March 1, 2013 7:32 am

    Thank you for the teenage picture! Ah the fashionless ’90s… 😀 Is that his bro Neil? They are so different. Wow, looking at these boys sure makes me wanna have children one day – if things can turn out so cool, that our individual spirituality is accepted and it ends up connecting the whole world.

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