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Adam Lambert Daily Update – January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

“Part of being in control of your life is knowing when to surrender.”





On Top – Adam Lambert In Vietnam Asked When He’s Marrying:

“Do you believe in gay marriage?” a female reporter asked.

“Yeah!” Lambert enthusiastically answered. “Everybody should be able to get married. Yeah.”

“When will you … do you like to …,” the reporter started.

“I don’t know. I have no idea. No clue,” Lambert responded with a grin.

Here’s that video:

Entire Adam show from Hennessy Artistry Concert in Vietnam (via Livestream) – by Rose Nhung Nguyen

Close-up of Adam in “Trespassing” (VIDEO) 

MsKiney: [Fancam] 130104- Adam Lambert and his team in Vietnam before the red carpet.

iOne interview

@brianlondon: Get it in....Vietnam! @adamlambert @rickjordandrums @ashleydzergian @tommyjoeratliff @brianlondon

@brianlondon: Get it in….Vietnam! @adamlambert @rickjordandrums @ashleydzergian @tommyjoeratliff @brianlondon

hiplee91: With @saulikoskinen at the Hennessy artistry show . I'm one lucky :)

hiplee91: With @saulikoskinen at the Hennessy artistry show . I’m one lucky 🙂

Tuoitre News – Vietnamese people are full of energy: Adam Lambert “The 30-year-old singer from the US said his first impression on the Vietnamese people is their energy and hope to understand more about his fans at the concert at Phan Dinh Phung Stadium in District 1 tonight. “When I’m on the stage, I always try to look at my audience in their eyes and try to get what they’re thinking. I often use eye contact to get to know things. This is how I learn about local people as well as the country where I come as a tourist,” Lambert expressed.”


MTV News – Adam Lambert Brings A Leather Fringed… Arm Thingy & General Bad-Assery To Vietnam (PHOTO) “The “Never Close Our Eyes” singer recently shared THIS photo via Twitter (instead ofranting about “Les Miserables,” though as “Les Mis” fans, we wholeheartedly agree with Adam’s opprobrium), and it is our everything. That’s because the photo is an up-close shot of Adam doing exactly what he does best (delivering EPICNESS) as he makes his official stage debut in Vietnam. Not only that, but Adam’s introduced us to our new must-have accessory for 2013: a leather-fringed arm warmer jacket thingy!” (Fact check please? I saw this outfit for the Bali gig; did he also wear it in Vietnam? Maybe I blinked…)

Via @adamlambert

Via @adamlambert



Photo by Zing

Photo by Zing

Floorbert is back! Posted by @ashleynph9

Floorbert is back! Posted by @ashleynph9

Photos posted on H-Artistry Vietnam’s Facebook Album

Photos on ione VN Express

Photos on TTVN

H-Artistry Vietnam

H-Artistry Vietnam

H-Artistry Vietnam

H-Artistry Vietnam

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

ione VN Express

VietnamAdamTease adam-lambert-mau-lua-tren-san-khau-viet

Photo by ryanisp

Photo by ryanisp



Fan Việt ‘say’ với Adam Lambert – (Translated by ALFC) Zing News:

With the vocal ability of a massive star, American Idol 2009 runner-up ADAM LAMBERT made all 2,000 spectators, including the famous guests who don’t usually express themselves while watching music shows also stand up and applaud and cheer.

H-Artistry 2013 music night took place on 4/1 in a private concert of the boys from the United States, although it included two other singers, South National singer NS Yoon-G and Aurea of Portugal.

With A half an hour of the stage, Adam Lambert performed his famous songs, as the stage exploded with the high notes he is “renowned” for!

It looks like a 30-minute performance on the “H-Artistry 2013” stage by runner-up “American Idol 2009” runner-up was not enough for the thousands of anxious fans.

Adam Lambert makes the audience stand up!
Compared with two female colleagues, Adam Lambert had positive exchanges with the audience. Through each song, he has a brief exchange screen to introduce the next item. He also constantly moved to the side wings of the stage to greet the audience. Before that, he suddenly jumped into the stands to ask for a name of a female fan, whom he praised: “Today you looked so beautiful.”

Friendly gestures and professionalism has made American singer recording star a favorite with the audience.

Adam’s lover, the Finnish TV star Sauli Koskinen had a select seat in the front row of the VIP to watch his boyfriend. Sauli looked very comfortable and proud to see Adam on stage.

However, many people, especially the loyal fans of the singer said 30 minutes was too short. It is well known that the majority of the audience came to see Adam perform, but the duration of the program was almost equally divided for all three artists. This made the fans of American Idol runner-up “thirst” for more from their idol. But, because at that very quality, making them hope that one day he will return with a spectacular concert of his own.

Bass guitarist Adam – Tommy Ratliff also very popular because of talent and good looks.

Unfortunately, only in Adam’s performances did the sound have problems. In the first half of the song If I Had You, Adam’s voice was too low and it was difficult to hear. But in the second half, the sound improved.

The sound systems were prepared by a Vietnamese company and although, it could’ve ruined the show of the handsome singer, overall, the viewer was satisfied with the enthusiasm and fire of his American voice. It was hard to take your eyes off the movement of Adam Lambert and the dancers on stage….

(We have not translated the talk about the other singers that belong here.)

…First time performing in Vietnam, the 3 interesting singers represent three different nationalities and left a good impression on the audience. Objective review: H-Artisty 2013 brought us a great night of music and the presence of Adam Lambert can be seen as a great thing and much appreciation goes to the organizers, as he is very successful in the world music market. Many hope the American singer broke ground that will help bring a lot more free music to Vietnam in the new year.

We can say, H-Artistry “broke ground” for the new year 2013 with a memorable night of music not only for fans of the three “foreign” stars and thousands of viewers by bringing a meaningful cultural exchange and a lot of fun to Vietnam with a multi-genre, multi-racial passion for music!



Adam Lambert – Opening – Hennessy Artistry Vietnam – via Livestream by okaysonglyrics 

If I Had You by ADAM LAMBERT at Hennessy Artistry Vietnam – via Livestream by okaysonglyrics

Fever: ADAM LAMBERT Hennessy Artistry Vietnam via Livestream – by okaysonglyrics

Cuckoo (Partial) at Hennessy Artistry Vietnam – by tdpu99

Naked Love (via Livestream) – by okaysonglyrics

Shady (via Livestream) – by okaysonglyrics

Never Close Our Eyes (via Livestream) – by okaysonglyrics

“Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Aurea & ADAM LAMBERT Hennessy Artistry Vietnam – by okaysonglyrics




Review of Adam’s Bali Gig by @Mercury150 – “But at the end of the day he looked wonderful, sounded fabulous and was the consummate professional. And his voice was red hot – he hit some money notes like never before. Bravo Adam! |But you deserved a better organised venue. I am sure they paid you well but I am also sure you want the satisfaction of seeing your audience 100% happy and not messed with. Maybe it would be a good idea for his management to check these things out better in future. I could clearly predict what was going to transpire, so surely they must have too…”

E News – Adam Lambert on Les Miz (VIDEO) – posted by @ovationimpact via Keek

AOL Music – Best Music Moments 2012: AOL Music Readers Name Their Top Picks (LIVE CHAT) “History-making number one debut of “Trespassing” was their best moment. AOL Sessions is freaking amazing!”

AOl Music

AOl Music



CCTV – UpClose 01/05/2013 Adam Lambert, American singer (VIDEO) – 25 minutes! And this is one of our most favorite looks for Adam (floofy hair DOWN). Excellent interview!

Good Morning America – Adam Lambert Hits ‘Les Miserables’ Actors’ Singing, Russell Crowe Responds

Adam Lambert UK Glamberts : NCOE on Big Brother



@MamiMya@adamlambert last night was amazing and impossible to forget ❤ we just can’t get enough of you! Adam I love you! Vietnam loves you!
Brian LondonWill definitely miss Vietnam. Great food and beautiful people! See you soon!


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