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Adam Lambert Daily Update – December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review



@Glambertx96: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fandom. This is the man you now devote your entire life to. Enjoy your stay



@gerhanaputri: Update from Festive Desk Mulia Bali. Platinum, sold out (220 seats). Silver, sold out (100 seats). Gold (200 seats, 20 seats left)
Dec 31: Concert Nusa Dua, Bali. Adam Lambert Live in Grand Ballroom, Mulia Resort. Concert starts at 8pm, Adam’s set at 11pm local time.

Via @INDOGLAM: Twitter list for Adam Lambert show in Bali, Dec 31 2012

Via @yuming_ - A Billboard in Bali

Via @yuming_ – A Billboard in Bali

And January 04: ADAM LAMBERT Concert Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at the Nguyen Du Sport Center

@adamlambertfcvn: we're gonna prepare for Hennessy Artistry Vietnam 2013 @adamlambert

@adamlambertfcvn: we’re gonna prepare for Hennessy Artistry Vietnam 2013 @adamlambert



Gawker – Aside From Dating Lots of Boys, What Did Taylor Swift Do in 2012?: The Year in Pop “…there were a number of other gay or gayish music releases that Frank [Ocean]’s legend may have eclipsed in terms of mainstream attention, but not necessarily creatively or in terms of their crucial ability to represent all of the rainbow’s colors. These include Scissor Sisters’ gay anthem of the year, “Let’s Have a Kiki,” Adam Lambert’s wonderfully flamboyant sophomore album,Trespassing, as well as his performance of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” during VH1’s recent Divas Live concert…”

Radio Alice: My Top 10 Music Moments Of 2012 by Jayn:
“#7. Adam Lambert at Summerthing. I don’t think I could love Adam any more than I do. I have that creepy “we’d really be best friends if we really could just spend some time together, for real” love for him. His set at Summerthing only made things worse ’cause he was perfect in every way, from his backstage fierceness to his ‘destroy the Earth’ set onstage that included a tribute to Donna Summer that you had to see to believe. Seriously, Adam. Call me.”

Yahoo Voices – Adam Lambert, Best Artist of 2012 “As 2013 approaches us, I am looking forward to what Adam Lambert has in store because so far everything he has demonstrated has been unforgettable and nothing less than amazing. It wasn’t a hard decision at all. Adam Lambert is clearly 2012’s Artist of the Year.”

Ryan Seacrest – 2012 Album of the Year: Adam Lambert’s Trespassing “After weeks of voting, we have narrowed down the top 10 albums of 2012 to one! After racking up thousands of votes, the public has decided and the best album of the year goes to Adam Lambert’s Trespassing! Congrats Adam!” – I know I know, we reported this yesterday, even before Ryan’s own blog did, but it’s worth kvelling over again!




Are our fingers tired yet…?

2012 Music Daily News Awards

The end of the world year is upon us and it is time for the second annual Music Daily News awards! The nominees were carefully chosen based on popularity AND achievement, as well as how they were musically. This year has been big for many new artists, but the veterans didn’t fail us either.

We have five categories (we got rid of a lot from last year!) and they include Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Concert Tour of the Year, Fans of the Year, and Video of the Year. You will have until Dec. 30th at midnight to vote! Winners will be announced Dec. 31st at 9:00 AM EST!



@unistartop20: Glamberts! We`d like to congratulate all of you / @adamlambert is still # 1 on our radio-chart >>


Adam Lambert welcome Minsk – Unistar 99.5



@Pennyroyalinc: Many of our Infinity, Eye of Horus & Peace designs will retire in just 3 days! Get yours while you still can!




MaskTweets TrespassingMask



@LogoTV: Tomorrow see @AdamLambert @MileyCyrus @Ciara @Kelly_Clarkson & more in @VH1Divas at 10/9c on Logo!

@whoisjohnnyrice: 5 hrs Layover….Hmmm? Maybe ill find a corner and practice my Namaste! 🙂 #bored #yogis

@LoveMrSpencer: Made it to Hong Kong In route to BALI ☀☔

@LoveMrSpencer: Yes can’t wait to be on stage and bring in #2013 with my glamily. Gonna be awesome! #TRESPASSING #adamlambert!

@RainOnMe83: Hong Kong wit it!! 5 hour layover


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6 Comments leave one →
  1. December 29, 2012 12:21 am

    I plan on devoting my life to him always!! He aint no waste of time, he is productivity!!! HaHaHa

    Love that boy!! xooxoxoxo

  2. December 29, 2012 4:13 am

    I got my first giggle of the day when I saw those first four photos. I swear he is without a doubt the best looking thing I’ve ever seen in leather pants. He’s adorable no matter what he has on. I look forward every morning to seeing his georgeous face (oh, and let’s not forget the rest of him) either. the word “sexy”doesn’t begin to describe him. I exercise every morning and guess what I listen to? You got it Adam. Let’s just say he invigorates me. Oh but does he. Just another woman in a “frenzy” over Adam!

  3. Jeanine Politte permalink
    December 29, 2012 4:26 am

    Love it when Adam gets all goofy & shares those comedic facial expressions.

  4. glamity58 permalink
    December 29, 2012 10:09 am

    I’ve wasted too much time on following Adam Lambert and plan to continue that same time-wasting process next year. Is there a pill that will cure me? Probably not. He should be the biggest star in the world. I’ve done my part by giving out his CDs and his Queen DVDs to people at work who don’t normally buy music. They think he’s great as well. America needs to wake up and see what a talent he is.

    • rosemary permalink
      December 29, 2012 1:29 pm

      Glamity–I need more than a pill to cure me–probably Adam Lambert rehab–but no way I’m giving us this guilty pleasure.
      And moving right along with my addiction….I keep hearing about these “Queen/Lambert DVD”s. Are they fan-made? How does one buy one? Thanks.

  5. EVVY permalink
    December 29, 2012 3:53 pm

    Yeah, where are they, Queen/Lambert DVDs. Was I asleep?

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