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Adam Lambert Week – December 23-29, 2012

December 23, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook


realadamlambert: It’s dat season!





From Sauli in Hollywood Blog  – English translation

Again, Christmas is behind us and the year changes soon! Christmas was very enjoyable in San Diego. Even though this was my first Christmas outside of Finland, we still had a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. On Christmas Day we went for a walk in San Diego’s Balboa Park. It was just an incredibly gorgeous place. The park had a beautiful cactus garden. Christmas Day we went to spend the evening friends, Anaheim-Irvine. It was a fun Christmas! Now I’m going to Bali! Tomorrow! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo / S

Posted by Sauli Koskinen
Posted by Sauli Koskinen



Adam wins Ryan Seacrest poll on Who Had the Best Album of 2012


realadamlambertFan Art:


realadamlambertDiet starts tomorrow. Actually, next year. Today I'm eatin dads pancakes.
Diet starts tomorrow. Actually, next year. Today I’m eatin dads pancakes.



December 31: Concert Nusa Dua, Bali. Adam Lambert Live in Grand Ballroom, Mulia Resort. Concert starts at 8pm, Adam’s set at 11pm local time.

@gerhanaputri: Update from Festive Desk Mulia Bali. Platinum, sold out (220 seats). Silver, sold out (100 seats). Gold (200 seats, 20 seats left)

Via @INDOGLAM: Twitter list for Adam Lambert show in Bali, Dec 31 2012

@INDOGLAM: Grand ballroom - The Mulia Bali Hotel Beautiful!
@INDOGLAM: Grand ballroom – The Mulia Bali Hotel Beautiful!

And January 04: ADAM LAMBERT Concert Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at the Nguyen Du Sport Center

@adamlambertfcvn: we're gonna prepare for Hennessy Artistry Vietnam 2013 @adamlambert
@adamlambertfcvn: we’re gonna prepare for Hennessy Artistry Vietnam 2013 @adamlambert


@mmadamimadamm: My heart is full!!!! This is the kind of place Adam belongs in – Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena!  New ADAM LAMBERT Mar 3 2013 Shanghai China Concert Mercedes Benz Arena,5000 seats


@mmyy9: MAMA 2012 Main Show (5 hours w/ Japanese subtitles) to air on Mnet Japan on Dec 29 at 18:00 (Repeats: Jan 12, 15 & 17)  MAMA 2012 Backstage Special (1 hour) to air on Mnet Japan on Dec 30 at 6am, Jan 19 22:00, Jan 21 10:30am, Jan 24 15:00

Change of Venue: Adam Lambert Live In Manila concert will now be held at the Smart AranetaColiseum on March 1, 2013. More details soon.

See more here




Via @monalee62
Via @monalee62

@danstruter (Daniel Albuquerque): Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” is voted the 8th best album of 2012 by the famous brazilian blog “Qual a Grande Ideia”. We Brazilian Glamberts are very happy with this news!!!!



Ryan – Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber, or One Direction: Who Is The Best Male of 2012? — Round 3 – “You have selected your top 3 boys of 2012, now it’s time to pick the king of the year! Vote in our poll below! Voting ends Sunday, December 30 at 11:59 PM!”


Ryan – Vote for Your Favorite Music Video of 2012! – “Raise your glass and ‘Cheers’ to the best beats of 2012! We’re celebrating a year of hot hits by sharing 2012′s freshest faces, cult-leading warriors, irresistible boy bands, and ultra-sexy good girls. Let us know which music video you couldn’t get enough of – vote for the winning video in our poll below!”




From all of us at The Salon

@Suz526: We Need a Little Lambert December 2010 HD

Happy holidays to Adam Lambert fans everywhere! Most of the clips in this video are from the 2010 European GNT concerts, although I swapped 3 of them at the very last minute (today) with a 12/16 Club Nokia clip.



December 24th, 2012


From Sauli’s blog  – Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) & Zinnia (@Tiiqqu)


I bought myself a new footstool.





New Photo of Riff Cherry by @scarlettcherry: ...Christmas concerto.. @riffcherry
New Photo of Riff Cherry by @scarlettcherry: …Christmas concerto.. @riffcherry
Via @AdamLambertHelpNice Photo Tweeted by Saana Koskinen @MissSaana (Sauli's sister): Merry Christmas everybody ♥ Awwwww!
Via @AdamLambertHelp
Nice Photo Tweeted by Saana Koskinen @MissSaana (Sauli’s sister): Merry Christmas everybody ♥ Awwwww!

‏@leecherry: Happy Holidays from The Cherry’s! @scarlettcherry @riffcherry



(Next time, more freckles on the shoulders please…)

via Belgian Glamberts (@AdamLambertBE) & kacenka78: Look who’s sliding down our chimney!! Merry Christmas!! (Photoshop by kacenka78)



Singapore Gig for March 8, 2013


@AdamLambert_INA: I have made a twitter list for Adam Lambert’s NYE Bali show…. 

Here’s the Twitter List for Bali





@adamlambert Remixes for your pleasha

If you can, please download the song at the link above so that Adam can get a head count. But if you have difficulty with downloading, you can stream the songs by clicking on the players below:

WAWA’s LA to NY Stomp Remix


WAWA’S NY Stop Remix



Maybe if we are very very good…




A kiss for the host. Kelly Rowland laughs after Keri Hilson plants a kiss on "VH1 Divas" host Adam Lambert on Dec.16 in Los Angeles
A kiss for the host. Kelly Rowland laughs after Keri Hilson plants a kiss on “VH1 Divas” host Adam Lambert on Dec.16 in Los Angeles
robscheppy: Big party! @realadamlambert
robscheppy: Big party! @realadamlambert

New pro photo gallery: One Republic & Adam Lambert @ The Warfield, San Francisco, Ca 12.14.2012

From Beehive Archive
From Beehive Archive
xtiansbulldog: #Rasputins and saw @Adamlamberrt so much fun! #happybirthday #christophersbirthday #gay #instagay #ratchet #weho #friends #fun #merrychristmas
xtiansbulldog: #Rasputins and saw @Adamlamberrt so much fun! #happybirthday #christophersbirthday #gay #instagay #ratchet #weho #friends #fun #merrychristmas


Via xandertarigo
Via xandertarigo





Jasmine Elenore 24m
Nice bumping into you @adamlambert. Have a safe flight. 🙂

@Elenoreee: OMG. We literally just met Adam Lambert at LAX.

@Elenoreee@AzaIza Really. We were queuing up and his whole entourage was there so we went to him, took a picture and talked a little with him.
@Elenoreee@AzaIza I wasn’t sure at first cause they were all so calm and chill and he had a hat on but we just went up to him. He was really nice.



@xadamsbabex: Oh wow look at Adam Lambert Pictures he just grew in our eyes❤





By @silvermouse97 Eunji Kwon



Numbers climbing steadily, via NextBigSound


@glam_alidol: Hit FM top 20 this week : Trespassing is No.6 @adamlambert (biggest English radio station in China)

Posted by @glam_alidol
Posted by @glam_alidol



Top 10 Adam Lambert Moments of 2012 “This was an important year for Adam Lambert, with the release of his sophomore album, Trespassing. In many ways, this was the year Adam truly embarked on his journey as an independent artist. Here are what for us were the most significant events of the year. I’m sure we missed many others! Please weigh in on your top moments!”

Rolling Stone – The Hottest Live Photos of 2012 – by Christie Goodwin


Huffington Post – Gay Cultural Moments Of 2012: Adam Lambert, ‘The New Normal,’ ‘Glee’ And More! “And indeed, the year in music, movies, TV and theater is similarly flush with milestones. “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert not only hosted VH1’s popular “Divas Live” show this fall, but he also became the first openly gay pop artist to top the album charts back in May.”


@lyndseyparker: Omigawd, a lot of good music came out in 2012. Finally got my top 10 list in order:

1. Diamond Rings – Free Dimensional
2. Adam Lambert – Trespassing
3. Foxy Shazam – The Church Of Rock And Roll
4. Grimes – Visions
5. The Darkness – Hot Cakes
6. Sleigh Bells – Reign Of Terror
7. Light Asylum – Light Asylum
8. Sam Sparro – Return To Paradise
9. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
10. Beach House – Bloom

Mio-Amor (Brazil) – Adam Lambert is International Artist of 2012


VH1 – The People, By The People: The Top 40 Most-Watched Videos of 2012 Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” comes in at #4!!! And “Never Close Our Eyes” comes in at #36.

Flecking Records – Adam takes a slew of year-end recognitions:

VH1 Celebrity – Justin Bieber, Rihanna, 1-D & More Get Inked Up In 2012: The 20 Best & Worst Tattoos Of The Year Adam’s “Musica delenit bestiam feram” tattoo is ranked 9th, although the post neglects to say whether that’s best or worst…


New York Times – Many Hats of Chris Colfer “Surely, Kurt has served as a role model for countless gay teenagers. But the vast majority of his admirers, he said, are girls, who shower him with photo albums and even erotic fan fiction (“more than most of my male co-stars”). Tumblr is rife with fan pages dedicated to Kurt and Blaine (a k a Klaine)…” Sound familiar? 

LambertLust – FIASCO Magazine HD scans Feast your eyes again, and read the article! “”I kind of reinvent myself day to day. And I don’t use the word reinvent as some kind of pretentious thing. I want to work a look one day and another look another day. I don’t see it as reinventing – there’s a natural change in taste that can happen….it’s not as conscious as people think it is. Most people look different over three years!”  He laughs at the realization that jumps into his mind. “It’s not different to normal people, it’s just that more people are looking at me!””

Saulin Hollywood – Divas  – English translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) & Zinnia (@Tiiqqu), posted on December 22nd, 2012. “Sorry that my blog is so late again. There’s been this move thing going on now and I’ve been having big net connection problems!!… The Divas Show last Sunday was amazing and my siippa managed to pull it trough pretty well!! The atmosphere was really nice and relaxed and we really had fun in the audience.”

From Sauli's blog post

From Sauli’s blog post

Best Albums Of 2012 – Numbers 10 To 6 – Trespassing come in at #8 “The album might have made the headlines by being the first album by an openly gay singer to top the Billboard 200 in America, but Trespassing should be on more people’s radar’s for purely musical reasons. An outstanding pop-rock album that revels in what it is and deserves to put Lambert in the upper echelons of the genre.”

@LisaKomatsubara: @adamlambert is #10 in New Zealand's Creme Magazine's Top 25 Cutest Boys of 2012!
@LisaKomatsubara: @adamlambert is #10 in New Zealand’s Creme Magazine’s Top 25 Cutest Boys of 2012!

@eri9: Picture of Adam LAMBERT at Divas in NZ Woman's Weekly magazine.
@eri9: Picture of Adam LAMBERT at Divas in NZ Woman’s Weekly magazine.

Examiner – Adam Lambert gives fans a holiday gift “It is not often that artists give away free music, but this is a great way for him to give a holiday gift to his almost two million twitter followers! Adam has made it clear time and again that he appreciates his fans and there is no doubt that the gift will be loved by everyone.”

Small mention of Adam Lambert in today’s LA Times re VH1Divas show. (Thank you @thefilmqueen)


From Socialite Life, December 23, 2012
From Socialite Life, December 23, 2012

EQ Music – Download EQ Music’s Top 200 Tracks of 2012! “..the only song to actually make me cry like a river this year was “Outlaws Of Love” by Adam Lambert.”

EQ Music
EQ Music

The Denver Channel – Queen and Adam Lambert’s collaboration voted best live shows of 2012 “The collaboration was voted number one in the Gigwise poll of 2012’s best live shows, ahead of The Killers in second place and British rockers Muse in third. Psychedelic rock band Animal Collective came in fourth place while Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters round out the top five.” – Downtown Diva Charles Busch on Heading Uptown to 54 Below, Disco Songs and a Duet with Adam Lambert “Charles Busch is the author of a long list of hit plays (many of them including drag diva roles played by him!) including The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, Die! Mommie! Die!, Psycho Beach Party, The Divine Sister, and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. Now Busch brings his latest project, an end of the year extravaganza, to 54 Below for two nights only. The December 28 and 29 shows promise “laughter, music, tears and sequins. But no boas.” Below, Busch recounts the influence Bette Midler had on him, the disco songs that make him move and his dream duet with Adam Lambert.”

Washington Blade – Year in review: Gay is ‘The New Normal’ “Adam Lambert became the first openly gay musician to have an album debut atop the Billboard charts. Released in May, “Trespassing” had both ballads and his traditional dance-until-you-drop music.”

Adam Lambert (right) became the first openly gay musician to have an album debut atop the Billboard charts. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)
Adam Lambert (right) became the first openly gay musician to have an album debut atop the Billboard charts. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

Classic Rock Magazine – My fears over fronting QueenMy fears over fronting Queen “It’s important to me to have my own body of work, but after those shows I came home far more confident and well-rounded. I’m not going to lie – it made me go: “Ha-ha! Look what I just did!” I’m proud of myself.”

Best in UA: Top 25 2012 Events in Ukraine: “Concert by Elton John and Queen (Translated). Biggest large-scale event in Ukraine championship “Euro-2012″ grand charity concert on the world stage. In the fan zone, which was located in the center of the capital, thousands of people came to listen to a live performance by Elton John and the band Queen, led by Adam Lambert.”

AVA TV (Finland) – Who is the sexiest man? #1 is Adam Lambert. #4 is Sauli Koskinen.

Gawker – Aside From Dating Lots of Boys, What Did Taylor Swift Do in 2012?: The Year in Pop “…there were a number of other gay or gayish music releases that Frank [Ocean]’s legend may have eclipsed in terms of mainstream attention, but not necessarily creatively or in terms of their crucial ability to represent all of the rainbow’s colors. These include Scissor Sisters’ gay anthem of the year, “Let’s Have a Kiki,” Adam Lambert’s wonderfully flamboyant sophomore album,Trespassing, as well as his performance of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” during VH1’s recent Divas Live concert…”

Radio Alice: My Top 10 Music Moments Of 2012 by Jayn:
“#7. Adam Lambert at Summerthing. I don’t think I could love Adam any more than I do. I have that creepy “we’d really be best friends if we really could just spend some time together, for real” love for him. His set at Summerthing only made things worse ’cause he was perfect in every way, from his backstage fierceness to his ‘destroy the Earth’ set onstage that included a tribute to Donna Summer that you had to see to believe. Seriously, Adam. Call me.”

Yahoo Voices – Adam Lambert, Best Artist of 2012 “As 2013 approaches us, I am looking forward to what Adam Lambert has in store because so far everything he has demonstrated has been unforgettable and nothing less than amazing. It wasn’t a hard decision at all. Adam Lambert is clearly 2012’s Artist of the Year.”

Ryan Seacrest – 2012 Album of the Year: Adam Lambert’s Trespassing “After weeks of voting, we have narrowed down the top 10 albums of 2012 to one! After racking up thousands of votes, the public has decided and the best album of the year goes to Adam Lambert’s Trespassing! Congrats Adam!”



A recipe from Bellina

This is a tradition in our family. Chinese New Year Cookies. I thought of Sauli when I was making these. I know he likes to cook. These are so yummy! Ingredients:

  • Toll House Butterscotch morsels
  • La Choy Chow Mein crunchy noodles
  • Planters Cocktail peanuts salted
  1. Melt butterscotch in double broiler
  2. Pour in the noodles and peanuts
  3. Mix all together
  4. Spoon mixture onto foil or parchment paper to cool.
  5. The combination of the butterscotch flavor and the salty taste and crunch is YUMMY!

Happy Holidays, Bellina 🙂



Via @GlambertHU)’s Twitlonger:

Hai Glamberts! Please vote for our Adam on the biggest Hungarian music site. He got 6 nominations.
– Music Video Of The Year (Better Than I Know Myself)
– Best Rock Concert (Queen + AL – Live In Kiev)
– Album Of The Year (Trespassing)
– Best Male Vocalist
– Best Pop Single Of The Year (Never Close Our Eyes)
– Best Pop Album Of The Year (Trespassing)

Please RT 🙂 We must win!! 🙂

ALBUM OF THE YEAR – 2012 POPCRUSH MUSIC AWARDS “In 2012, Adam Lambert made history with the release of his sophomore LP ‘Trespassing’ — an amazing blend of personal ballads and powerful synthpop tracks — when he became the first openly gay male artist to have an album debut at No. 1. But can he trump the funky badness that is Bruno Mars‘ ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’?” Only if you vote, every hour!!

Ryan Seacrest Poll: The Final Round: You have picked your top three favorite albums of 2012! We have reached the final round and need your help deciding the top spot! Vote in the poll below! The poll ends Thursday, December 27 at 11:59 PM!

Q102 Poll: Who’s The Best Jingle Ball Performer Of All Time?



Holiday treat!

Queen + Adam Lambert Hammersmith 2012 HD – by FreddieFreak86

@LiamMcEwan: “Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour” has a brand new official website! Check it out! 🙂


Re-synced! – Adam Lambert talks about hosting VH1’s latest Divas show

@glam_alidol: Chinese fans’ new video :Merry Christmas to all @adamlambert fans GBR covers Santa Baby Glamberts Blossom Rouge covers Santa Baby. We wish glamberts around the globe a merry and bright holiday season! Love.

Flash Mob Adam Lambert Mashup [Vietnamese Glamberts] – A tutorial for Vietnamese Glamberts who want to help give Adam a warm welcome

@AdamLambertHelp“: Adam Lambert – Trespassing Video: 1 million views!! – Congrats Adam!

HD Video of all the Adam parts from VH1 Divas, by @violet_glitz



@glam_alidol: another cute fan art by phoebe @adamlambert (Christmas) 12-25-12

@glam_alidol: fan art by baiyi: print this, then you could make an @adamlambert calendar!

Created by baiyi. Posted by @glam_alidol
Created by baiyi. Posted by @glam_alidol



@Jen_Giada: @adamlambert do you like my paintings?
@Jen_Giada: @adamlambert do you like my paintings?


@LAMBERTLUST: New Adam Lambert Inspired Ink!
@LAMBERTLUST: New Adam Lambert Inspired Ink! 
@jenmnaAdam Lambert is so attractive I want to cry.
@vanglam: @adamlambert fan meeting in Argentina next week! Sat Dec 29 ,Buenos Aires Galerías Pacífico! More info here:
@christy0907: For those who missed. I got my next Adam doll to add to my collection. Thanks to @CollinsToys

@christy0907: For those who missed. I got my next Adam doll to add to my collection. Thanks to @CollinsToys

@ashleydzerigian: I’ve had folks ask if I have a PO box. Hold that postage! Please donate to my cause instead: Keep the Horses Alive … THNX
@LozzyhereListening to my sad mood song. Aftermath by @adamlambert always listen to it when I’m down, gives me the strength to to on
Sunday Tweets

@markgilroymusic: @adamlambert With these remixes you are spoiling us sir.

@LAMBERTLUST: FYI SF Glamberts We Are Gonna Do The Adam B-Day Bash At The Hard Rock Cafe In SF SUNDAY JAN 27TH will put the blog together 1st week of Jan!



@glam_alidol via Weibo: ADAM LAMBERT's image in the Beijing China subway!...
@glam_alidol via Weibo: ADAM LAMBERT’s image in the Beijing China subway!…

Monday Tweets


@QueenRockBandMost Retweeted Tweet of the Week: QUEEN + @AdamLambert NAMED BEST LIVE ACT OF 2012 | News RT ► …
@davidhomusic: Bumped into Adam Lambert while partying in Hollywood last night. He looks so good in person, it’s unreal!
@Libalicious22Certain Brittany Spears and Adam Lambert songs really bring out the stripper in you.
paolanevillegaw: I just watched adam lambert for the first time and I have to say….I get it now!
@Aki_Thrash_JPNAdam Lambert Japanese Tour; VIP Upgrade Packages Available … @AdamLambert

Wednesday Tweets

@RainOnMe83: Bali, Indonesia tomorrow!! I’m really feeling the excitement!!

@RainOnMe83: So I just realized that I’m gonna have to go buy a bigger suitcase today! All the things I’m bringing won’t fit! Who’s having a sale today?!

@INDOGLAM: Twitter list for Adam Lambert show in Bali, Dec 31 2012 



Via Adam Lambert Events

December 24: Radio, UK. Repeat interview with Gaydar Radio ‘Best of the Guests 2012′ at 4pm local time. [Source] December 26: TV, US. The Wendy Williams Show repeat on channel BET at 11pm ET. [Source] December 28: TV, Japan. Live at Summer Sonic 2012 on WOWOW repeat at 24hr. [Source] December 29: TV, Australia. E! True Hollywood Story repeat on Channel 121 E!Entertainment at 7am. [Source] December 29: TV, Japan. 2012 MAMA repeats on Mnet Japan with Japanese subtitles and backstage footage at 18:00-23:30 JST. [Source] December 31: Concert Nusa Dua, Bali. Adam Lambert Live in Grand Ballroom, Mulia Resort. Concert starts at 8pm, Adam’s set at 11pm local time. [Press Release | More Info]


Thursday Tweets

@ALambertFans_SG: TRESPASSING by Adam Lambert #8 tonight on Hot30Countdown @hotfmsg Singapore. To vote:
@katiemelb: Going on air at @JOY949 in 15 minutes. First track is by @adamlambert!
@danstruter: OMGGGGGGG That “Werk Bitch” fan art that Adam posted was made by ME!

@RainOnMe83: I'm outta here! Bali bound!! NYE! See y'all next year!

@LoveMrSpencer: The bestie and I. #tbt bout to be living in BALI for NYE @whoisjohnnyrice

Friday Tweets

@LogoTV: Tomorrow see @AdamLambert @MileyCyrus @Ciara @Kelly_Clarkson & more in @VH1Divas at 10/9c on Logo!

@whoisjohnnyrice: 5 hrs Layover….Hmmm? Maybe ill find a corner and practice my Namaste! 🙂 #bored #yogis

@LoveMrSpencer: Made it to Hong Kong In route to BALI ☀☔

@LoveMrSpencer: Yes can’t wait to be on stage and bring in #2013 with my glamily. Gonna be awesome! #TRESPASSING #adamlambert!

@RainOnMe83: Hong Kong wit it!! 5 hour layover



Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



Amazon  iTunes Barnes & Noble

From Adam Official – “Trespassing” single, Deluxe Box Set and more!! Full album stream here – share with friends!!

Trespassing Box Set



Adam Lambert Official Store

Buy Our Book, Tattoos and Bumper Decal

For more, check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!

Bertwear Designs from Lambosessed Perfect gifts for the Glamberts in your life! We love her original designs! Lambosessed explains her approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.” – Via Cameron (PHOTO) – Soundwave jewelry

Check out Coolspotters’ listing of where to get Adam’s fashions and accessories GET “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS” EPISODE ON iTUNES. Thanks to @LAMBERTLUST for alerting us. Here’s the link Glam Gloves – Our out and proud manbert @josh_tripp makes these fun, fingerless babies – just the thing to wear to your next Adam concert…or around the house when you’re lip-synching in front of the TV!! He’s offering them made-to-order for $8 including postage. If you want a pair, please tweet him or leave a message in the comments section and we’ll connect you with him via private email.

Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant in antiqued bronze and silver, just perfect!

Human Rights Campaign Store – Support this great organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. They have beautifully designed jewelry and accessories. Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes  JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel. Anyone on your gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots? Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas. Need feather hair extensions? Hop over to @PeaceFrogDesign’s Etsy store! Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed. Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles Order Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on Amazon and iTunes. Buy Aftermath Remix here The imported Sleepwalker single can now be ordered at U.S. Amazon Labor of Love Project – Buy Scarlett Cherry’s gorgeous new CD. Organic goodies for moms and babies too!


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  1. Cameron permalink
    December 23, 2012 12:48 pm

    I love the fan inspired t-shirts, jewelry, etc! Can’t believe you haven’t featured ‘s amazing soundwave jewelry of Adam’s songs! I just received my latest from her-The first verse from Underneath and his quote “Thank you Glamberts. I love you” from a NZ interview. Fine silver or copper one of a kind jewelry too. Let her capture your favorite verse.

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