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Adam Lambert at Jingle Ball – Warfield Theater, San Francisco

December 15, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Show recorded by @LambertLust

Setlist: IIHY, Naked Love, Cuckoo, WWFM, Is this Love?, Shady, Fever, Trespassing



Thanks to cos2mwiz

ADAM LAMERT IIHY Warfield San Francisco

ADAM LAMBERT Shady, Fever, Trespassing

ADAM LAMBERT Naked Love, Cuckoo, WWFM, Is This Love -Warfield, SF – 

Shady with good audio by daydreaminmylif·



Star 101.3 – Jingle Ball 2012 – Adam Lambert Performance Photos

Star 101.3 – Jingle Ball 2012 – Adam Lambert Meet & Greet
(we see familiar faces!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And check out these great GIFs and screencaps by Lilybop!

Photos from lala_icecream



@JonManuel’s Blog – People Have Been Lined Up For Star 101.3’s Jingle Ball Since 5:30am! “These are some SERIOUS fans! When I heard there was a group of people waiting outside the Warfield for Star 101.3’s Jingle Ball tonight, I figured they’d want some lunch. Thank you Togo’s for hooking us up! :)”



@bani_I just met Adam. omg (≧∇≦)
@RadioChloeDid he just lyric fail!?!? LOLLL!
@voiceworkstk.@TheBlondsNY ADAM LAMBERT IS WEARING YOUR JACKET AT THE JINGLE BALL n SAN FRAN RIGHT NOW!  *\o/* xoxo 🙂 @phillipeblond
@JuneauXenaAww, Adam talking about today’s tragedy and responding by celebrating life and love. Now singing “Is this Love?”
@blakkrroxoh wow, Adam. What a beautiful energy that tearfelt speech had. Is this Love? U betcha.
 ‏@teralex42Adam’s shows are like revival meetings…LOL!!!
@Audsidolpowder his legs? oh Adam / LOL


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7 Comments leave one →
  1. Adina permalink
    December 16, 2012 5:41 am

    See Ivi Adamou, “La La Love” (the performance and words…).
    Hey, I reaaaaally like his C necklace, it’s kind of a thing. I saw Sauli wearing it too. Sailor Moon has a tiara just like it. She also has a Cup. As I said, it’s kind of a thing.

  2. December 16, 2012 8:28 am

    /thank you LambertLust for the great pictures. I am going out of my head watching all these videos of his concerts with me not being there. Hopfully he will do some touring down my way soon. He looked fantastic and sounded incredible. What is it about this man that has me in such a frenzy? I’m old enough to be his mom, God forbid. /Whatever it is whether his looks (and he is way beyond the word sexy) or that voice I don’t know. whatever it is, I hope he keeps it coming for a long, long time. He’s made me feel younger and given me back excitement. And, then maybe it’s just those leather pants.LOL

    • Adina permalink
      December 20, 2012 12:01 pm

      It’s “Aura”, like the book will be called. Aura is another, ancient name for the White Goddess, which is a type of Galactic energy (very high). This explanation/inadvertent allusion works for me, lol… no idea if it works for you… (I’m 29). People who are born this hyper are creating a click with the future? (I’m in a frenzy because I see so many parallels with myself which in turn gives me hope of connection, but my frenziness is dampened by the fact that I know this Love must eventually extend to all, including animals – and right now, everyone is so focused on fantasy images like leather et al. I get it, we want a touch of primal to this gadget-and-WallStreet attire-overrun world, but for instance, Brian May is trying to save the pythons and this guy is wearing them… What’s the point of eating “healthy veganish food” and going to wild animal reserves – a 19th century concept of “preserving unspoilt nature in certain areas” lol – if on the other hand this industry goes on exactly as it does? But hey, live and learn, always and every day – I won’t try to replace the old concept of sin with a new one in any way, but love does change my thinking).
      Lol, I once wrote in my diary, “What is it about an electric guitar that drives us crazy?” which was quoting the film Velvet Goldmine. Point being that asking this question leads to some pretty interesting discoveries…

  3. December 16, 2012 8:32 am

    Whether it’s his over the top sexiness of his incredible voice (and it is incredible) Adam Lambert has me in a third degree burn!

    • GLAMFRKSESSED permalink
      December 18, 2012 12:25 am

      I’be been dying to go see Adam. He has single-handedly taken over my heart and soul. I like so many others can’t seem to get enough of him. There’s something about this magnificent being that just over powers you in a heartbeat. With his voice and his extreme sexiness! I’d surely love to be one with him. I just can’t explain exactly how he makes me feel. Two of my kids think I’m crazy n freaky for listening to his music and reading about him everyday. The other two love to sing along with his music. If most may call me a freak or crazy then I guess that’s just what I am!?! What do you think?

  4. December 18, 2012 4:52 am

    Glamfrksessed, sounds like with four children you should be well on your way to crazy anyway. I am a woman who is old enough to be Adam’s mother (God forbid) and I have been taken hook, line & sinker for about four years now. For along time I was embaressed that a woman my age was in such a frenzy over a young man (georgous young man). But I too cannot take my eyes off of him. If you just sit and listen to his music he has a really incredible voice. What do I think?. I can only go with my own feelings, if I can’t get over my obsession, I’m just going to feel what I feel and enjoy it.. Believe me, there are those around me who think I should be committed. But, I’m a true Glambert who now doesnt care what anyone says. Any Glambet of any age understands. Believe me!

    • Adina permalink
      December 20, 2012 11:28 am

      I had vowed unto myself never to fall for this type of thing again (idealizing a star) but then again this is very different from that, spiritually, and being so, it healed my hurts I inflicted on myself by denying my Psychic reality. There are still things to balance in one’s own soul and not reach a place of falsehood (for instance I still worry that many girls would center their “actual partner belief” around a fantasy of Adam, even if they are given plenty of clues this is not so – this is misunderstood love and can create negativity, so that’s the one obsession which is not good for the heart), but you have to take everything in its historical context (what was then, is not the same as what is now, all over the world) – and realize it’s just one of the aspects of a bigger change. This makes what on the surface is an obsession into a positive thing. As you say, “you know what? I can’t get over it” – finally something I cannot get over/dismiss, it just means it’s Real! And the negative obsession can be neutralized by always remembering to ask who it is that sets him on fire. “It’s not me, and this is ok, because things are as they should be, with him”.

      He represents Love – and I don’t know how this stuff happens anyway, but I would’ve never imagined it in a million years: I always thought the “man who brings a little love” from the song “March of the Black Queen” was either Freddie (because he had that energy and girls were also centering their soulmate belief around him) or a past mythical character I later discovered (which, as it turns out, was the myth that formed the basis of the song in the first place). But sitting here reading all these stories from women all over the world, and not only that…. seeing all those vids where women are enjoying themselves so much!!! no expectations… they talk about nail polish or kiss or hug and you just know by looking at them: they’re being completely carefree right then and there… I would say, this is that guy that fills the space created by the Universe for such a someone. And the great thing about it is that he’s totally his own being, has his own thoughts and dreams. (This may also just be a Tradition of sorts, where a gay guy points out the Goddess in us – but it’s one thing to experience an attraction to old stories, and quite another to live them; so I completely understand the doubts some may have; because time and time again we’ve been cautioned against this very thing by all sorts of spiritual leaders. This time however, there’s no leader but each individual. We’ve been taught to fear the Magnetic pull, but it’s this Magnetic pull/energy, being so strong, that creates a “click” with who you are as you then perceive your own energy being pulled on – we tend to forget people really exist, so when we get reminded through sexy/sexual energy it can be a bit scary. But me, I’ve always known it was ok… It was the sexual energy, even if I only knew it as an innocent “feeling in my belly” when I was a child, and a feeling in my heart also, which had me cross conventional boundaries, that has always informed me whether something was true or not, in the world, giving me complete independence mentally and spiritually – so I don’t buy that “oh but the children are at risk!” theory for one moment).

      So what is going on? Well it should be easy enough to perceive, if you have heard of the Holy Grail story, or the Feminine Consciousness which finally emerges shiny and new from the hurts of this past Age… Outcomes: 1. We perceive our inner reality as real now, we’re not just pieces of meat (because look, if that guy is just like my fantasy, but he’s real, then what else is real?) 2. We are falling in love – or rather being lifted up – with *ourselves*, via a trick of mirrors. The stuff that Adam does is *our* stuff, we have it inside, but we have to be taught how to express it and bring all that on the outside. It’s still very early in the day, but I am so happy so many people are finding inspiration to “come out” of the various shapes-and-sizes closets that they were in, because there are many ways someone can be in a closet and not know it, from gay to psychic to moving things about with your mind, to just weird – yet we all need all these aspects in our civilization, badly, otherwise everything becomes so dull and boring, and robotic as a result – we have to have some vision of things wild and fabulous… 3. If anyone ever worried about there being not enough babies if gay guys were allowed to roam, this proves them wrong because I think everyone is pregnant right now after listening to this guy (and that includes the men! lol – personally I’m a lady and a visual artist, but I made an original cake after one concert…. haha! see, creative in all ways!). Again, the Sexy just means your energy is manifesting itself, the cosmic force: we were taught it’s bad, we have guilt which acts as a blockage – but being made to feel young and exciting means returning to what you originally knew (Paradise?). Children need to grow in a Positive environment, but lack of Love in one’s life creates a Negative environment, because everything is felt,everything is energy and is transmitted, nothing can be hidden, so if you’re unhappy the kids will know. And they will learn to achieve things by fists or fury. However, people also don’t know that the whole Sex thing is not exactly what it seems; as you see, these Glam Gods are sexy because of their heart – this has always been so. All the sexy Gods have their one true love, even if they search at first. So at the end of the day, it isn’t about telling you to have lots of sex; it’s about Love as said, finding that connection which allows you to know yourself as you are, a powerful sexy, wild unshackled being. Also, it’s about learning for yourself, what you like and don’t like (even if this means you like lots of sex or don’t, it’s all there inside you) – overriding the need to look to others telling you what’s right and wrong.

      So yea, I’ve always felt this amazing love within, but lately I had got to thinking it could never be experienced in the real world, that it would just be fantasy – so what was the point of my existence then? Which is why I identify with the gay guys so much and their situation, even if I don’t personally experience the same things as they. I’d asked for a small sign to show me I could at least stand with them (on what grounds?), but I never imagined it would take this particular form and that it would connect me with millions of other women at once. And then, the “Hold On” song? Wow.

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