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Adam Lambert Daily Update – December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

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Rolling Stone

Readers’ Poll: The Best Albums of 2012


1. Adam Lambert, ‘Trespassing’

Well, he does know a thing or two about popularity contests. By the looks of it, former American Idol winner Adam Lambert organized his fans to stuff the ballot box to make Trespassing the top vote-getter in our Readers’ Poll. Upon its release, Rolling Stone gave the album four stars, with Rob Sheffield noting that Lambert sang the mix of “tinsel disco-club sleaze and leather-boy love ballads” like he was “Zeus in a thong.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Ignore the ridiculous snark and check out the comments below the article (use the link below)….GO GLAMBERTS!

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Credit: Home For The Holidays on

Credit: Home For The Holidays on

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 9.38.18 PM


Credit: lilybop

Credit: lilybop

Credit: VH1 Tumblr: A little behind the scenes on how we got a cool silhouette shot with Divas host Adam Lambert.

Credit: VH1 Tumblr: A little behind the scenes on how we got a cool silhouette shot with Divas host Adam Lambert.





Yahoo Music Reality Rocks: Adam Lambert Talks ‘VH1 Divas,’ Diva Habits, And Divas On ‘Idol’ [VIDEO] “Adam Lambert is hosting “VH1 Divas” this Sunday, joining a stellar and diverse lineup that includes Natasha Bedingfield, Paloma Faith, Melanie Fiona, Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Ledisi, Ciara, Metric, Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, fellow American Idols Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks, and even Bootsy Collins. And in case you were wondering if Adam is genuinely qualified for such a job, this interview about the show proves that he really is a true diva….”

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘X Factor’s’ CeCe Frey on Being Inspired by Adam Lambert, Getting Advice from Ke$ha: ‘I’m Ready To Raise Hell’ (Q&A) “…THR: You mentioned Adam Lambert as an example of an artist that wasn’t cookie cutter. Are you a Glambert?

Frey: Come on, that dude’s amazing! He has a crazy voice and he’s so cool. I remember watching him on American Idol and I said, “Now that’s the kind of dude that needs to win one of these shows.” And it didn’t happen. But I think that artists like him, and I am definitely not putting myself up there by Adam because he is in a league of his own, I can only hope to be that good. But hopefully it’s artists like me, and Adam Lambert and Lyric 145 that win afterwards.”

The French Toast: Making Latkes (Neil’s girlfriend’s blog) “I feel so blessed to take part in the latke making tradition with Neil’s family. This year was even more special because we had Neil’s brother and his boyfriend joining us, and we hosted everyone at our apartment. It’s quite the improvement from last year when Neil and I didn’t even have a couch. We drank wine, watched Neil and his brother assemble the potato pancakes (which was hilarious), and enjoyed the company. I’m excited to one day pass this tradition on to my kids.”

Metro Source: Adam Lambert’s Best Tweets of 2012  We select the pop star’s best messages.

11/30: “K-POP fashion is fierce! These kids are DRESSED!”

11/27: “Tattoo has nothing to do w Satanism… That’s stupid. Greek Mythology? Yes. PAN. The Internet loves these foolish Illuminati conspiracies.”

10/26: “Hot issues 4 me in election r Marriage Equality and a Woman’s right to choose. I wish these social issues were nonpartisan, but they aren’t.”… more!

Via Vitamin Daily

Via Vitamin Daily

Vitamin Daily: Being #1 “It feels good to be Adam Lambert right now.  His new album, Trespassing, slammed into the #1 slot in both Canada and the U.S. last week. He’s hitting his stride, while wearing some bloody killer shirts.  I feel swooning over Adam Lambert is completely justified. Sure, ladies, he’ll never sleep with you, but he’ll also never let you down. I followed Adam for a day in the life photo project, and found he truly has a limitless capacity for graciousness. He runs from event to event and just never quits. He will always sign one more autograph, he’s always laughing, and he will always answer your question – even if it’s offensive, and he’s been asked it 497 times before.  So for those reasons alone, I think he deserves your time…”

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 3.38.05 PM
MTV buzzworthy blog: the cutest celebrity couples 2012 Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen


Adam Lambert Talks Divas With Lindsey Parker

VH1 Tuner: Adam Lambert Calls Natasha Bedingfield, Bootsy Collins, Iggy Azalea VH1 DIVAS Collab ‘F-ing Genius’ [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 3.45.32 PM

Adam Lambert at Hennessey Artistry Shanghai, China



Teen Time: Adam Lambert @ Hong Kong 3 Part Interview



Neil ‏@negativeneil you might see more than one Lambert during VH1 Divas
NeNe Leakes ‏@NeNeLeakes Me & @adamlambert r here on set shooting something special 4 u! see 
@Wildaboutmusic Just saw @AdamLambert giving a deeply Method performance. See for yourself Sunday on
THE BLONDS NY @TheBlondsNY @adamlambert WOOHOO! TRESPASSING IS @RollingStone‘s #1 ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!! CONGRATS, ADAM!!! XXX @phillipeblond
Miles Tougeaux ‏@milestougeaux @adamlambert Careful with the gray dye Kojak, You’ll prematurely morph into a RichardGereAndersonCooper hybrid. Now THAT would be a Fiasco.
Lÿndsey Parker ‏@lyndseyparker Thanx @adamlambert 4 fun interview (& 4 the lighting)! Still think u should do @mdna‘s “Burning Up” at @vh1divas but excited for whole show!
 Lÿndsey Parker ‏@lyndseyparker Wonder who’s gonna wear these at #vh1divaslive on Sunday? 
Lÿndsey Parker ‏@lyndseyparker Wow there sure are a lot of pretty clothes here @VH1DIVAS
 Suslala ‏@suslala @lyndseyparker And her twitter EXPLODES!!!!!!! Retweeted by Lÿndsey Parker
Lÿndsey Parker ‏@lyndseyparker Getting ready to interview a certain host of a certain VH1 show that rhymes with “Shivas Dive”…


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