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Adam Lambert Daily Update – November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review



@PassionInMe_ He made me want to FEEL music again
@queengwennie  I’m thankful for the way he’s shown the teenagers I teach that’s it’s best to be yourself.
@annehedonia13 For having the courage to be his real self (which gives us all permission to do the same). Gutsy and gentle, at once.
‏@teralex42  I’m thankful that finding Adam brought about a wide circle of friendship all over the world.
@RadarEcho I am thankful for how hard he works to thoroughly entertain his fans both on stage and off (twitter) @adamlambert
@LAMBERTLUST I am thankful to @adamlambert for giving me a real sense of freedom and personal liberation! Uv helped me more then ul ever know
@GlammyDi Many thanks to @adamlambert for giving me a positive outlook since 2009 and bringing me back to music with great new friends.
@tigerbeet I am thankful to Adam Lambert for being better for weary self than a shot of vitamin B12.
@voiceworkstk@JuneauXena @XenaPW HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you both….such BEAUTIFUL and THOUGHTFUL women!!!! xoxoxoxoxo 😀 
And this…

Lisa Komatsubara: Here’s a collage I made of @adamlambert’s VH1 Divas Promo!




@ALambertFrance: Vote For ADAM LAMBERT as Fave Artist in this FB Poll by
Click here to vote:



Via @mmyy9: Next INROCK (Jan 2013, out Dec 15) will come with a 2013 Calendar with Adam (and 1D, and Taylor…) RT@YukoKato_INROCK: IR☆T・スウィフトが来日しました!祝!来日ということでイン・ロック12月15日売りの1月号表紙は再びテイラーに決定。また、その号には1D、テイラー、アダム他人気スター勢揃いのイン・ロック特製カレンダーが付録でつきます!お楽しみに。#TAYLORjp2012 #1DJapan

Via @AdamLambertRUAB: Russian promoters confirmed Moscow gig. Tix should be on sale here “soon” March 16, 2013: Concert Moscow, Russia at Crocus City Hall.



@adamlambert:: Mercedes-Benz AMG Realness ADAM LAMBERT Mercedes-Benz Event Guangzhou China 11-21-12.

Official video of Mercedes Event – here

Mercedes Naked Love 21 Nov 2012

Mercedes Trespassing 

Thanks to Glam_Alidol for posting these photos!

@glam_alidol: Gorgeous HQ pic of @adamlambert with Mercedez-Benz manager last night ADAM LAMBERT Mercedes-Benz Event Guangzhou China 11-21-12.

@glam_alidol: White haired woman is Adam ‘s manager ADAM LAMBERT Mercedes-Benz Event Guangzhou China 11-21-12.



@Vanglam: @adamlambert drawing by Miguel Pereyra. A geography teacher for 12 years, I work in the neediest schools in Buenos Aires. A few months ago, i showed to my student Miguel, who made this drawing, the video of Adam singing “Crying” on American Idol & he was delighted with his voice. He studies in a high school specializing in Arts, located in “Fuerte Apache” (one of the poorest neighborhoods of my city, is a place similar to Bronx) . A few weeks ago, i gave him , one of the Trespassing CDs donated by fans of USA to argentine fans. And he loved the album pics of Trespassing. Today, he gave me this beautiful surprise. The kids who go to this school are very suffered. And they have many narrow circumstances. They live daily situations of violence & economic & emotional deprivation & poverty. Accordingly i felt moved by this beautiful gesture of love! Miguel is a true artist Apologies for my poor english, i used Google Traslate! Bye dear Glamily!! &





In Sixty Preview ADAM LAMBERT Intvw via @mmadamimadamm. Photobucket Video by @GaleChester
ADAM LAMBERT In Sixty preview clip. Full Interview Airs Nov 25, 2012 on MuchMore TV, Canada at 7pm PT/10pm ET. Taped May 29, 2012.


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