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She wants to be up there in the air where the clouds live…Texas Tango

November 6, 2012

The Story of Two Lucky Fans in Texas…..


 We are still up there with no plans to come down from our cloud! Last week we went straight to NIRVANA when we found ourselves in Adam Lamberts arms! We melted in his strong and warm embrace! His beautiful voice and kind words are forever tattooed in our hearts and souls along with the words…

 Adam Lambert Meet & Greet October 29, 2012 Texas Tango

 We will never wash the clothes that touched Adam (lol) the evening that we met our love, inspiration, Rock God and muse, Adam Lambert!

 People all over the world have met and many friendships and special bonds have developed through shared love of Adam Lambert! We all have beautiful Fandom stories to share! Those of us who have been fortunate and blessed enough to have met @JuneauXena @XenaPW of @AdamLambertBook, Juneau and Xena Blog Talk Radio Show, On The Meaning Of Adam Lambert and The Salon, know that friendships that begin with Adam Lambert adoration develop and lead us to ADAMAZING places that we never dreamed of prior to American Idol Season 8!

 Adam’s love, passion, compassion, energy, authenticity, generosity, and warmth coupled with his indescribable voice, talents and stunning beauty inspire millions and unite people across the globe! We…Kim (@motheranimal1) and Robin (@RobinDutcher) met through shared love and adoration of Adam Lambert. Our friendship quickly grew and before long we became “Adam Lambert Soul Mates”! We met in person for the first time when Kim was vacationing in Florida where Robin lives. We correspond regularly and keep each other abreast of the latest Adam Lambert news just in case one of us is caught up in RL-REAL LIFE!

Like many Adam fans we both have heart warming and powerful stories of how Adam Lambert has touched our lives! Adam’s message in his song AFTERMATH was a turning point in Robin’s life! After being in a gay relationship for 35 years she found the confidence, courage and pride to come out. Thanks to Adam Lambert, Robin is free…


 Adam encourages us to be “Connected with love”! His words come alive every time we meet and greet another Adam Lambert fan or reach out to someone in need. Kim met a young Adam fan who lives in Russia! Sensing that at times she doubted herself, Kim sent lyrics and the words “Believe in you” (Adam Lambert’s Peace Pendant-Trevor Project) Even though we speak different languages we area able to communicate using BROKEN ENGLISH! Kim used an online interpreter to help her fan friend understand stories and interviews. She sends packages to Russia which include Adam’s music, Adam T-shirts and other Adam Lambert inspired gifts and surprises. This friendship has grown into a true and meaningful relationship. @HelgaGlambert explains that before Adam Lambert… she rarely smiled and now the smile never leaves her faceJ Through hard work, studies and reading everything Adam related she now achieves highest honors in English as a second language. Stories of Adam inspiration are infinite!

 Not only are we avid Adam fans but we are fans of the Juneau and Xena Blog Talk Radio Show! We join other fans in the chat room every Wednesday evening. Thanks to Texas Glambert @buffy522 we fantasized one night about seeing Adam perform live again! Our fantasy became reality when we decided to attend the Texas Tango show! Since Kim lives in northern Ohio and Robin lives in southern Florida, we thought that it would be great to see each other again and to meet other Glamberts all in the name of Adam Lambert!

 Enter FATE…something Adam strongly believes in! Once our travel plans were set we decided to share our Adam Lambert friendship stories with 102.9NOW and thank them for hosting this concert. We wrote letters to the radio station explaining how our friendship came to be. We shared our stories of Adam Inspiration and told of the many ways in which Adam has touched our lives. Since Adam stimulates our creative juices, we designed our letters in Adam’s TRESPASSING theme. We included caution tape borders and trim to create an interesting and unique appearance. We mailed our heartfelt letters in a large shiny black envelope which we also trimmed with caution tape and decorated with a quality color copy of Adam’s TRESPASSING album cover! We mailed our special Glambert package a few weeks before the Texas Tango show. Even though we didn’t hear from the radio station, we enjoyed sharing our exciting, touching, and true stories of Adam Inspiration!

 Upon arriving in Dallas we heard that 102.9NOW was hosting a pre show party at the Hard Rock Café the day before the Texas Tango show! Perhaps WE would be the lucky winners of the last pair of Meet and Greet passes! It was exciting to meet other Glamberts and to share or Adam stories! In conversation with one of the radio show hosts, Kim mentioned our TRESPASSING themed letters and asked if the show hosts would give our letters to Adam Lambert! Since he hadn’t seen our letters, that particular show host was intrigued and interested and asked more about the TRESPASSING letters/package we sent. Kim went on to share stories of Adam’s Fandom, his inspiration, and how generous and giving Adam is! She explained that Adam Lambert brings people from all over the world together and told that Adam has literally changed the lives of millions! Another radio station employee “overheard” the conversation and was so inspired that he decided to draw one more set of Meet and Greet passes… giving us another chance to win!

As the show host reached into the box to draw one more Meet and Greet winner…the rush was so intense that our Adam inspired manicures nearly melted off our fingernails! Our minds went RUNNIN…MY HEART’S BEATING FASTER/I KNOW WHAT I’M AFTER…drum roll please? Another member of our Glamily won the last Adam Lambert Meet and Greet passes. Disappointed that we didn’t win AGAIN we found some comfort realizing that through our stories of Adam inspiration another fan would meet Adam Lambert! As were leaving the Hard Rock Café a member of the radio station approached Kim. He explained that he “overheard” her conversation with his fellow show host. He explained that he was SO moved, touched and inspired by what he overheard  that he made special arrangements for us to experience a Meet and Greet with Adam Lambert!

In shock and disbelief we looked at each other and our hearts sang together:


There are no words to express the sensation of hearing Adam’s beautiful voice greet you or the LOVE that you feel when he hugs you!


Kim @motheranimal1

Robin @RobinDutcher

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  1. Eliane permalink
    November 6, 2012 2:17 pm

    Great moment for Kim that inspire us to get a chance to meet him!

  2. EVVY permalink
    November 6, 2012 3:08 pm

    HOORAY! Hope someday I would have the same story to tell.Trespassing Album is permanent in my Auto CD player. People cut me off every now and then, I never feel angry, but careful, with Adam singing; who cares? One of those people who cut me off, realized what he had done and sensed that I didn’t get mad or whatever, waved enthusiastically as if to say “Thank You!” How cool is that? Let not religious differences divide us. Our religious beliefs are there for us to be more loving and understanding not hating even if they differ from other beliefs strongly. We are responsible for all our actions and we take care of ourselves. Adam does not hide. He is outspoken, and that is why he says he gets into trouble. Hahaha. But we shall rally behind him won’t we? On another note, I miss reading articles from the very talented, and genius duo, Xena and Juneau, not to forget the refreshing literary expertise of Claudia, as well as all those who contribute articles so articulately written and breathlessly entertaining! Blame all these good things on ADAM!! Some day we all meet in Adam Utopia.

  3. November 6, 2012 6:34 pm

    love the picture of the nails so cute

  4. Sharron permalink
    November 6, 2012 7:32 pm

    Thanks for posting this story. I love reading about how Adam inspires us and makes us happy. I hope he knows how his fans feel about him, but doubt he would believe how deep our feelings go. And I hope to meet him myself someday.

  5. November 6, 2012 7:52 pm

    Another Glamily story! Never get tred of reading them, thanks for posting.

  6. rosemary permalink
    November 6, 2012 10:51 pm

    Great story! Such a lesson in how following a passion and taking the risk to step out into the world can lead to transformation and unexpected delights. Thanks for posting!

  7. November 7, 2012 11:49 am

    awwwwwww… touched!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty and love!!

  8. November 7, 2012 12:42 pm

    Great story beautifully written BIC. I finally got to meet Kim and Robin after initially just meeting on the radio show chat room and then twitter and emails. I was also at Texas Tango and had a little problem even finding them! But finally did and this picture above shows how beautiful they are and even more so inside. I was happy that they got to meet Adam and worked so hard to get there.

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