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Adam Lambert Daily Update – November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review






Via @VanyLovable: belindaeverman on Tumblr

Belly Button Screencap via @got2btrue2u on Twitter

Live In The Vineyard Screencap by @got2btrue2u

Tons more Live In The Vineyard screencaps by @got2btrue2u here

Live In The Vineyard GIFs by Adam-Pictures Here



Notable Dance: SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY):  Adam Lambert vs Queen – Trespassing (DJ DigiMark’s Dusty Mixmash) Mashups are always fun, especially when they are this inspired.  American Idol finalist Adam Lambert performed with Queen for a few shows.  While no one can replace the legendary Freddie Mercury, Adam’s powerful, theatrical voice and flamboyant persona definitely made him an obvious choice…

HULIQ Scotty McCreery, Adam Lambert score chart-toppers, ‘Idol’ reaches 365 No. 1’s Just over a decade of music has been generated by the talent graduated from the hit show “American Idol,” and the alums have certainly made their presence felt, scoring 365 No. 1 chart-toppers in all…


DJDigiMark Mashup-

Full Set Live In The Vineyard by TheGetAwayMile on YouTube




 @mmyy9: ADAM LAMBERT Live at Summer Sonic” on WOWOW: Date of repeat moved from Dec 21 to 12/28 24:00-12/29 0:30 

Dr. Brian May ‏@DrBrianMay @adamlambert @anrefg We cannot imagine you could be so foolish as to let things slip back again. The world respects Obama. Bri
Dr. Brian May ‏@DrBrianMay @adamlambert @anrefg From here in the UK, it seems so clear. You guys by a miracle got yourselves an intelligent, compassionate, President.
Dr. Brian May ‏@DrBrianMay @adamlambert @anrefg As Adam says, as thinking artists we have a duty to portray the world as we see it. And try to avert disasters !
Dr. Brian May ‏@DrBrianMay @adamlambert @anrefg Well, I hope those of you who are real fans of Adam don’t expect him, as an artist, to be a dumb-ass with no opinions ?

butchwalker ‏@butchwalker @adamlambert what’s funny is how many pop listeners that love a liberal gay artist are conservative homophobes. Tv is weird shit man.
Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert @butchwalker hahahha totally!!!!

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert One of my responsibilities as a celebrity is to help bring light and attention to events and causes that I believe in. To make a difference

AleksandraKv ‏@AleksandraKv @adamlambert Do you think if Obama becomes the next US president, that Marriage Equality is guaranteed?

VH1 Music ‏@VH1Music Sadly, @adamlambert‘s set ended after just 7 songs. That said, WE GOT TO SEE ADAM PERFORM 7 SONGS! #silverlinings#LiveInTheVineyard


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 5, 2012 6:48 am

    well as I said to him when this whole twitter thing went down is that either way someone is going to be pissed. If he voices an opinion someone gets mad and when he doesn’t people get mad. poor guy is in what my grandma would say is a situation where “your damned if you do and damned if you don’t” i just really feel bad for him tht people jump him no matter what.

  2. November 5, 2012 7:41 am

    Others use their celebrity to back their opinions. Personally, I think it takes guts to exress yourself. But then I’m on Adam’s page. I grew up with a gay brother in a middle class neighbood in Savannah, Ga. Definitely oonservative. I am still facebooking some of the kids I grew up with and it’s amazing to hear how liberal they have become. I would have never have thought it. I was lucky. My parents were always liberal. On, a lighter note, Happy, Happy Anniversary Adam and Sauli. You both look so happy. Whatever you two have found work to hang on to it. Take it from a “older” Glambert” good love isn’t easy to come by. I adore you both.

  3. November 5, 2012 9:48 am

    Reblogged this on chloeflies and commented:
    all amazing Adam. really its no wonder he’s still up, running and strong.

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