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Adam Lambert Week – October 14-20, 2012

October 14, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



GIF via @TALCvids on Twitter



Screen cap of Trespassing EP Out Now trending WORLDWIDE!

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Adam’s Team Confirms Radio Edit Push on iTunes!

Via Request Adam Lambert: We were able to get confirmation from Adam’s team that next week we should exclusively focus our efforts on purchasing the “Trespassing” radio edit (by Pharrell)!!!

They want to see this song hit radio and a strong showing even of only 1-3 days on iTunes can make an impression. *WE NEED TO ALL BE ON ONE PAGE to maximize the iTunes chart position.* To move up on iTunes, the radio edit has to sell at a faster rate than the other songs.

The Trespassing EP drops on October 16. Fans are urged to focus on the radio edit of “Trespassing” (not on the EP) to get it counted as a single sale. Fans can buy, gift, or donate to a fund that will gift the single to other fans. Here’s the link to make a donation.



Request Trespassing- Links Here!!!


Now that we have an add date, it’s time to start requesting o/

Like request campaigns in the past, we’re targeting major national stations and your own local ones.

To show early support, please call, text, or tweet daily over the next week (ranked in order of importance), especially Z100 and Q102. Any station that is iHeart should take out of area requests. If you’d like to do it more than once, please feel free but remember to space them out and not to spam. Any little bit helps. More advice at the bottom and stay positive :3

*Z100 NY: 800-242-0100 | text 55100
*Q102 Philly: 800-521-1021 | text 71021

KTU NY: 800-245-1035 | text 31035
B104: 610-720-1041
DC HOT995: 1-877-995-4681 | 99338
KISS-FM LA: 800-520-1027 | text 41027
CHUM FM: 416-870-1045
Fox All Access: 877-268-6815

@RedsettererHey this radio station played @adamlambert #Trespassing! CFHKFM  THANK YOU!! pls retweet and request



Press Release: ADAM LAMBERT Live this New Year’s Eve in Hotel Mulia, Bali

Credit: @Katzolicious oh Twitter

(Lucky Adam…Bali on New Year’s!!)



Members of the Academy have begun voting for who will be nominated for the Grammy Awards. In the meantime, there’s a Voter’s Choice Poll for fans to weigh in.



Adam At The Arizona State Fair

Check out our October 18, 2012 post for videos and photos

Photo by @blueskyview on Twitter


Fox 10 Arizona News Interview BEFORE THE SHOW

“My Family!! Band and crew!! #Glamily” by Keisha_renee87 on Instagram

 More great photos and vids at our October 19 post

And on our October 20 post too!



Adam is on RCA’s Facebook banner! Go post a comment!



Adam Lambert’s voice insured for more than Dolly Parton’s boobs

Digital Spy – Adam Lambert insures voice for £30m? “Lambert joins a host of other stars who are rumored to have insured their body parts. Mariah Carey is said to have taken out a $1bn (£622m) policy to cover her legs, while Dolly Parton has allegedly insured her famous 40DD chest for $600,000 (£373,000).”

Scan thanks to @66Shevpf

Dean Piper is such a stan!! From 2010, here’s Dean writing about Adam in My latest Idol, Adam Lambert

And what about this: “His management is said to have splashed out ahead of a big tour for Adam.” 



He wears the pinto pony jacket. How appropriate!!

Via Feeandbal –

By pomegranate02

More amazing photos from Pomegranate02

Chokehold – by  

WWFM from Caulfield

Trespassing from Caulfield

Shady from Caulfield  – LOL Tommy headbanging behind Adam.

New Interview at Caulfield- Adam Bit Starts At 3:15

Partial Cuckoo-Floorbert via @TrishBertNZ

Naked Love Caulfield (including the pink BRA incident!)

Short animated video from NightNurseStat “Trespassing EP Out Now”

Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour October 13 – Liam and Adam talk about their Adam experience at 0:30. They read out fans Tweets about their Adam encounters at 0:37. Major vicarious flailing here!

Catch the rest of our Melbourne coverage with photos, videos and more



The Adam Lambert Wows Arizona Fans with “Outlaws of Love”   Adam Lambert took the stage at the Arizona State Fair this week to give fans a personal 13 song set that included the emotional ballad “Outlaws of Love”. Performing live after the release of his 2012 album, Trespassing, Adam Lambert hit the stage at the Arizona State Fair this past Wednesday for a set dominated by his most recent songs. Given how Lambert has a fiercely loyal fan base, the fact that Adam showcased mainly new material proved that he’s not relying on the past to get him by as an artist. In fact, based on his State Fair show this week, Adam Lambert was all about the present and the future. When it came time for “Outlaws of Love”, a song about equality and the rights for same sex couples everywhere, Lambert couldn’t be more relevant with his music. With American Idol well in his rear-view mirror, Adam Lambert has found his own identity as an openly gay singer. In a pop world dominated by stereotypes, Lambert has obviously accepted his own uniqueness as a person and a creative artist.

MTV ACT BLOG: 8 CELEBS WHO GO HARD FOR SPIRIT DAY “Today is Spirit Day, and people everywhere are donning purple to show their support against LGBT bullying. But this isn’t just a fashion statement — this is about going out there and taking a stand against bullying and showing love to our LGBT fam and friends.

+ Adam Lambert

Whadaya we want from you, Adam? We want you just as you are, baby! The incredibly talented singer who looks real good in purple (um, he looks good in everything he wears) is very passionate about LGBT rights. Last year he Tweeted, “Glaad Spirit Day! I support LBGT youth against bullies! Put up your forcefields and don’t let anyone take your energy!!””

Modern Times Magazine: Adam Lambert On Queen, Trespassing  “Oct. 19, 2012 — Labels don’t mean much to Adam Lambert. He broke into the mainstream on American Idol and was almost immediately outed — even though he was never the kind of guy who hid that he liked men. But Lambert is more than just a label that says, ‘gay singer.’ He likes leather, rock and roll and rebellion. Simply, his swagger is much more Freddie Mercury than Boy George and he is just about as talented.

More recently, he has eschewed the glam-rock label and has moved sonically into new genres. And even though he has recently filled the shoes of the former lead singer of Queen through a handful of dates this summer — billed as Queen + Adam Lambert — he is definitely his own man. His show at the Arizona State Fair Wednesday night is a testament to that.

Energetic, powerful and engaged, Lambert engaged the crowd in a rock and roll glamour show largely unseen in the contemporary landscape. His new album, Trespassing, was featured, but his energy onstage is as palpable as his incredible vocal range that has been praised across all continents….”

My Emu Is Emo: Adam Lambert is more fabulous than llamas at the Arizona State Fair  “Handing over a 3-pack of men’s tighty-whities to get into an Adam Lambert show somehow feels wrong. If the price of admission to the State Fair is undies for our veterans, shouldn’t I be donating a silk teddy to rebuild some brave woman soldier’s self-esteem as her battle scars heal? (Hint: read Dan Savage. There are potential romantic partners who’ll be totally fine with the scars… and others who may like them a bit too much for comfort.) Silk underthings for anybody are out of my budget right now, while the Arizona State Fair’s free-with-fair-admission-if-you’re-okay-with-meh-seats concert series is jubilantly affordable, provided I don’t break the bank through excess noshing on fried-bits-on-a-stick in the hour before the show. Lambert puts on a lively and polished performance, much of it with a funk-infused dance beat, much of it dealing with scars and the ways we heal from them. He most often seems to play theater-type venues loosely like this one — and he works that crowd skillfully — but if you get a chance to see him at a large nightclub instead, do that thing. The ideal ambience for a Lambert show involves dancing in a little sequined dress, carrying a glow-in-the-dark drink, and if you can work in a feathered mask and a whip, that’d be perfect. (Appropriately, he’s doing a Hallowe’en guest stint on Pretty Little Liars in which he performs in essentially that setting, wearing fangs.)

Lambert’s show starts not with a bang but with a fast-burning fuse–”… Read more using the link above- fantastic blog post!!

Seventeen ZA: ADAM LAMBERT… THE VAMPIRE?  Adam Lambert is set to grace our small screens on the much awaited return episode of Pretty Little Liars – as a vampire! The Idols alum vamps it up on the much-awaited Halloween episode (via Adam, who has a background in theatrical acting is bound to blend in quite well with the rest of the talented and equally good looking cast. Adam’s co-star Lucy Hale seems pretty excited and tweeted: “You guys …our Halloween episodes off the hoooook. Y’all are gonna love !”, which the vampy star retweeted. The brand new Halloween edition of PLL is set to air on the 23rd October. Meanwhile, we’re all still very excited by the prospect of seeing Adam perform in S.A! Best get your tickets soon!

We think Adam could definitely pass for a vamp!  Adam Lambert gets personal at Arizona State Fair “It’s not meant as a knock to say that Adam Lambert is the ideal act for the Arizona State Fair. Lacking the oldie pedigree of some of the scheduled performers befitting an arena named Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Lambert is young and current enough to be relevant to the tweens, yet familiar enough to older generations thanks to the across-the-board appeal “American Idol,” on which he rose to fame as the runner-up of season 8 (if you can name the winner of that year without Googling it, well, you must be Kris Allen’s manager)…”

Pretty Little Liars: Adam Lambert Raves About His PLL Halloween Costume [VIDEO] If there’s one reason we’re anxious for the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween episode — aside from reuniting with our favorite characters and indulging in a fresh round of spooky drama — it’s to see Adam Lambert take the stage and rock the night away. The gifted vocalist is set to get the pArty started with not one but TWO wickedly delicious stage sets during which he will perform “Cuckoo” and “Trespassing.” And all the while he’ll be dressed to impress in a glamorous vampire costume. Tune in below as Adam tells viewers the inspiration behind his outfit for “This Is A Dark Ride” and why he thinks it’s absolutely fangtastic!

Pretty Little Liars: Adam Lambert and Lucy Hale Pictures  “Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the A train picking up speed! Before we know it, the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween episode, “This Is A Dark Ride,” is going to arrive at the station with a fresh dose of Rosewood horror in tow. And to help get the Old Hallow’s Eve party off to a scary start, we have new pictures of rock star Adam Lambert and actress Lucy Hale chilling like a couple of villains (actually more like “A” victims ripe for the picking but that doesn’t flow as well) on set! Check out the two friends getting downright spooky and baring their fangs in eye-catching costumes (Adam is a vampire and Lucy is looking oh-so-lovely as the flapper version of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby) in brand new stills below!”

On The Red Carpet: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Special Facts and Spoilers:  5. Adam Lambert ‘was a natural.’ Adam Lambert stops by the special to perform his songs “Trespassing” and “Cuckoo.” Lucy Hale, whose character dresses up as a “glam” Daisy Buchanan of “The Great Gatsby,” got to share a scene with the former “American Idol” contestant. She admitted she was a huge fan of the singer and he ended up being a solid actor. “I got to do a scene with him and totally normal. I was a fan before he did the show and it’s cool to meet someone that you admire and they completely surpass what you thought of them before,” Hale said. “But he was a natural. He got to act in a scene and yeah it was great. It was a lot of fun.” Blackburn, who plays Caleb, also complimented Lambert’s performance on the show. “It was really cool actually. He’s extremely professional, really just like, every single move is so calculated but yet effortless,” he said. “I was watching him perform because I don’t perform like that but being a rock star, I mean it’s pretty badass. He’s kind of a badass and he was very, very nice. So he was cool to work with. ” In my beauty bag: Adam Lambert “Music sensation Adam Lambert, who is almost as well-known for his distinctive looks as his voice, reveals his grooming secrets. “Should we call it grooming or beauty? I think that differentiation between grooming and beauty is so passé, it’s all the same. I love to wear makeup, I love the way it looks so I wear it. “A couple of years ago the vibe I was going for was a bit more heavily made up, it was a bit more of a stage statement. I was experimenting with my look and finding my style; I had a couple of different makeup artists that were working with me and I kept pushing them to go farther and farther and more extreme. Right now I want to look more natural – a little bit less extreme. I still love the way makeup looks and the way it makes me feel, but looking a little more organic is quite interesting to me right now. When I was in high school I wanted to look crazy so bad. I definitely wasn’t flamboyant, I didn’t want to give people a target – I wanted to just blend in. As I got to the end of high school I was always looking for an excuse to dress crazy. If there was a school dance and there was a theme I had an excuse to wear something extreme. I needed to be able to justify it, and then I saw Dave Navarro from Red Hot Chilli Peppers was wearing nail polish and eye makeup. I was like ‘see, he’s cool, I’m gonna do that too’….” Read the rest using the link above for more great beauty tips from Adam!!

Via @Entertainer_98 on Twitter “LOOOOOK, @adamlambert in the Indian newspaper “Delhi Times” afkjfsdjflj Fantastic, this happens rarely<3″

Adam on ETOnline: Adam Lambert Goes ‘Glampire’ on ‘PLL [VIDEO]’  “Adam Lambert cakes on makeup, puts in fangs, and wraps himself in a cape as a musical guest on the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. The self-professed “glampire” will share a scene with Lucy Hale’s character Aria. He tells ET, “I don’t suck blood her or anything. I’m friendly. I’m Adam Lambert dressed as a vampire. I’m not an actual vampire.”…”


Two articles on the Trespassing EP from Ryan Seacrest Tuesday!

Ryan Seacrest: Adam Lambert Releases his Powerful New ‘Trespassing EP’ [MUSIC] “The wait is over, Glamberts! Adam Lambert released his brand new Trespassing EP on iTunes! Adam Lambert Tweets Mash-Up: ‘Trespassing’ ‘Another One Bites The Dust!’ The fierce EP features eight all-new remixes of four songs from Adam’s original album, Trespassing. Referred to as “the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make” by the Rolling Stones, Trespassing made its debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and left Glamberts screaming for more…”

What Was The Inspiration For Adam Lambert’s Trespassing EP? [AUDIO] “Adam Lambert’s new Trespassing EP is out today and features 8 remixes including 3 revamped versions of his new single of the same name. Pharrell who co-wrote the song handled the radio edit of “Trespassing,” but Adam also had underground dance floor legends like vAnity mAchine, Benny Benassi, and R3hab reinterpret his music. Adam Lambert Tweets Mash-Up Video Of ‘Trespassing’ The glam rocker explained to us: “My goal was to delve into as many different aspects of EDM as we could and I hope both fans and DJs enjoy this EP. It’s tailored for the club, your workout, your commute or a crazy Halloween party.””…

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/388452/1700876&tbid=493721&p=4484&height=402&width=560]

Idol Chatter: Adam Lambert goes ‘Trespassing’ with a remix EP “Album number two has been a mixed bag for Adam Lambert. “Trespassing” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. But it spent just 10 weeks on the chart. “For Your Entertainment,” Adam’s first album, was on that chart for 51 weeks. And “For Your Entertainment” yielded two top 30 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100. Neither single from “Trespassing” — “Better Than I Know Myself” or “Never Close Our Eyes” — made much of an impact on the Hot 100, though the latter became a top 10 dance hit. Now Adam is back, releasing the title track as the third single from the album and a new eight-track remix EP. That EP includes four versions of “Trespassing,” two remixes of “Never Close Our Eyes,” and one each for “Better Than I Know Myself” and “Pop That Lock.” After one quick listen, the latter might be my favorite track on the EP, which you can pick up on iTunes for $5.99…”

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Brandy + Adam Lambert Release Albums; Bruno Mars Hosts And Is The Musical Guest On ‘Saturday Night Live’ …” + Adam Lambert, Trespassing Remix EP: Four of Adam’s songs from his chart-topping sophomore album get the remix treatment on this EP. The eight tracks comprise four remixes of “Trespassing” (cowritten by Pharrell Williams, “Trespassing” gets a Pharrell Radio Mix and also a Benny Benassi Remix), two takes of “Never Close Our Eyes,” and a remix each of “Better Than I Know Myself” and “Pop That Lock.” The set is available at digital retailers on Oct. 16, with a physical release planned for the future…”

Adam In Fault Magazine. Scan thanks to Northern Spirit on The Lounge 2.0:

Queen Online – Spike Edney Newsletter “After one week into the Extravaganza tour, Roger and I rushed back to London to rehearse with the fabulously talented Adam Lambert. This guy is one of the most naturally charismatic and gifted vocalists I have ever seen. He appeared on American Idol as a contestant in 2009 and when I saw him I knew at once he was a phenomenal talent and hoped that I’d get to work with him one day. Then in Nov 2011, as luck would have it, MTV asked Queen to perform the closing finale of the MTV Europe awards in Belfast. It was a brilliant performance and 6 months later there we were, rehearsing for six amazing Summer shows. Checkout the Kiev debut live to 500,000 screaming fans on youtube, plus Moscow, Wroclaw in Poland and 3 wondrous nights at Hammersmith Apollo /Odeon. If you were there you know what I’m talking about and if you weren’t, then keep your fingers crossed and hope that it wasn’t a once in a lifetime collaboration. “

Examiner – Adam Lambert vamps it up on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Slideshow) “Adam Lambert announced months ago he was hired to play a vampire for the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars.Now the still photos from the episode have hit the net. And it looks like Adam Lambert is about…” Follow the link to see some more pics to make your blood run hot.

The Music Fix – Adam Lambert insures his voice for $47 million … what the? “To keep things in perspective — Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart have both insured their voices for $6 million.”

Music Feeds – Adam Lambert Insures Voice For $47 Million, Has More Money Than Sense. BULLSH*T ALERT!! We have to assume this music blogger wrote this to attract hits from angry Glamberts (and earn his millionth of a penny per hit). It’s so misinformed and vacuous, we can’t be bothered to soil our stiletto on it. It did succeed in drawing a lot of attention. We wish it could have died a cold, lonely death in the blogosphere…

The New Zealand Herald – Talking Heads: Adam Lambert and Sarin Moddle “For Talking Heads, diehard Lambert fan and host of 95bFM’s Sex With SarinSarin Moddle, talked pop gender-bending and Trespassing with Lambert.” Listen to the Audio!! Great, frank interview about being objectified, his fans’ sexual attraction. “Trespassing”, whether it becomes a radio hit or not, artistically makes a big impact. What it might be that some people find threatening. Very interesting comments about his search for identity, feeling boxed in by others, including gay community. Learning to have friendships with straight men. “I identify with both genders.”  Dealing with media is “an interesting skill” — and you’re doing it beautifully.

Sarin Moddle (left) and Adam Lambert. Photo / Ted Baghurst

Huff Post – National Coming Out Day: 41 Celebrities Who Busted Out Of The Closet “When it comes to visibility and impact, it can be argued that celebrities have an especially large role in shaping the way mainstream society views an issue. Until recently, coming out of the closet could trigger the end of a star’s career and even now many in Hollywood remain in the closet. But more and more celebrities are opening up about being gay and, thus, changing and broadening understanding about who could potentially be LGBT.” Adam is on the list.

CarterMatt – ‘American Idol’ notes: Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Colton Dixon“Adam’s new performance – We’re going to kick things off here with Adam Lambert, whose hair color and location seems to be changing by the day. Recently, he was in New Zealand doing press (in addition to reading the weather), and he is following that up with a performance in Melbourne during the famed racing event Caulfield Guineas Day. There were a number of songs that he belted out for the occasion, but here we are putting the focus on a song in “Cuckoo.” It’s really just as much fun as a performance of this song can be.”



@LambertNorway: #Trespassing listed as new & fresh this week @NRKmp3 in Norway – let’s play it LOUD! @adamlambert @sonymusicnorway



Let’s talk eyebrows…!!

Need photo credit. 


Forgive me if you’ve already seen these….

From InRock Japan
Adam in InRock Japan

Or this….

Via @SweetOnPeacexx on Twitter “Pic I took of @adamlambert at Caulfield being really thrilled with his new knickers”.



Adam & Michael Orland – at a mentor session – season 8

Tune in to our radio show this Wednesday, 10-11PM EDT, with Michael Orland as guest DJ!! Michael is currently the Pianist, Arranger and Associate Musical Director for the hit FOX-TV series AMERICAN IDOL.  Michael mentored many winners and finalists on the show, including Adam Lambert. We’ll ask him whether there’s any truth to the Nicki Minaj – Mariah Carey catfight rumors, and find out about Adam’s prospects to be invited to perform in the coming season. Do you have questions for Michael? Ask away!!



HD YouTube Video by nativepride85550: All but Cuckoo in 1 Video Arizona State Fair ADAM LAMBERT Concert Oct 17, 2012

School kids singing – Whataya want from me by Adam Lambert from Jukato2702on YouTube

From Poland: Movie Advertisement with ADAM LAMBERT’s Trespassing as background

LOVE this Fan Video From New Zealand!!

Beautiful I.Biteniece Dance Cover using Underneath

Adam on Entertainment Tonight!

This is one of my favorites so I may be biased, but an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Broken English at the Arizona State Fair via Anthrogeek:

Chokehold via Anthrogeek

More from Anthrogeek on YouTube here

Happy Birthday Tommy and Naked Love by Goatiegarden on YouTube

Lots of great videos from Arizona via Goatiegarden on YouTube (including a close-up Broken Englishhhhh!!)



Lucy Hale Talks (GLOWINGLY!) About Adam Lambert

Adam on Inside ABC Family- Adam starts at 2:43

Ad for Adam in South Africa!

Liam McEwan’s ADAM LAMBERT HOUR on The Flea FM NZ 10-14-12

The Way You Make Me Feel/Billie Jean – 16 Year Old Michael Jackson Tribute Artist – Liam McEwan

Pretty Little Liars – Promo clip with Adam Lambert preforming “Cuckoo”

Adam Lambert vs Queen – Trespassing (Benny Benassi Mix – DJ DigiMark’s Dusty MixMash) (VIDEO)



@GlamFanNation@adamlambert Thanks 4 the gr8 quote this morning!! Biggest job of my career happening this morning and it’s just what I needed!!! XOXO
The ARTPOP Kid ‏@ChadMConklinRadio stations need to stop being homophobic and play@adamlambert music already he kills almost all of the songs on right now #Justsaying
@1029NOW#NowTexasTangoVIP COMING SOON! Filling up entire backstage w/ @adamlambert @morissette @Phillips @gavindegraw fans! Tix
Sunday Tweets
@JoshPeace: Stop being a homosexual! The ducks will take over! =)
‏@KeishaReneeI love @adamlambert!! U mean so much to me!! The best person to work for!! A great Friend that I’ve been blessed with 🙂 u Rock dude
Monday Tweets

Tuesday Tweets 

Wednesday Tweets

Thursday Tweets
Glitter29 ‏@Glitter29 Hey @adamlambert Trespassing now playing on 101.9 fm in Chicago ❤💜💙💛💚
 Retweeted by Adam Lambert

 ‏@adamlambert @TommyJoeRatliff Happy Birthday!!!

Tweets by @cwm122:
@adamlambert Such a treat to meet u at the airport & be on the same flight as u! You were so sweet & gracious. Thx for the hug! #myluckyday

So yeah…I got to chat with Adam Lambert at the airport today and was on the same flight as him. And I got an autograph and hug. OOMMGG!!!!

I told Adam it was a great show last night & that we had a blast. He said it was fun for him too. I told him that he makes me very happy

I said I hoped he knew how happy

he makes all of us, & he said “Awww, yeah. Thanks.” I said “I hope it makes you happy too.” He said…He said “Yeah it does make me happy. And tired too, as you can tell.” (He looked tired.) Me: “Yeah, that was a lot of energy last night.”We chatted a bit more, I got his autograph and a hug, then left him alone. Stayed calm & quiet and respectful of his privacy. :)So very very cool to be on the same airplane with him! He was in 1st class, rest of band throughout coach. Couldn’t believe my awesome luck!

He was in his standard airport baseball cap & sunglasses. Also black shorts, black rubberized boots w white soles & floppy tops, black shirt

TJR, Ashley & Reyna came to the gate together a bit later.

Adam was so sweet & polite & friendly & gracious. I could tell he was tired, tho. I approached him politely & quietly, then left him alone.

I can’t tell you how AWESOME it was to just be able to see the back of his head for the whole flight!! teehee

Friday Tweets 

Adam to tour in Japan in February(?)

Michael Orland ‏@MichaelOrland Just starting to look over all the Grammy nominees before I vote and makes me happy and proud of all the… 


Via Adam Lambert Events

October 16: Trespassing EP with radio edit and remixes available on iTunes. Pre-order on AO. [Source | More info | More info | Country list where Trespassing Remix EP is available for pre-order on myplaydirect | Avail Oct 19 on iTunes Belgium]

October 17: TV, US. Entertainment Tonight segment on Adam and Pretty Little Liars at 7:00pm.

October 17: Concert Phoenix, AZ. Arizona State Fair at 7pm MST. [Webpage | Source |Livestream | Twitter list]



Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



Amazon  iTunes Barnes & Noble

From Adam Official – “Trespassing” single, Deluxe Box Set and more!!
Full album stream here – share with friends!!

Trespassing Box Set



Adam Lambert Official Store

Buy Our Book, Tattoos and Bumper Decal

For more, check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!

Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant in antiqued bronze and silver, just perfect!

Human Rights Campaign Store – Support this great organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. They have beautifully designed jewelry and accessories.

Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

Anyone on your gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots?

Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

Need feather hair extensions? Hop over to @PeaceFrogDesign’s Etsy store!

Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed.

Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

Order Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on Amazon and iTunes.

Buy Aftermath Remix here

The imported Sleepwalker single can now be ordered at U.S. Amazon

Labor of Love Project – Buy Scarlett Cherry’s gorgeous new CD. Organic goodies for moms and babies too!


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  1. October 14, 2012 1:36 pm

    I wish i knew how to get my radio station to play Trespassing I keep requesting only to be told they don’t have it then when I email them they give me some story that they have a team of experts watching what is popular on the charts which sounded like BS as they started playing Ke$sha’s new song the day after it released and yet still no Trespassing from Adam when his Album debuted at #! it makes no sense. I guess the only good thing is that since I’ve started calling they have started at least playing IIHY once a week.

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