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Adam Lambert Week in Review – October 7-13, 2012

October 7, 2012

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW@GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook


Request Trespassing- Links Here!!!



Now that we have an add date, it’s time to start requesting o/

Like request campaigns in the past, we’re targeting major national stations and your own local ones.

To show early support, please call, text, or tweet daily over the next week (ranked in order of importance), especially Z100 and Q102. Any station that is iHeart should take out of area requests. If you’d like to do it more than once, please feel free but remember to space them out and not to spam. Any little bit helps. More advice at the bottom and stay positive :3

*Z100 NY: 800-242-0100 | text 55100
*Q102 Philly: 800-521-1021 | text 71021

KTU NY: 800-245-1035 | text 31035
B104: 610-720-1041
DC HOT995: 1-877-995-4681 | 99338
KISS-FM LA: 800-520-1027 | text 41027
CHUM FM: 416-870-1045
Fox All Access: 877-268-6815



He leaves us speechless…
Adam Lambert – Pretty Little Liars – via @adam_pictures …



Adam’s Team Confirms Radio Edit Push on iTunes!

Via Request Adam Lambert: We were able to get confirmation from Adam’s team that next week we should exclusively focus our efforts on purchasing the “Trespassing” radio edit (by Pharrell)!!!

They want to see this song hit radio and a strong showing even of only 1-3 days on iTunes can make an impression. *WE NEED TO ALL BE ON ONE PAGE to maximize the iTunes chart position.* To move up on iTunes, the radio edit has to sell at a faster rate than the other songs.

The Trespassing EP drops on October 16. Fans are urged to focus on the radio edit of “Trespassing” (not on the EP) to get it counted as a single sale. Fans can buy, gift, or donate to a fund that will gift the single to other fans. Here’s the link to make a donation.



“International pop superstar Adam Lambert will be lighting up the stage after the conclusion of the final race on BECK Caulfield Guineas Day. The performance will take place on the Fashion & Entertainment stage at approximately 5.40pm.”

World clock  & Live stream at 2:40am ET Saturday, October 13, 2012 

Twitter List:

Here’s our full concert coverage!!



Twitlonger from NZGlitterTribeHQ:

Wednesday 10th October:
* Signing session at JBHifi Queen Street 4pm-6pm

Thursday 11th October:
* ZM studios (co-hosting Breakfast show Polly, Grant and NHG) 6am-10am (tbc)
* The Edge studios (interview at 8.10am)
* Interview with Kim Crossman (time and location not known)

Other (days/times unconfirmed):
* Breakfast (TV One) 6am-12pm
* NZ Herald Talking Heads Adam vs @Sarinmods

Adam Lambert appeared in Auckland,  New Zealand at Queen St’s JB Hi Fi Wednesday to greet hundreds of fans!

Pic from @AnythingforAdam on Twitter
Via @xAlygator: “The day I got to meet and talk to Adam Lambert, and he signed my two CDs! MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE #AdamLambert”
Via Lisa Komatsubara on Twitter

Adam On TV3 News

NZ Herald: Adam Lambert comes to Auckland “American Idol runner-up and pop singer Adam Lambert appeared at Queen St’s JB Hi Fi Wednesday to greet hundreds of fans.”  Fantastics pictures!

ZM Online: Adam Lambert In-Store Album Signing “Hundreds of Glamberts showed up to meet Adam Lambert in person at JB Hi-Fi on Queen Street in Auckland.” More great pictures!!

Credit: ZM Online
FaceBook Pic by Polly Gillespie (@pollyzm):
I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam will be on the show tomorrow morning co-hosting after 7 ;-)))))) xxxx

Adam finally meets the McEwan Brothers Liam and Aidan!!

Pic of Liam and Aidan McEwan by @coconutghost007


@LiamMcEwan: Had such an amazing time following Adam Lambert around Auckland over the past two days! 🙂


Check our Daily Updates for complete postings about Adam’s New Zealand visit:



Floofy hair

@MissSpookiness9: @TommyJoeRatliff @adamlambert thanks for the photo. See you tomorrow at the races. Hopefully it’ll be warmer



Adam To Perform At Star 101.3 Jingle Ball San Francisco Friday, December 14


Adam Makes His National TV Acting Debut On Pretty Little Liars (EEEEEEK!!!) 😉

Adam The Smiling Glampire Screencap by @HachiIsMyName
Photo via Andy Swift 



Via @glam_alidol on Twitter
Via @glam_alidol


Official pic from 80’s T Show via @glam_alidol on Twitter
Screencap thanks to Liliybop 2012

Lilybop 2012 Adam Lambert on China’s 80 Tonight Talk Show, aired Oct 7,2012 Screencaps captured live here

Via @CrazyGlambert17 on Twitter
Vampire Adam Via @_Lise on Twitter


From Terrance Spencer on Instagram
Last nite was many things for @LoveMrSpencer bday! Thanks @adamlambert for the VIP beats! #imtoooldforthis lol via Jason Sky
@AdamLambert So great to see u 2 last night. Happy Birthday T! #LAFam #Friends #2MuchFun #Party #Living #TherAreNoRules2Night lol via @LeoMoctezuma 

Via @JovanCarrington: And of course the boo @AdamLambert came out with us and lived!! Haha @terrancespencer @lovemrspencer #ttsbday (Terrance Spencer’s Birthday)
Instagram photo by @souboy
Newly enhanced @adamlambert from outside 930 Club. Enhanced by @weelassie11.
Via @thejoycannon on Instagram



ADAM LAMBERT INROCK Japan November 2012 Scans Thanks to @poochlove2. Who else on the planet could possibly rock that look? Who?!!

“Adam Lambert: “I do my own hair, make-up and styling because it’s all art”
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “This Is a Dark Ride”

Examiner – ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 episode 13 photos: ‘This Is a Dark Ride’ (SLIDE SHOW) “This “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special is going to be exactly what it looks like: a crazy train ride where “A” wreaks havoc on the girls. As the photos released (you can see all the photos out for this episode in the slideshow at the top of this article) show, there will be some fun moments, including a couple of performances from Adam Lambert and a fun conversation between him and Aria.”

MTV Style – Adam Lambert On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode: Sneak Peek! “…the 23rd is the night that Adam will appear as a guest star on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special! Here’s what we know right now: Adam will perform at a costume party in the episode, which is called “This Is A Dark Ride.” From a new teaser video, we know that one of the songs he will play will be “Cuckoo,” from Tresspassing, and that his costume is something like a Victorian meets, well, Glambert, Vampire. We can’t imaging it would be all that easy to sing with those fangs in, but if anyone can do it, Adam Lambert can.”

Adam and his band look absolutely Halloween-ready in their outfits on set. Photo: ABC Family

Gather – Adam Lambert Channels John Travolta with ‘Grease’ Rendition VIDEO – In case you missed this yesterday. “Adam Lambert channeled John Travolta during a radio station interview this morning when he sang a part of a song from the hit movie “Grease.” He wasn’t really given much choice, as MORE FM DJ Joe Cotton handed him a leather jacket to suit up for a quick karaoke jam”

Ryan Seacrest – Adam Lambert Trades Rock Star for Weatherman [VIDEO] “Adam tackles the hard task of navigating a foreign part of the world and that pesky green screen! Making a joke out of an oddly named city and laughing through his set, Adam does surprisingly and hilariously well!”

The New Zealand Herald – Adam Lambert fan, 7, turned away by bodyguards “After being contacted by media today, Sony Music contacted the mother and organised for a signed pair of drumsticks to be sent to the youngster. The boy’s mum said Sony was “amazingly apologetic” and explained that Lambert did not want the boy to go without having signed drumsticks.

The New Zealand Herald – Road to celebrity is littered with many surprises (reprint of an article in the Independent) “It’s hard to place Adam Lambert. A runner-up on American Idol in 2009, his first album had a strong hint of glam rock, his latest stuff has a strong flavour of pop and emo, and he looks like a young (and slightly more handsome) Gary Numan.”

Gather – Adam Lambert Becomes Weatherman for a Day “He obviously had a good time and later tweeted, “Me pretending to be an f**ing weatherman. ha ha ha!” Check out Adam reporting on the weather in New Zealand in the video…” – Adam Lambert whirlwind visit “”I have opinions, and they are strong ones.  And I want to be able to voice them about something I am so passionate about.  Anybody should have the right to get married and have equal rights as the other types of people that are married. Creating a separation there, and creating a lesser-than citizen, for an American, it feels unconstitutional.””

VH1 – Bite Into This Preview Of Adam Lambert’s Pretty Little Liars Appearance “Back in August, Adam teased the role by sharing a picture of himself all gussied up in a ruffle-chested blouse, his face blotted pale and fangs in full show. Now, we get one better as a preview the episode has made its way online. The quick clip shows Vampire Adam and Aria (played by Lucy Hale) getting chatty before Vambert runs off to perform and a spooky mime sweeps through the Halloween party.” Yeah, we’ve seen this already, but it’s worth watching AGAIN….

92.3FM – How To Dress Like Adam Lambert For Halloween “Embrace your inner rock star by dressing up like Adam Lambert this Halloween. You’ll need all black for this look so channel your fierce dark side.” Fun!

Music Daily News: Adam Lambert Tour Happening Next Year  Adam Lambert has been very busy promoting his new album, Trespassing, around the world. He is currently in New Zealand, but he also made stops in Australia and parts of Asia along the way. He also performed a few shows with Queen in June in Europe and slightly toured around the United States during the summer, but what’s next? Apparently, sources confirm to us that Lambert will be touring in a rather formal manner next year. It is unknown when or where the tour will start, or whether it will happen early or late 2013, but it will happen.

Yahoo Music Reality Rocks: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Preview: Halloween Comes Early For Adam Lambert Fans “To loosely quote Ministry, every day is like Halloween for “American Idol’s” most stylish and flamboyant alum, Adam Lambert–who is no stranger to “playing dress-up” and seemingly never leaves his lair without putting on some absolutely fabulous get-up and a faceful of guyliner. But of course, he always takes it to a new Lambertian level on the actual Halloween holiday, often tweeting costumed photos of himself looking so cool, it’s scary. Well, Halloween has come early for Adam and his fans, as spooky footage of his upcoming appearance on the Halloween episode of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” has finally hit the Interweb….”

The Insider: WATCH ADAM LAMBERT MAKE ‘PLL’ CRAZY! “News that Adam Lambert, one of the most passionately followed artists on Twitter, would be guest-starring on the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, the most talked-about show on Twitter, pretty much broke the Internet. So I’m nervous to say this, but I’ve got a fun sneak-peek clip of Adam singing on Pretty Little Liars’ October 23 episode, titled This is a Dark Ride! And the clip only reinforces what PLL creator Marlene King told me back in July. When asked what made Lambert the perfect guest star, she said, “Everything! His look, who he is, the songs he sings (Cuckoo and Trespassing off his sophomore album) — it feels like those songs are perfectly written for the Halloween episode of PLL.” One click and I think you’ll agree! Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode airs October 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.”

Popdust: Adam Lambert “Pretty Little Liars” Preview  “We learned a couple months back that Adam Lambert would be making his TV debut—besides that reality show he was on that one time, anyway—in a cameo on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. Well, it’s very nearly upon us—”This Is a Dark Ride” debuts on October 23rd, with Glambert in tow, and we even have a preview of his appearance, courtesy of In it, Lambert (in full Halloween vampire getup) has a conversation with Aria about her absent boyfriend and a set Adam’s just about to play, before a shadowy, costumed figure comes over and doses Aria’s drink with something. We’d explain more, but we really have absolutely no fucking clue what’s going on in this show. Lambert looks good as a vamp though! Think they can make room for him in Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part III: Always Darkest Before the Dawn? We hope so!”

Zap2It: Pretty Little Liars Halloween Sneak Peeks: Costumes, Adam Lambert and a Masked ‘A’  “The Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars is going to be one hell of a party. After the events of the first half of the season – which exposed Toby as a member of the “A” Team – the girls are looking forward to Rosewood’s Halloween party. This year’s party takes place aboard a train and features musical guest Adam Lambert…”

PressParty: Adam Lambert’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ cameo preview hits the web ‘Trespassing’ sensation Adam Lambert recently filmed a special appearance for the Halloween episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and a clip of it has now surfaced online. Lucy Hale, who plays the character of Aria Montgomery on the show, tweeted a link to the new preview earlier today (October 9) and it shows Lambert dressed as a vampire while talking to her in the carriage of a train following his musical performance. Speaking about his involvement in the spooky episode, Lambert explained that it was a lot of fun and he enjoyed the theatricality of the costume he got to wear: “Yeah that was cool! It was the Halloween episode, so I got to dress up like a vampire which is like my standard Halloween costume that I go to every year. I put my fangs in and had a cool costume, and I got to do a little mini-scene with Lucy Hale who is lovely. I got to perform, so Happy Halloween!”

Adam in new issue of Russian magazine “Vse Zvezdi” 21/2012

Scan via @Jadelle1 on Twitter

(Caution- BS Alert!) Divine Varod: Sam Sparro on Adam Lambert “Girls are still angry that he is gay.” “Gay artists should support each other”  “Sam Sparro, whom recently released his album “Return to Paradise” talks about his collaboration with Adam Lambert: “We’ve become friends. He is a great talent and a major entertainer. I’ve also contributed to his album. It’s really strange that gay artists collaborate rarely collaborate, this should happen more often, gay artists should support each other. Adam has been open about his sexuality from the moment he started his career , this way you can’t get into trouble later on. Although I was really shocked to hear that most of his audience is still unhappy about his sexuality. Maybe because he has so many female fans. You should see his fan base!! Some of them are so fanatic that they do some crazy stuff. I’m glad my fans are not that fanatical.”” Adam Lambert flies in for fans American Idol star takes album worldwide  “He is one of the most memorable people to not win American Idol, and this week Adam Lambert will be in New Zealand. The Whataya Want From Me singer, and reality TV show runner-up, is visiting Auckland to promote his new album Trespassing. And while he won’t be performing this time around, Lambert will be making an appearance at Queen St’s JB Hi-Fi tomorrow to sign copies of the album…”

TIMES LIVE: More tickets released for Adam Lambert concert  “In response to overwhelming demand, Big Concerts has released additional seated tickets for Adam Lambert’s upcoming performances in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. Adam Lambert to perform in South Africa in November Lambert will be touring South Africa for the first time this November on Tuesday November 13 at the Grand Arena, GrandWest and then on Friday November 16 at the Coca-Cola Dome Johannesburg…”

SCANS – Gay Barcelona Magazine 2010 Adam Lambert – Spain via Lambertlust

Time for Miracles by Nico Wang via Adam Lambert Live

“This is a a lovely and detailed behind-the-scenes recap of Adam’s appearance on Tonight 80’s Talk Show in Shanghai, China by the one of the directors, Nico Wang.” 

….After this long prologue I’m getting to the topic. This is a behind-the-scenes revelation of working with a star and some thoughts I’d like to share with my friends.

Being a TV show director, I’ve worked with stars of many sizes and clout. As a result, my idol list has became quite short – less than five names are on it.
My attraction to Adam Lambert began when he appeared on American Idol Season 8. Ever since I was a child, when others were listening to the ‘Big Four’ (note: popular male Chinese singers of the 90’s), I was listening to ‘Panther of Tang Dynasty’. I’m a hardcore rock-and-roll fan. I was completely satisfied and happy watching Adam Lambert on American Idol Season 8 because Adam would always rework the songs to suit his rock-and-roll attitude. Song after song, my ears experienced orgasm. After his performance I just couldn’t bear to watch the other contestants. Episode after episode, I was sure he would be the winner. Then…
Nothing more to say about it now….”  Read more





TOP GEAR STAR GAVE RIDES TO FINNISH CELEBRITIES Article by Tiia Öhman and Ida Karimaa in Metrolive on October 11th, 2012. Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu),  via Adamtopia. “…The main star of the enormous motor show to be held in Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre on November 23rd – 25th, 2012, gave rides to the Finnish celebrities in this unique happening at the Porvoo motorsports arena. Among those celebrities was also Sauli Koskinen who launched from the BB to the American continent, and he was shrieking with excitement after the ride with Stig. – It’s a wild feeling, my body is still shaking! We drove really fast, you can’t really realize it when you’re just watching that, Koskinen wondered after the ride…Koskinen, who has been spending now some time in Finland, is heading back to the warmth of California probably already at the end of this month. About the dilemma of a long distance relationship Koskinen, who is dating the American Idol star Adam Lambert, states – I’m there and here and there and again here, this is how it goes.” Read more —Sauli Koskinen on Top Gear Finland via Metrolive w Translation (7 photos)



@GlamFanNation: Love this!! Adam w reflection of @LiamMcEwan in the window!! NZ 10-11-12. New Zealand



Adam Lambert 80’s T Show recorded 29-9-12 (aired 7-10-12) (Caution…Adorable Overload!!)

Interview with Kimberly Crossman – another charming one!

Adam Lambert interview with Jase and Stace!

Four Live NZ ADAM LAMBERT Interview 10-11-12, posted by GaleChester

Dan Bernstone Interviews Adam Lambert Video MORE FM

Adam Lambert arriving in Auckland, New Zealand

And THIS!!  Liam, Aidan and Vanessa meet Adam Lambert!! – So happy for our friends!!

Sauli & Katri Tutka Video

Link to Translation by @Miachihu & @Tiiqqu on Adamtopia

Video tweeted by Adam on October 7 – So thoughtful, articulate & moving.

Glamberts Requesting Trespassing on Radio! by NightNurseStat

Rehearsal video:  Adam Lambert & Zhangwei Whataya Want From Me (Voice of China)



Sunday Tweets

Monday Tweets

Sony Music NZ ‏@SonyMusicNZThis time tomorrow, some @adamlambert fans will be meeting him in Auckland! Can we get an Adam related twitter trend going while he’s here!
Sony Music NZ ‏@SonyMusicNZ Hey Glamberts – excitement levels are on the rise it seems! Please note, tomorrow Adam will be signing CDs only!
Lawrence Carroll ‏@LCnLA Its a good night when @adamlambert stops by the @TheAbbeyWeHoto turn the heat up a lil bit #TheBoyIsHot
Ashley Dzerigian ‏@ashleydzerigian I wanna hear #Trespassing on LA’s #1 Hit Music Station! So-Cal residents, Call 1.800.520.1027 to support your boy @adamlambert!@1027KIISFM

Tuesday Tweets

ZMonline ‏@ZMonline Don’t forget that @AdamLambert will be appearing at JB Hi-Fi today – plus co-hosting from 7 tomorrow morning! 


Thursday Tweets

Adam goes on RT binge as “Trespassing” hits radio stations

@tumehe Was choice hanging with @AdamLambert today on @FOUR_Livethank you all for your questions.
Call of the Wild…
Friday Tweets

@RadioChloeLMFAOOO he so is! A+ RT: @spreckles: He is Count Dorkula
@TALCvids Awesome!!! RT @tmohanvamsi@adamlambert #Trespassing is #2 and #NCOE is #6 in top 20 in INDIA. Retweeted by Adam Lambert
@amerhanovaalina@adamlambert #Trespassing is #7 and #NCOE is #10 in Top 20 in Bellarus
Retweeted by Adam Lambert
@AdamsNakedLove@adamlambert I forgot to mention! #Trespassing was one of the Top 5 most requested songs on 105.1 G105 and played ALL DAY!!!
Retweeted by Adam Lambert



Via Adam Lambert Events

October 07: TV, US. Rove LA talk show on TVGN at 12:00am ET. [Schedule here]
October 07: TV, China. 80′s generation talk show airing at 22:45hr Beijing time. [Source & Livestream info | More livestream & worldclock info]
October 08: Radio add date for Trespassing. [Source]
October 10: TV, US. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats repeat on Fuse at 4pm ET. [Source]

October 10 – 11: Promo in Auckland New Zealand. [Source | Twitter list]
October 10: Auckland, New Zealand. Adam will be signing copies of his album Trespassing at the JB HI-FI store, Queen St at 4-6pm. [Source]
October 11: Radio, New Zealand. ZMonline co-hosting a show with @PollyZM breakfast show from 7:00-8:15am. [Source | Source]
October 11: Radio, New Zealand. The Edge FM at 8:10am. [Source | Web page]
October 11: Interview with Kimberley Crossman. Looking for fan questions. [Webpage | Source]
October 15: Interview/Discussion New Zealand Herald Talking Heads battle of the bangs. Tapes on Oct 11th, airs Oct 15th. [Source | More info | More info | Web page]

October 13: Concert Caulfield, Australia. Melbourne Racing Club – Caulfield Guineas Day. Adam’s show starts after the last race – about 5:40pm. [More info | Twitter lists and world clock info | Twitter list]



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2″ are available on iTunes

JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

Anyone on your gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots?

Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

Need feather hair extensions? Hop over to @PeaceFrogDesign’s Etsy store!

Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed.

Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

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    I think my radio station is getting tire of me calling everyday but they still don’t listen they haven’t yet played any of Adam’s new songs totally getting frustrated

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