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Adam Lambert Interview in Cyzo October 2012 issue (full translation)

September 30, 2012

Here’s Juneau’s translation of Adam’s interview in Japan’s Cyzo, October 2012 issue

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Jewish, Astrology-loving, “The Male Lady Gaga” – Who is the Real Adam Lambert?

by Shinsan Nameko 

HOT, Good-Looking Guy (185 centimeters tall), 2012 (Sexiest Male Musician) #1 (Billboard album), happens to be gay…exciting the male fans and causing anguish to female fans, sin-inducing voice – Adam Lambert came to Japan in August. And that Adam, who around the world makes hearts skip a beat, the deprived child who since his debut has been hot, is rapidly approaching!? “American Idol” ultra-carnivorous Adam, Adam the Jew, Adam of the “Eye of Horus” tattoo, Adam who sings about “self love”…I am close to the true face of the most notable pop icon of today!

From @cyzowoman

Nameko:  You album “Trespassing” is melodious and stylish, and it has trespassed into my heart.

Adam: Ha ha ha! Thank you.

Nameko:   In Japan are your female fans more numerous?

Adam: I think there are more women. There are women among the ones that you would call serious fans, but when I’m in front of a live audience, I see a lot of men too, gay fans as well as ordinary rock music fans.

Nameko:   What is your impression of Japanese men?

Adam: There are a lot of stylish people. I’ve seen ordinary men who are styled with a “neutral” or “feminine” feel. Even if they are not gay, for men to style themselves that way, in America if men appeared that way, they would be regarded as homosexual. That’s a cultural difference I’m sensing.

Nameko:   In Japan even if [a man] dressed stylishly, they wouldn’t be thought of that way.

Adam: This is a generalization, but it seems to me that in the West, visual appearance is used to represent one’s sexuality.

Nameko:   In Japan, gay people are popular for being stylish and amusing…

Adam: America is a religious country, and there are still many people who believe “homosexuality is wrong”, and there’s a lot of ignorance that gives rise to discrimination. In America, in the worlds of fashion and entertainment, there’s a trend for gay people to excel, but I think it would be nice if we’d be accepted the way we are in Japan.

Nameko:   However, recently, it seems that Japanese men are weak, they’re called herbivorous boys and are reluctant to fall in love…When I read you lyrics, they are wild, and quite the opposite of that.

Adam: When I’m pursuing a man I want, I’m quite aggressive. I’m super carnivorous!

Nameko:   “The crazy train’s about to leave” or “Electric shock and I can’t get enough,” or “But I can turn it to the north pole and show you what is cold” and such…… are these wild lyrics your usual philosophy of love?

Adam: These lyrics express my honest feelings. And also, I have many passionate fans, and I thought they would relate to the lyrics.

Nameko:  You said in a previous interview, from early on, there were people who would meet you and become so emotional and cry, and I wonder if you have the power to open people’s hearts.

Adam: I always put my heart into opening myself up, so maybe that gets transmitted and drives all this emotion. But for those who meet me and become so emotional, it might happen because they love me so much, and I feel embarrassed and a lot of the time feel like I don’t know how to handle it.

Nameko:  Because you both like astrology, when you met Madonna, was there a connection…?

Adam: It was really a short time that I was able to meet her. I mean I was nervous although I didn’t cry, but my heart was pounding, I blushed. I’ve been listening (to Madonna’s music) since I was a kid, so I was very emotional.

Nameko:  Did you get advice?

Adam:  I did get a little advice. “Don’t get distracted by stupid things.”

Nameko: Because when you become a star, people say nasty things about you.

Adam: I tend to be on the sensitive side, and I over-think things to the degree that I think if I were more of a goof-off, my life would be easier. Ignorance is bliss, but I take in all the good comments and bad comments, and they keep my grounded, they keep me balanced, so maybe it’s a necessary thing.

Nameko: You’re philosophical about it… Madonna has turned to Kabbalah in order to protect herself from the negative power, but are you knowledgeable about Kabbalah? Since you are of Jewish origin…

Adam: No, I don’t do that (laughs).

Nameko: The Jewish people have the image of having many successful people, but is there a secret?

Adam: I’m not really an avid practitioner of Judaism. So I don’t know why people are so successful (laughs).

Nameko: Even in Japan, there are many books of Jewish maxims.

Adam: The Jewish people have been driven from their homes, massacred in Nazi Germany, and exploited, so given their history maybe the feeling is strong to “work hard and persevere.” African Americans may be like that too. The gay community has also been discriminated against and has had to overcome many challenges, so I think maybe part of it is their wanting to prove the value of their existence.

Nameko: When you got into the top 36 of American Idol, you had a tattoo done of the Egyptian Eye of Horus. Was it effective?

Adam: I loved that symbol, and I had been wanting a tattoo. It’s a protective amulet. I’m not really a believer, but when it came to explaining it to my mom, I said “it’s for protection” (laughs).

Nameko: That’s so she would forgive you for it.

Adam: First of all, my mom also has a tattoo. It’s not like I needed her permission, but I came up with that excuse just in case she wasn’t happy about it. But she lets me get away with a lot.

Nameko: Parent-child tattoo – how open of you. By the way, did you know that the Eye of Horus is a Free Mason symbol?

Adam: For me this didn’t have anything to do with its relationship to Free Masonry, but I am interested.  Since then, I’ve also put in an infinity symbol and a key.

Nameko: The tattoo on your left arm (in Latin, “Music soothes the savage beast”) you had done in Japan?

Adam: That’s right. I had it put in two days ago. I have to keep it moist for a while.

Nameko: By the way, when I saw the Justin Bieber documentary, there was a guy whose job was to relieve Justin’s tension by giving him hugs and joking around, and it seems like around stars there are people to serve in all kinds of roles.

Adam: I don’t have anyone around to give me hugs. I’d imagine that that guy has other jobs than just giving hugs. Although, if there’s a big expense allowance, there might be someone whose job is to pump up the energy level.  In the world of hip-hop, there are people called “hype men” whose job is to heighten the tension, so it might be like that.

Nameko: In the case of Michael Jackson, he’d ask this person such things as ” delivering Kentucky Fried Chicken to my dressing room,” but do you Adam have someone to make such requests to?

Adam: I don’t eat fried chicken, and I haven’t been eating that much meat either. I eat fish, and green smoothies for my health (while saying this, he orders a caffeine-laden energy drink).

Nameko: Mr. Adam is an adult and celebrity, and you don’t seem like you’d be tempted by drugs and such the way many young celebs are…

Adam: I don’t know about that (laughs). I’m not so pure. But I’m not so confused, I look for balance. I think that’s the secret to life.

Nameko: In your music too, from the dark side to the light side, there’s a balance.

Adam: It’s because I wanted my fans to see both my light and dark sides. Of course I have a strong, positive side, but within me I also have instability, darkness and pain, and I wanted all of it to be known.

Nameko: The brighter your star shines, the darker the shadows, right? Thank you very much for today.

Cartoon sidebar

Interview with open-minded Adam Lambert

Adam: “Self Love”
Nameko: “Your song has an underlying message about ‘loving yourself’ doesn’t it?”

Adam: “It’s masturbation!”

Adam: “I included songs about masturbation!”
Nameko: [Heart beating loudly] “Eh, is this an American joke.. or…?”

Back at home, listening to the album
Nameko: “Maybe ‘Crazy Train’ really means …”
Thanks to Adam, my English skills are improving…

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