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Live blog: Adam Lambert on The Voice of China

September 29, 2012

By Juneau,  Xena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW , @GlamFanNation@AdamLambertBook

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The Voice of China Finale Sept 30 19:30-24:00 Shanghai, China

World Time Clock – find your local time

This one is working:

@feraltwirler: Voice of China working stream  Download their player. Only takes a sec

Additional possible live streams via @glam_alidol (we can’t get these to work)

The Voice of China, official photo

Voice of China official photo



Adam Lambert to Appear on “The Voice of China”  (posted Sept. 20, 2012) Adam Lambert has just made a lot of Chinese Glamberts happy because he has confirmed that he will be appearing on the finale of “The Voice of China.” Adam recently opened an account on a microblogging Chinese website called “Weibo.” Weibo is like Twitter in the United States and is extremely popular in China. Adam posted on his Weibo account, “Hello Shanghai! I’m going to appear live on the finale of The Voice of China on September 30. I am so excited and can’t wait to visit!”

This is the first season of The Voice of China, which is a singing reality show in the same franchise as The Voice in the US. Adam has not appeared on the US version of the show yet, but he did stop by The Voice of Holland during his Glam Nation tour in 2010. He took time out during his sound check to chat with some of the contestants.  During their chat, Kim de Boer showed Adam a video of when she performed his single Whataya Want From Me for her audition on the show. Lambert praised her singing, saying “Great, good job. That was amazing, I love it.” The four contestants also sang part of Whataya Want From Me acoustically for him during their meeting. During their chat, Adam talked with the contestants about how his life has changed since American Idol, his tour and their current jobs.






Via @alidol

MORE PHOTOS – ADAM LAMBERT Arriving in Shanghai China 9-28-12 via @glam_alidol


Adam Lambert at Shanghai AP – Chinese fans go cuckoo!

More Airport video

@glam_alidoladam just posted on chinese weibo : …



More photos Retweeted by Claudia … … … …

Adam in Chinese Newspaper



@glam_alidol adam will sing trespassing tomorrow,and duet with a contestant whataya want from me 。the contestant is a glambert
@GlamFanNationWow- tons of Adam at rehearsal for Voice of China via@glam_alidol!!! … Go to her feed for more!!!



More photos in @Glam_alidol’s thread

@glam_alidol … private party for welcoming adam tonight .contest winners were invited too

@glam_alidol: … pic from the talk show staff,he said directors loved adam so much

@glam_alidol: … pic of taping ,adam sang trespassing twice

@glam_alidol they gave adam a chinese jacket

ADAM LAMBERT Voice of China Press Party 9-29-12 via @glam_alidol

Updated 7 hours ago · Taken in China
Photos of ADAM LAMBERT at the Voice of China Press Party today, September 29, 2012, as found by @glam_alidol.
ADAM will be appearing on The Voice of China on September 30, 2012 as a guest judge and

alidol@glam_alidol  fans gave adam a banner with chinese characters “adam loves sauli” (in the pic),adam said he loved that

Embedded image permalink



More photos from private party M & Gs

Are your knees wobbly yet? Swooning?  Reaching for the scotch?



Prince Charming gets a lesson in Chinese

Excerpt 1 via TheatricalTrespassing – (thanks to @glam_alidol)

Excerpt 2 via TheatricalTrespassing – Fans Sing ‘Time for Miracles!’ (thanks to @glam_alidol)


 ‏@glam_alidoladam just posted on weibo!



@funkNNsoul 80k peeps! Such great exposure for Adam in China!!!

@glam_alidol: our banners for @adamlambert in the stadium tonight @shoshannastone

@glam_alidol: adam lambert with jane z at backstage



@glam_alidol  our main page with all adam info,pics and videos in china”

@mmyy9The contestant who’ll duet with Adam tomorrow performs Black or White (at 2:10)  ACIGC (3:20)
@glam_alidolmaybe i could say another rumor later…they didn’t let me post before,the reason why adam come to china…
@glam_alidol3 years ago, we just have less than 100 members,now we have more than 30k on our three forums, even sony china ask us to spread their info
@GlamFanNationI LOVE being exposed to different countries and cultures around the world thanks to @adamlambert!!! #AdamOnVoiceOfChina
@glam_alidollol ,under this media weibo … ,many chinese think adam is a statue or poster ,not real
@glam_alidol … adam with guests at private party yesterday ,she said adam like a statue
@glam_alidolyes ,so many ppl said he was not real RT @Mitla96:@glam_alidolHe is! he is like statue of Greek God.

@funkNNsoul 80k peeps! Such great exposure for Adam in China!!!

@terra_zephead @funkNNsoul haha it’s only 80k in the audience, but about 400 million people watching
@glam_alidol@shoshannastone really awesome,everybody was talking about adam on weibo,said he was amazing。3 years ago ,there were less than 50 glambers


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  1. September 29, 2012 10:10 am

    I still haven’t decided which I’d rather do when it comes to Adam. Whether I’d rather look at him or listen to him. However, both are extremely satisfying. Can’t get enough!!

    • September 29, 2012 10:55 pm

      Hmmm, looking vs. listening – can’t you do both? Of course it helps if you watch the videos 20 or 30 times.


  2. EVVY permalink
    September 29, 2012 3:31 pm

    Just wanna say thank you to our blogger in chief, it really is a big task to post all these news and videos. Adam is always moving and all of these events are recorded for all the fans. Without Xena and juneau and claudia and the help of all the fans, we all will be Adam starved. Thanks so much!

  3. rosemary permalink
    September 29, 2012 5:23 pm

    Just want to ditto Evvy’s comment. Thank you all!

  4. rosemary permalink
    September 29, 2012 5:29 pm

    Adam’s look at the rehearsal in China is one of my favorites–jeans, t and jacket. The shoes are fun, but like him best in rocker boots or barefoot.
    Where else could I say this stuff? Who else but real fans would CARE? Thanks again, bloggers in chief, for giving us this home to be crazy on.

  5. rosemary permalink
    September 29, 2012 5:39 pm

    When I write about “favorite” outfits of Adam’s, I ‘m really meaning “sexiest”. Of course, you knew that! In China rehearsal photos, the jeans serve him especially well. Those legs, etc….

  6. Angel permalink
    September 29, 2012 10:43 pm

    I always appreciate this site because it is complete and always with the latest news about ADAM.
    Heartfelt thanks to Juneau and Xena.
    Bless you always!

    • September 29, 2012 10:58 pm

      Thank you so much! Don’t forget our new blogger Claudia who prepares many of the Daily Updates! More about Claudia soon.


  7. December 14, 2012 7:10 am

    Smart way of seeing things – I am a little more of a black and white guy, myself

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