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Adam Lambert Week – September 16-22, 2012

September 16, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook


The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode: Our Predictions



Adam Lambert hosting Maryland marriage equality fundraiser at 9:30 Club    Glam-rock pop star and “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert is entering the Maryland marriage equality debate by headlining a fundraiser next week not in Maryland, but in D.C. Lambert will perform Tuesday at the 9:30 Club at an event sponsored by Marylanders for Marriage Equality, an organization trying to get out the “yes” vote — a vote in favor of same-sex marriage — on Question 6 on this November’s Maryland ballot….read more

Adam Lambert to Appear on “The Voice of China”  Adam Lambert has just made a lot of Chinese Glamberts happy because he has confirmed that he will be appearing on the finale of “The Voice of China.” Adam recently opened an account on a microblogging Chinese website called “Weibo.” Weibo is like Twitter in the United States and is extremely popular in China. Adam posted on his Weibo account, “Hello Shanghai! I’m going to appear live on the finale of The Voice of China on September 30. I am so excited and can’t wait to visit!”

This is the first season of The Voice of China, which is a singing reality show in the same franchise as The Voice in the US. Adam has not appeared on the US version of the show yet, but he did stop by The Voice of Holland during his Glam Nation tour in 2010. He took time out during his sound check to chat with some of the contestants.  During their chat, Kim de Boer showed Adam a video of when she performed his single Whataya Want From Me for her audition on the show. Lambert praised her singing, saying “Great, good job. That was amazing, I love it.” The four contestants also sang part of Whataya Want From Me acoustically for him during their meeting. During their chat, Adam talked with the contestants about how his life has changed since American Idol, his tour and their current jobs.




Congratulations to all – such a creative fandom!!

@rach_eva: So this is @adamlambert right now, tbh

Here are the Above and Beyond (Best Overall) Winners

1st place – By Aidan and Liam McEwan

2nd place – By Tyler Smith

3rd place – Mini Glamberts – By Swimmy113

See our Sept. 17 post for the full list of winners



@adamlambert: Christina Aguilera – I can’t get enough of these Vocals!!!!!! SING Diva! ‘Your Body’ …




Photo by Kenny Rodriquez at the Jeremy Scott After Party

Photo by Kenny Rodriguez taken at Le Bain at The Standard, New York.

From @HensleyDennis on Twitter: Highlight of NY Fashion Week: chatting with the very friendly Adam Lambert.

Photo credit: The Blonds NYC by Ron’s Photobooth 9-11

Credit: The Blonds NYC by Rony’s Photobooth 9-11


Scans from KERA Mag by @es_v1 on Twitter

SCAN KERA MAG via @es_v1 on Twitter



Thank you Adam Lambert Live for posting this translation of Adam’s interview from INROCK October 2012 August  photo shoot, translated from Japanese

“The Bon Jovi guitarist opens up to THR about his new label, personal struggles, how Jon Bon Jovi factors into the equation, plus his thoughts on singing competitions — and Adam Lambert.”
This Adam Lambert kid? I think he’s really, really good. [American Idol] builds stars and that excites me. I do not have the time to give to a show like that. Maybe down the road at some point I would consider it. I would be good at it. I have been a mentor on X Factor all over the world and Simon Cowell is a friend of mine. I have been a mentor on Idol in many different countries. I had Chris Daughtry out on the road with us. It’s been a fun show to watch with my daughter and I really get off on it and there is a lot of great talent that comes off that show… more
“DJ: Lambert song a ‘blatant ripoff'”  Wolfgang Gartner, the DJ-producer, on Monday criticized Adam Lambert’s song “Never Close Our Eyes” for sounding structurally similar to DJ-producer Deadmau5’s megahit “Ghosts N Stuff.”
Gartner wrote on Twitter:
“wow this Adam Lambert song on the radio ‘close my eyes’ is a completely blatant ripoff of Ghosts n Stuff. Chords, vocal melody, everything.”
Then Gartner asked Deadmau5 on Twitter, “sound familiar?” Deadmau5 (who headlines Saturday at club XS) responded, “*sigh* whatevs.”
But Deadmau5 guessed Lambert didn’t “produce” the song: “They just pay the kid to show up and sing.” Gartner agreed.
To be fair, Deadmau5’s “Ghosts N Stuff” is influential and an electronic masterwork, while Lambert’s pop song is different enough to be neither.
I sent a request for comment from Lambert via Twitter, but no response came as of my deadline.
deadmau5- Ghosts N Stuff – listen and decide for yourself. To me it sounds like a piece of MJ music repeated ad infinitum. ~X

TV Line – Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban Joining Mariah & Randy on Idol: What Do We Want From Them? Michael Slezak: “I thought I’d dole out a little bit of friendly advice to Urban and Minaj as they embark on their “Idol journeys,” boiling it down to four bullet points apiece that they can print out and bring with them to the first round of Season 12 callbacks in New York City on Sunday afternoon. (For the record, I’m vehemently opposed to a four-person panel — there’s already too much yapping and not enough singing with three — but why gripe about what cannot be changed, no?) Without further ado…” Read More

Gather – Adam Lambert: No ‘American Idol’ Judge Spot This Season “There are a lot of disappointed Glamberts because the American Idol judges have finally been revealed and Adam Lambert is not on the panel. Fox has announced that the new judges will include Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban. In addition, despite rumors that he would move to a mentor position, Randy Jackson will be returning as a judge.”

From Heat South Africa 30 Aug 2012 p.17 (p.16 digital) via @mmyy9 on Twitter

Scan above via Zinio- Link here

Adam featured in InTouch- Issue Sept 24, 2012. Via @FeelLoveForAdam on Twitter

MTV Style Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2013 Shows Python, Fitteds, And Burqas [Video] Adam featured in the video

Adam on MTV Style

The Hollywood Reporter: On the Scene at New York Fashion Week

From The Hollywood Reporter

Zimbio Beyond The Music The Best Cover Songs of 2012… So Far Adam Lambert’s cover of “Is This Love,” originally by Bob Marley. American Idol alum Adam may have been relying on a lyrics sheet to get through one of Bob Marley’s greatest hits, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell from listening to him nail it.



Adam Lambert Is NOT Dead!!

LALATE Adam Lambert Not Dead – Singer Battles Fake Death Jet Ski Story LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – “Adam Lambert is not dead. The hit singer is the victim of a fake death story today. The fabricated tale claims that Adam Lambert died this September 2012 in a Turks and Caicos Islands jet ski crash. The same fake story has been used before against musicians and reality TV-stars. But Adam Lambert fans tonight are irate about this attack Saturday evening…”

And from the wonderful Nile Rogers:



 ‏@brianmaycom#Queen + @adamlambert top favourite band wanted at #RockInRioin poll with more than 150,000 votes.  j

Actually, 180,000 votes and counting…



Adam Lambert – MORE FM (NZ) – September 20, 2012

Video Adam tweeted: Boy George ‘Sunday Sunday’ Interview 1984 pt 1

Adam Interview in Japan!

“Adam Lambert’s ‘Pop That Lock’ Gets Remixed” On Monday, Adam Lambert tweeted kudos to a DJ who remixed a song off his latest album Trespassing. The track, called Pop That Lock, is one of the dance tunes on the album, and the remix gave it an even funkier beat. Adam obviously loves the remix, based on the comment he tweeted with the Soundcloud link: “This Remix is SOOOO great! Pop That Lock (Johnny Labs Mix) by @johnnylabs via #soundcloud.”

Adam at about 10:02- What a STAR!

Adam Lambert Live Lounge Sydney- New this week: more footage. Video by Kunoichi102



FollowFriday Ranking ‏@followfriday_us @adamlambert was #10 Most Recommended Celebrity this week on Twitter

Spencer Niemetz ‏@spencercniemetz
I hit a new high in awkward behavior by helping @adamlambert at work today without realizing it was him and saying ‘WOW YOUR HAIR IS COOL’

Sunday Tweets
@LiamMcEwan Wow! Wasn’t expecting that, but we’re totally thrilled! THANK YOU@AdamLambert. This means so much to us. Well done to all who entered! 🙂
@AidanMcEwan OMG! Am shaking right now!! Thanks @AdamLambert! Glad you liked it! All the entries rocked! Great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀
Thursday Tweets

Picture by Olambertik




Via Adam Lambert Events

September 17: TV, US. Adam Lambert Unplugged on Palladia channel at 11am ET. [Source]
September 18: TV, Japan. Interview [taped] on BS Asahi Best Hit USA at 23:00-23:54hr. [Source]
September 20: TV, Japan. WOWOW Summer Sonic Tokyo Day 1 Digest at 19:00-23:00hr. [More info]
September 21: TV, UK. CBBC 12 Again at 5:00pm. [Source]
September 23: TV, US. VH1 Behind The Music Adam Lambert repeat at 3:00am ET. [Source]
September 24: TV, Japan. WOWOW Summer Sonic Tokyo Day 1 Digest at 9:00-13:00hr. [More info]

Adam to appear on 12 Again on the UK’s CBBC September 21st. More information here



Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.

Vote for Adam on the Grammy Voter’s Choice Poll!



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant in antiqued bronze and silver, just perfect!

Human Rights Campaign Store – Support this great organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. They have beautifully designed jewelry and accessories.

Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

Anyone on your gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots?

Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

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Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

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9 Comments leave one →
  1. September 16, 2012 9:58 am

    I have always liked tattoos. I have three of my own, two of which I hate to admit, are older than Adam. Shoot, now you’ll figure I am one of the really old Glamberts. Oh well, old in body young at heart. I really like Adams recent tat. It’s definitely Adam and done beautifully. Adam does seem to get edgeier and edgeier, but I am afraid I have also always been drawn to “bad boys”. Just can’t help loving Adam, even at my age. Fell in love with him watching AI and have been following him ever since.

    • rosemary permalink
      September 16, 2012 1:32 pm

      Hi, Jackie N–I like Adam best, too, when he’s edgy and singing “bad boy” songs. Fever, Shady, Kickin’ In, Pop That Lock, Chokehold–a lot of why those attract me–plus they’re some of the best songs. He’s usually kind of tongue-in-cheek with them, too, at least double entendre, which I also really like. Why they never released Fever is beyond me (couldn’t have just been that pronoun)–It had Gaga’s name on it, too! Anyway, I hope he continues in the edgy direction. One of the most fascinating thing to me about Adam is actually what his album is about–He’s a really nice upbeat guy with a very bad boy side (and he does a kind of amazing job for his age of integrating those two sides). I love nothing more than when he’s really “bad” onstage and then flashes that beautiful innocent smile at the end. He knows exactly what he’s doing!

  2. September 16, 2012 12:02 pm

    Since Idol did not want Adam, I do not want Idol. Now I have 4 extra hours a week to do something more entertaining!!!!!

  3. rosemary permalink
    September 16, 2012 1:14 pm

    So looks like IDOL hit all the categories. Urban for all the country viewers. Minaj to appeal to the young and hip ; Mariah for the more traditional and older crowd; Randy for continuity (if reports correct about having 4 judges). All to attract wider range of viewers and improve ratings. Too bad the focus can’t be on who would actually make a good judge and give feedback that might help the contestants. I’m not entirely unhappy, though, that Adam didn’t make it (and sick of all the speculation). Above all, he’s meant to perform and being on IDOL surely would have limited that.

  4. Sharron permalink
    September 16, 2012 1:42 pm

    Adam sure knows how to dress to highlight his silver hair. Although I’m not a big fan of that hair color, I can’t think of anyone else who could wear that color and still look absolutely fab. I wonder what outfit from “fashion week” he will now incorporate into his future stage show(s). He continually surprises and delights us in so many ways!

    • rosemary permalink
      September 16, 2012 1:53 pm

      Absolutely agree with you, Sharron. The outfits go great with the hair. I like the silver hair better now that some black has streaked it a bit. Also, I really like that he’s gotten away from the way-high lacquered look and is going for a more tousled look. Of course, I can’t get too attached to that as he’ll be changing it up!

  5. sue permalink
    September 16, 2012 3:18 pm

    Anyone know if we can request Trespassing single on the radio yet? We were told to wait, but that was quite awhile ago. Did I miss the green light??

  6. cmacathome permalink
    September 16, 2012 6:18 pm

    Oops, too much make-up with close up never works. Less is more. I’d rather see more natural, less make-up on any one. Adam is great natural. DHC.

  7. rosemary permalink
    September 16, 2012 11:46 pm

    Thanks for all the great photos this week. For one, Adam in the cobalt blue jacket is to die for. I also enjoyed the new footage at Take 40 lounge. Audio not that great, but I really felt like I was there, he was so off -the- cuff and real. Interesting, too, how he kept directing the reverb, the monitors , but incorporated it in his patter. He’s definitely a perfectionist about the sound, I really respect that.
    I’m loving more and more Adam’s cover of Marley’s “Is this Love”? He’s so relaxed singing it and obviously enjoying singing it. And omg did he look beautiful at the Take 40. What a treat those Aussies had!

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