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Adam Lambert Daily Update – August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review



AXN Entertainment NOW Japan Interview via es2012v

ANOTHER mini Twitter Party (lucky fandom!!) 

Full transcript here

….AND THIS!!! (collective “Awwwww…”)!!

We ‘ve seen this from an audience vid, but here’s the official Take40 ADAM LAMBERT Q&A Facebook Video Posted by Debit MasterCard Priceless Music Australia 8-22-12

Adam in the new Bravo Mag: “Blond ist beautiful” scan via @Shining_Adam on Twitter



Photo of Adam at JB-Hi-Fi in Melbourne courtesy of Georgia Gowanloch on Twitter



Take 40: WATCH: Adam Lambert Reveals More About Returning To Australia + His Awkward Celebrity Moments! We sat down with Adam Lambert a few times during his visit last week, and he revealed a lot to us about his new music, and his upcoming visit back to Australia!
Adam played at the Take 40 Live Lounge last Wednesday, presented by Debit MasterCard… and he admitted that although it was a small show he really loved seeing his Aussie and New Zealand fans again!


His devoted ‘Glamberts’ are desperate to see pop superstar Adam Lambert sitting next to Mariah Carey on the ‘American Idol’ judging panel next season – but is there any truth to the rumours?

“I’m still waiting to hear myself! I think I’m being considered, that’s all I know,” Adam told MTV Australia when he hit town for a whirlwind promotional tour last week.

“I would love to be on the show, I think it would be really fun. And if it doesn’t work out then maybe something will in the future.”

N Xtremely Nigerian Nigezie Online: Adam Lambert Trespassing

“1. Trespassing – A startling, stomping, altogether tremendous opening, in which Lambert snarls “Wait ’til you get a load of me” while strutting over a Pharrell Williams beat that Michael Jackson would have loved.

2. Cuckoo – Lambert leaps from MJ to Daft Punk, with a waterfall of synthesizers raining down upon his chest-thumping party plans. The line “Gonna get out of this straitjacket!” smacks of double entendre.

3. Shady – Robotic posing leads into some harmonized funk, as Lambert requests a ticket to the underground. Third straight track with killer production…” Adam Lambert plays in Sydney, Parties in Melbourne  Glam rocker Adam Lambert treated his Sydney fans to a special one-off acoustic show off Oxford Street last week, before her headed to Melbourne where he was snapped enjoying on a Sunday night out at Love Machine….”

Socialite Life- SNEAK PEEK: Adam Lambert On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ [VIDEO] We can’t wait for this! However, we’re going to have to wait until October 23. Adam Lambert‘s appearance on the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars is a whole two months away from now, but we’ve got a sneak peek for you. In the clip, Adam is seen performing the song “Cuckoo” from his number one album Tresspassing during a party scene during the Halloween episode…”




Adam Lambert [V] Guerilla Melbourne via 

Adam Lambert- Never Close Our Eyes (Alon.SwissA Remix) via 



A fan tweeted Adam: Mary Glambert ♫♫♫ ‏@mademuazelmary @adamlambert Adam I very much liked your new song Making Love. Tell to whom you devoted it? Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert @mademuazelmary what is this phantom song? I have NO clue what it is? Where can I hear it? Lol  Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert K I just heard. That’s not me.. Although I’ll admit, the track is pretty- very 90’s George Michael /massive attack. But that ain’t me singin

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert @MissyElliott I’m so excited for new music from you!! 😉 Missy Elliott tweeted Adam and Adam flailed back!! Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert OMG“@MissyElliott@adamlambert @adamlambert Thank u soooo Much that means a lot!!! And Congratulations on all your success! ((((HUGZU))))”
Carmit Bachar ‏@IamCarmit Burning Man is in full effect… when will I go next? I wonder???
Adam LambertVerified@adamlambert @IamCarmit yeah!!! remember our Burn!?!? whew lawd… we went IN!


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. annehedonia permalink
    August 30, 2012 11:17 am

    I LOVE his pointy-toed shooooooes!!! 😉 Yeah, strangely, I thought of his mom when I read the original transcript of the ambien-fueled Twitter party. I personally kinda loved it, but… Yay mom, and awwwww!

    • August 30, 2012 6:22 pm

      annehdonia,Ooooo….those pointy-toed shoes reminded me of the bad boys with pompadours, duck tails and swagger that my parents warned us about in the early sixties. Kinda thrilling, isn’t it? Then that crazy tweet about his mom!! I loved that Twitter party but I saw nothing wrong – could I be regressing?


  2. August 31, 2012 3:20 am

    One thing for sure, there is no way anyone can honestly say Adam doesn’t have the looks on his side. But, for certain he reeks of talent. Even my homophobic brother finally admitted he is a nice looking guy. Just thinks he wears to much make-up. Oh well, Adam, ya can’t please them all but you damn sure please me.

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