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Adam Lambert Daily Update August 15, 2012

August 14, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

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Angelina Kalahari shares her Adam+Queen Stories – Radio Show


Bravo Interview on NTV ZIP

Trespassing is #6 on Pop JP iTunes!



Wire Image

Check out  all the gorgeous watermarked photos of Adam performing at Mezamashi Live 2012 Tokyo here:[150327260]&s=3

Adam being interviewed by @RadioDJSnoopy

Screencaps of Adam on Sukkiri via @Cecycat1:

Adam gets felt up! GIF tweeted by Adam Lambert

Screencaps of Adam ZIP NTV via @bani_

Adam shopping in Japan



From The Examiner: Adam Lambert’s television performance results in chart jump (Video) On Monday Adam Lambert performed on Japanese television, and within 24 hours his new album had jumped significantly in sales charts. Adam sang the title track off his Trespassing album on Sukkiri TV. Clad in a long black coat that accentuated his new platinum hair, Adam towered above everyone as he showed off his perfect vocals while singing this catchy track.

MTV reporting on Adam’s new tattoo: Adam Lambert Got A New Tattoo, And It’s HUGE… And In Latin! (PHOTO) In between dying his hair platinum blond and being the subject of some incredible unicorn-themed fan art (!!!!) Adam Lambert found the time to get a HUGE tattoo on his forearm. Along with a pic of his new ink, the “Never Close Our Eyes” singer tweeted “new tattoo.” UGH, thanks bro. You get a tattoo that’s NOT IN ENGLISH, and you don’t tweet an explanation?

Flecking Records: Adam Lambert has undergone a couple of image changes – one temporary, one permanent. The super sexy singer first wowed fans with his new blonde hair do, tweeting: “New ‘do.” “You ask Why?” Adam tweeted explaining his new look. “Why not? 😉 change is good.”



From Adam Official forums – CD Donations needed for Latin American Glamberts

Don’t forget to request Adam’s music on the radio! Links here: 



English translation of INROCK magazine’s live tweeting of @adamlambert photoshoot/interview thanks to ‏@mmyy9: August 13th, 2012 (Live-tweeting the interview) RT @YukoKato_INROCK: 実況中継その髪をプラチナ・ブロンドにしたアダムは、まるでギリシャ彫刻のようです。 “Adam looks like a Greek sculpture” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: 実況中継その髪をプラチナ・ブロンドにしたアダムは、まるでギリシャ彫刻のようです。 “Adam keeps checking the pictures they just took, he seems to like each one of them, keeps saying ‘cool!'”. “He’s changing clothes in front of me” (and she just saw the upper half of his body) RT@YukoKato_INROCK: アダムが只今生着替え中で、上半身以上を見てしまいました。 “He said “Good job” to the photographer Oshima, high-fiving” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: 写真をチェックしていたアダムからグッジョブ!がでまして、カメラマンの大島さんとハイタッチをします。 “He’s wearing a black jacket” RT @YukoKato_INROCK@junjun6512 黒です。 Re changing clothes (or the upper body) “That’s as much as I was allowed to say” RT@YukoKato_INROCK@amlamla @Kyo_jp それ以上詳しく言っちゃダメって言われたんで “Shooting going on and on, Adam is so creative, putting forward lots of ideas” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: アダムがいろんなアイデアを出してくれるので、撮影は終わる気配がありません。 “Shooting is done, now interview” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: インタビューの時間になりました。 Now she’s interviewing Adam so we won’t hear from her until it’s done. “Interview done, Adam left for next appointment”RT @YukoKato_INROCK: インタビューも終わり、アダムは次の仕事に行きました。祭りの後のさびしさを感じています。アダムは今日BFが来てくれるんで、なんか嬉しそうでした。 (cont) “His boyfriend is coming to join him today so he looked happy.”


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