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Adam Lambert Week – August 12-18, 2012

August 12, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

VH1’S DO SOMETHING AWARDS ARE THIS COMING TUESDAY, AUGUST 21ST! PLEASE VOTE FOR ADAM IN THE MUSIC ARTIST CATEGORYVH1 wrote an article entitled, “Take A Look At A Few Of Our Celebrity Do Something! Awards Nominees And Their Causes.” Read it here.

Don’t forget to REQUEST Adam’s music on your local radio station! 

Gorgeous picture of Adam on…important to give this one hits!



Angelina Kalahari shares her Adam+Queen Stories – Radio Show



Never Close Our Eyes jumped to #7 on Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Songs this week! Yippee!!



A picture of Adam performing during his concert in Tokyo landed on Billboard’s “The Week’s Hottest Music Pics” page! Check it out here!

…AND he’s featured on Billboard’s home page!

Pop Republic: Trespassing (Australian Tour Edition) Tracklisting:

Never Close Our Eyes
Kickin’ In
Naked Love
Pop That Lock
Better Than I Know Myself
Broken English
Outlaws Of Love
Take Back
By The Rules



ADAM LAMBERT Message for Summer Sonic 2012

@LambritsUK: Pic of Platinum Haired Adam Lambert @ the fan event in Japan this morning by @AdamLambertJP #silverfox 😉

Adam on NTV  Sukkiri (Part 1) – Adam judges an “Adamlympics” for the fan with the loudest voice

Adam on NTV Sukkiri (Part 2) – More “Adamlympics” and glimpse of stripped “Trespassing”

Adam on NTV Sukkiri – Snippet of Adam and Brian London on a stripped “Trespassing”

Adam Lambert in TOKYO FM Midtown Studio Cosmo Pops Best10 [Part1]

Adam Lambert in TOKYO FM Midtown Studio Cosmo Pops Best10[Part2]

@ricccadam: あああアダムに会ったああああああヽ(;▽;)ノ♡死ぬーーーーー
Just met Adam!! I’m dead!

And these by Gamlien – Amazing anime artist!



Via AdamLambertJP

Via AdamLambertJP

“Music soothes the savage beast”

Adam at Three Tides Tattoo Parlor:



Thanks to Adamholic for capping this! Read it here.

Adam clarifies that he has “stuff” happening in September, but doesn’t know of any “special job”. So are we back in Idol judgeship limbo?  In other breaking news, he still owns that poncho, and the new single is “fast”. Juneau thinks it will be “Naked Love”. What’s your guess?

“@nozomilambert: @adamlambert loooook!i drew u ! :-)” I love it. Very Japan. 




Via Pretty Little Liars Fans – PHOTO: “Adam Lambert is on the set of Pretty Little Liars to film his appearance for their Halloween episode and tweeted us a picture of him being his ‘Glampire’ self. His hair is back to being dark with some frosted tips. He looks beautiful as always.”

Via @odangogogo345 – Adam’s Sukkiri performances triggers enough Tweets in to Trend in Japan in both Japanese and English!!

Time Out Tokyo – Summer Sonic Who to Watch  A pretty great line up that includes Grimes, St. Vincent, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Rós, Ke$ha, Rihanna and of course our boy, although we take issue with calling his voice “bombastic”. “Glamorous, theatrical and possessed of a truly bombastic voice – not for nothing did Adam Lambert get recruited to fill in for the late Freddie Mercury at a series of Queen gigs in Europe last month. Pretty good for a formerAmerican Idol contestant, and we suspect that Lambert is going to blow away Ke$ha and Rihanna’s shows on Sunday. Sonic Stage, 8.05pm
Adam appeared on Japan’s NTV Sukkiri Monday morning via @es_v1. Here’s the video of his performance with the band of “Trespassing”.  We are head over heels for that elegant coat and Adam saying “arigato gozaimas“!
Here’s a shortened version:
The full interview. Love how they openly discuss his lover (“koibito”) on the show.


Bravo Interview on NTV ZIP

Trespassing is #6 on Pop JP iTunes!


Yummy photos from Summer Sonic courtesy of Socialite Life:

Check out  all the gorgeous watermarked photos of Adam performing at Mezamashi Live 2012 Tokyo here:[150327260]&s=3

Adam being interviewed by @RadioDJSnoopy

Screencaps of Adam on Sukkiri via @Cecycat1:

Screencaps of Adam ZIP NTV via @bani_

TALL Adam on Waratte Iitomo (Fuji TV)!! August 16, 2012 via mmyy9

More information about Summer Sonic via @mmyy9 on Live Journal

Adam performed for an enthusiastic crowd at Mezamashi Live on August 15, 2012. Videos below thanks to es2012v!

Loving the sunflowers in this next one…brilliant (and striped pickles..?!)!

More pics and audio from  Mezamashi Live 2012 via Adamholic:

Adam goes shopping in Tokyo:



World clock for the August 18 performance times in your area. Timetable direct from Summer Sonic.

Twitter List

Meet and Greet Twitter List

Adam and Tommy onstage at Summer Sonic! Picture thanks to @juliambert

From @KAHO_BadGirl on Twitter

Adam with DJ Yuta Nakano taken on August 11 at Tokyo FM COSMO Pops Best 10



Ever since Adam tweeted about “stuff” happening in September, speculation has run like a wildfire through the fandom. A fan set off fresh rumors by tweeting a comment posted (and now deleted) from the Facebook page of Steven “Visage” Strange, a contemporary of Boy George. This comment was posted in May:

Steve Strange (born Steven John Harrington, 28 May 1959) is a Welsh pop singer, best known as the lead singer and frontman of the 1980s pop group Visage.[1] Since the late 1970s he has also been a prominent nightclub host and promoter…

In Strange’s 2002 autobiography Blitzed! he speaks about his heroin addiction, his nervous breakdown, his sexuality, and the ongoing attempts to get his life back together…
In 2005, Strange appeared in a Channel 4 documentary called Whatever Happened To The Gender Benders?, which reflected on the advent of the New Romantic movement of the early 1980s and the prominent roles that Strange, Boy George and Marilyn each played within it. In stark contrast to the relative glamour of the New Romantic era, interviews with all three stars in the present day highlighted the sheer devastation that fame, fortune and drug addiction had taken on each of them during the past 25 or so years, with Strange and Marilyn in particular being openly candid about the mental health problems they now try to cope with every day.



Adam Lambert with DJ Yuta Nakano (photo from August 11, Tokyo FM COSMO Pops Best 10) via @mmyy9 on Twitter (Here’s a REALLY BAD google translate of the article…but you get the idea): This week, was proud of the skill as a singer when cast strikingly from “American Idol”, young nobleman of high tone vocals. That! Adam Lambert has appeared live in the studio me.In fact, was hurriedly fixed appearance, Tokyo FM Midtown Studio or Blood begins the day of female fans! Was greatly upsurge ☆Adam had said that Japan is the third time this time, “from the Japanese Fashion, Shibuya and Harajuku young people come and go, especially, feel the very energy and”.  Sun-18 is the 19th he appeared to “SUMMER SONIC 2012” has already been decided, sew the meantime, also remarks that might haunt you say ♪ Shibuya and Harajuku.In addition, the finished album “TRESPASSING” etc. to achieve the latest large veteran Nile Rodgers of Pharrell Wiliams, and Bruno Mars,, we have collaborated with many 錚 barrel surface is large state of satisfaction. In this film was also Demonstrating his talents as a “creator”, not only as a singer, is so confident were also obtained further. In July, has been appointed as a vocalist on a tour of Queen, have experienced the big stage, more and more rich. Those who go to the Summer Sonic, please check the stage of Adam means.

Hit Or Shit?: Adam Lambert performing Trespassing at Sukkiri

AltSounds Albums Of The Year So Far 2012 Album: Adam Lambert – Trespassing Why? Another highly anticipated album. Lambert is a powerhouse artist whose music consists of irresistible choruses and infectious dance beats. This album shows Lambert’s growth as an artist, and successfully introduces his listeners to who he truly is by allowing the listener to take a look inside of his heart.

Adam Lambert To Perform On The Take 40 Live Lounge Stage – Take 40 We are very excited to reveal that the next artist to take to the Take 40 Live Lounge stage will be none other than the ‘sexiest man of pop’ Adam Lambert, presented by Debit MasterCard! Adam will be playing an intimate and exclusive performance at The Standard in Sydney on Wednesday 22 August — with fans getting the chance to chat to their glamorous idol in a special live Q and A session before the gig.

Turkish Mag Arşiv Cosmopolitan, Mart 2012 (Turkey) via Adam Lambert Turkey Adam’s Blonde Ambition Lambert has surfaced in Tokyo to shock with his new look. Adam Lambert hit the stage at the 2012 United States of Odaiba concert held at the Fuji Television Festival Fairgrounds yesterday in Tokyo, and gave us some serious gray-blond realness. Yes, the 30-year-old hitmaker is going through his blonde ambition and is Trespassing all those boundaries about eyebrow/hair matching.

the Telegraph: Glam rocker Adam Lambert on a flying visit to Sydney WHATAYA Want From Me chart topper Adam Lambert is due to arrive in Sydney from Japan on Tuesday for a four-day promo visit.The American Idol star-turned glam rocker – who will perform a sold-out show at The Standard on Wednesday night – is no stranger to Australia and recently said he feels comfortable here.”From what I’ve gathered, Australia really understands the value in joy and peace and being able to live a life that’s satisfying,” Lambert said.

Flecking Records: Adam Lambert is most wanted for American Idol Judge Role  Adam Lambert is the celebrity our readers would most like to see as a judge on American Idol.There are countless rumours about who will be filling the empty seats on the American Idol judging panel – some are filling us with delight, some are fulling us with dread.The internet is divided over who would be best suited for the role. Rumour has it Nick Jonas is being considered – he’s achieved a lot of success in his few years, but is he too young? Would a former contestant like Adam Lambert be more suited for the role? He has been through it after all. Adam Lambert: United States of Odaiba Concert!

Socialite Life on the blonde locks and tattoo 

ADAM LAMBERT V. CHICK-FIL-A:  “Last week was Chick-fil-A “appreciation day” across the country. It was a day of support for founder S. Truett Cathy’s son Dan Cathy’s stance against gay marriage. Cathy has admitted that he supports what he claims is the “the biblical definition of the family unit” and that gay marriage invites “God’s judgment on our nation.” Cathy does not just hold these beliefs, but spends millions of dollars supporting organizations that disperse the most offensive kind of anti-gay rhetoric and hate.”  More on this from The Advocate.

The Ellen Show: A Day in Ellen’s Photos, Featuring Adam Lambert! Adam’s appearance on Ellen re-aired on August 15. Click on the link to see a picture!

Popledge: Video: Adam Performing “Trespassing on Japanese TV! “ADAM LAMBERT CHARMS JAPAN! Take note fellow pop-stars! Hard work and promotion does yield results (oh and talent too, don’t forget that!)On Monday of this week Adam Lambert performed on Japanese TV singing his album title track ‘Trespassing’ he of course sang totally live without any backing singers and with his live band. Sukkiri TV looks like a totally bonkers show and it was a bit weird just having those three presenters sitting there (at least one of them clapped along though!).The performance ensured a surge in sales of his new album, it has since risen to number 7 on Japan’s Amazon chart and is at 57 overall in the iTunes chart (up from number 249 within 24 hours!)”

From The Examiner: Adam Lambert sings a cappella while communing with nature (Video) “Adam Lambert was interviewed in an atypical location this week – a Japanese traditional garden. Sporting a tank top, spiked shorts, leather gloves, and boots, Adam hung out in the garden while he talked about his album for the “SHOWBIZ BRAVO!” segment of Japan’s NTV ZIP. Of course this is not the norm for him and when asked if he gets to do interviews outside, Adam responded, “Not very often. This is definitely different. This is different, but it’s nice to be able to see all the nature. It’s a lot more stimulating that sitting in an office.””

HQ scan of  Classic Rock Magazine review of Queen and Adam Lambert at the Hammersmith Apollo via @argeneau:

Scan of Adam on Israeli Magazine via @Lambertlust. More scans here on Facebook.

From The Examiner: Adam Lambert’s television performance results in chart jump (Video) On Monday Adam Lambert performed on Japanese television, and within 24 hours his new album had jumped significantly in sales charts. Adam sang the title track off his Trespassing album on Sukkiri TV. Clad in a long black coat that accentuated his new platinum hair, Adam towered above everyone as he showed off his perfect vocals while singing this catchy track.

MTV reporting on Adam’s new tattooAdam Lambert Got A New Tattoo, And It’s HUGE… And In Latin! (PHOTO) In between dying his hair platinum blond and being the subject of some incredible unicorn-themed fan art (!!!!) Adam Lambert found the time to get a HUGE tattoo on his forearm. Along with a pic of his new ink, the “Never Close Our Eyes” singer tweeted “new tattoo.” UGH, thanks bro. You get a tattoo that’s NOT IN ENGLISH, and you don’t tweet an explanation?

Flecking Records: Adam Lambert has undergone a couple of image changes – one temporary, one permanent. The super sexy singer first wowed fans with his new blonde hair do, tweeting: “New ‘do.” “You ask Why?” Adam tweeted explaining his new look. “Why not? 😉 change is good.” – MARK TAYLOR’S BIG CITY NIGHTS: QUEEN WITH ADAM LAMBERT: HAMMERSMITH ODEON, LONDON Wonderful write-up by a Queen fan who went with an open mind:

…Lambert won any doubters over with a stand or fall version of ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ where his range silenced many…

Set closer ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sees the screen come alive once more with the younger Queen doing the ‘Scaramouche’ parts before Lambert explodes back onto the stage in a blaze of fireworks to rock the joint to it’s finale.

Both Queen and Adam Lambert were the champions tonight in a historical and monumentous gig… THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

@whimsicalspirit Random Adam pic/mention in the free paper today
WBUR On Point – David Bowie and the 1970s (PODCAST) A very interesting radio program! “David Jones, born 1947, became David Bowie. David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust, messenger from Mars. Starman. And a whole lot more. In the 1970s, one-of-a-kind rocker David Bowie was the one who walked away from the 1960s utopianism. Went surreal. Went space. Went glam. Went omni-sexual. Fantasy. Strange. Painted his face. Put on the spandex. And ran all over the cosmos. This hour, On Point: a new biography looks at David Bowie, the master of persona, and the 1970s.



Adam Interview on Bay FM Japan

Adam introduces Trespassing on FM Yokohama Aja Aja Friday

More Never Close Our Eyes on Japanese iTunes: Digital Dog Remix   Alex Ghenea Remix   Marvin and Shearer Remix   Dave Aude Dubstep Remix


Two remixes of NCOE are available on Japanese iTunes: Almighty Remix and Sunship Radio Mix  

Adam was interviewed on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Australia’s 104.1 2dayFM August 15th. Here’s a Soundcloud of Adam’s bit thanks to Lynnville:

“Underneath” (Cover) by Fanny Bodnar on Juni – Young Stars on Stage Oberwart (Austria)



Airbrushed Adam!

….And the added caption says it best (thanks to @RadioChloe)!!

This totally UNFBERT photo was floating around on Twitter last night. Not sure who to credit (it is watermarked emera), but THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Photo below via The Guise Archives (a vintage eyewear shop in LA) on Facebook. “Adam Lambert rocking his Wildfox Sun Starstruck shades from The Guise Archives.” 

Adam at the Blondes show, winter 2012



VOTE! Vote for Sauli in Finnish Elle Style Awards! He’s Male Candidate No. 27!



Examiner – Young singer wows Adam Lambert with song cover (Video) “Blake is 13 years old and according to Facebook, “along with dancing singing is one of my biggest passions.” Obviously this young Australian singer was thrilled that Adam saw his video and he even tweeted a link to the video after and said, “buzzing that Adam Lambert watched my Vid & said it was awesome. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it possible”” This is not your average 13-year-old’s music video either. Intrigued?



@bani_ That must be it! RT @Squirrely007: Go Adam! RT @pearl13: New job could mean that he got finally got hired at Whole Foods. /
@adamlambert@ashleydzerigian ooooooh fierce” Thanks, Love. See you boys soon! Never been so excited to sweat my balls off…

Sunday Tweets

@ProfBrianCox There are very few Astronomers who can play guitar like that
@Fannaa_ oh @adamlambert we missed you tonight.
@iamdanieljlacey I love Jessie J, but @adamlambert should have sung with Queen on the #OlympicsClosingCeremony! Quite disappointed he isn’t there 😦
@arjanwrites I know what Adam Lambert fans are aching for right now.
@Popdust Seriously, Adam Lambert‘s collective fans are probably crossing the English Channel with bayonets right now.
 ‏@ZoliErdos Rule #1: There is only one Queen and one Freddy Mercury. #2:@AdamLambert was better w. Queen than Jessie J. #3: There are only 2 rules
@ZoliErdos OMG RT counter on my #Queen @AdamLambert Tweet in overwrite. I think I will include him or @justinbieber in all blog posts from now on:-)
@LILI_Lightly LOL Look at the pic on this shirt: RT @ portalfamososbr: NOVIDADE Camiseta – Adam Lambert Toon Por apenas….
Monday Tweets
@bloobyBERT: I have learned not to believe any rumors about @adamlambertunless they come straight from the unicorn’s mouth.
@pll518@adamlambert Hi!!! I saw u at Japanese show singing!!! U were soooooooooo awesome&Very nice voice!!!!!! LOVE U VERY MUCH<333
@mindchngerlol the host in the white jacket has a thing about touching Adam’s chest. he did the same thing during the first FYE-era intv xD
Tuesday Tweets

English translation of INROCK magazine’s live tweeting of @adamlambert photoshoot/interview thanks to ‏@mmyy9: August 13th, 2012 (Live-tweeting the interview) RT @YukoKato_INROCK: 実況中継その髪をプラチナ・ブロンドにしたアダムは、まるでギリシャ彫刻のようです。 “Adam looks like a Greek sculpture” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: 実況中継その髪をプラチナ・ブロンドにしたアダムは、まるでギリシャ彫刻のようです。 “Adam keeps checking the pictures they just took, he seems to like each one of them, keeps saying ‘cool!'”. “He’s changing clothes in front of me” (and she just saw the upper half of his body) RT@YukoKato_INROCK: アダムが只今生着替え中で、上半身以上を見てしまいました。 “He said “Good job” to the photographer Oshima, high-fiving” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: 写真をチェックしていたアダムからグッジョブ!がでまして、カメラマンの大島さんとハイタッチをします。 “He’s wearing a black jacket” RT @YukoKato_INROCK@junjun6512 黒です。 Re changing clothes (or the upper body) “That’s as much as I was allowed to say” RT@YukoKato_INROCK@amlamla @Kyo_jp それ以上詳しく言っちゃダメって言われたんで “Shooting going on and on, Adam is so creative, putting forward lots of ideas” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: アダムがいろんなアイデアを出してくれるので、撮影は終わる気配がありません。 “Shooting is done, now interview” RT @YukoKato_INROCK: インタビューの時間になりました。 Now she’s interviewing Adam so we won’t hear from her until it’s done. “Interview done, Adam left for next appointment”RT @YukoKato_INROCK: インタビューも終わり、アダムは次の仕事に行きました。祭りの後のさびしさを感じています。アダムは今日BFが来てくれるんで、なんか嬉しそうでした。 (cont) “His boyfriend is coming to join him today so he looked happy.”

Wednesday Tweets

Thursday Tweets

Here’s the top of the Shady lead sheet Nile was referring to (posted by Nile on Facebook):

…And does this mean an appearance together soon?!

From VaJayJay Reyna: 

Here are two retweets from Adam:

Friday Tweets

Here’s the pic she tweeted:



Via Adam Lambert Events

August 13: TV, Australia. The Graham Norton Show repeat on channel 103 UKTV & channel 214 UKTV HD at 9:40pm local time. [Source]
August 13: TV, Australia. The Graham Norton Show repeat on channel 156 UKTV +2 at 11:40pm local time. [Source]
August 14: TV, Australia. The Graham Norton Show repeat on channel 103 UKTV & channel 214 UKTV HD at 4:00am local time. [Source]
August 14: TV, Australia. The Graham Norton Show repeat on channel 156 UKTV +2 at 6:00am local time. [Source]
August 14: TV, US. The Ellen Show 1/19/12 Season 9 Episode 81 repeat Adam sings Better Than I Know Myself. Check your local listings for times.
August 14: TV, Japan. Interview on NTV Sukkiri segment ‘WE News’. Airing date subject to change and Sukkiri airing time depends on the region (but mostly 8 to 10:25am local time) via @mmyy9. [Source]
August 15: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Mezamashi Live 2012 hosted by Fuji TV Network in Tokyo, Japan. [More Info]
August 16: TV, Australia. Adam Lambert E! True Hollywood Story repeat on Fox Tel Channel 121 at 3:30pm local time. [Source]
August 16: Japan Live Chat in the evening JST. [Source | More Info]
August 16: TV, Japan. MTV Japan, Best of Adam Lambert at 20:00-22:00hr local time. [More Info]
August 16: TV, Japan. Music On! Artist File 27:00 – 27:30hr local time. [More Info]
August 17: TV, Australia. Adam Lambert E! True Hollywood Story repeat on Fox Tel Channel 121 at 7:00am local time. [Source]
August 17: TV, Japan. MTV Japan, Best of Adam Lambert at 15:00-17:00hr local time. [More Info]
August 18: TV, US. Adam Lambert Unplugged on Palladia channel at 4pm ET. [Source]
August 18: TV, Japan. Adam featured on BS Nippon’s Celebrity Report (Hot Celeb segment) at 23:00-23:54 JST. [Source]
August 18: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. Airing live on WOWOW at 18:00hr local time More Info. [Website | More Info]
August 19: Festival Concert. Osaka, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]



From Adam Official forums – CD Donations needed for Latin American Glamberts

Don’t forget to request Adam’s music on the radio! Links here: 

Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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From Adam Official – Deluxe Box Set
Full album stream here – share with friends!!

Trespassing Box Set



Buy Our Book, Tattoos and Bumper Decal

For more, check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!

Via Belgian Glamberts: Yes! ‘Whataya Want From Me’ featured on the Q-music compilation CD-box ‘TOP 500 OF THE CENTURY’ to be released on August 20th!

Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant in antiqued bronze and silver, just perfect!

Human Rights Campaign Store – Support this great organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. They have beautifully designed jewelry and accessories.

Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

Anyone on your gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots?

Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

Need feather hair extensions? Hop over to @PeaceFrogDesign’s Etsy store!

Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed.

Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

Order Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on Amazon and iTunes.

Buy Aftermath Remix here

The imported Sleepwalker single can now be ordered at U.S. Amazon

Labor of Love Project – Buy Scarlett Cherry’s gorgeous new CD. Organic goodies for moms and babies too!


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  1. August 12, 2012 11:37 pm

    Hmm, Adam said next single will be a fast one. My guess: “Trespassing” since it’s the title track. Second guess: “Shady.” Personally, I would like to see “Pop That Lock”-that’s such a rockin’ song! BTW, I am loving Adam’s new hair color; I think he looks ultra-hot with it and the tan he has now.

  2. August 13, 2012 8:10 am

    I think it will be Cuckoo….or Trespassing…but honestly…Naked Love…Pop That Lock….all cool…Pop That Lock would be a great Pop Dance tune… And love the hair…he looks very sexy and fierce…i.e. wolfish…And yes…Queen and Jessie J…no…not anywhere near as good as Adam and Queen would have been…I mean really…GB…get over yourself and break outside the mold…Queen and Adam would have brought the house down…Olympics in Rio…should be amazing and fun…

  3. becca112971 permalink
    August 13, 2012 1:21 pm

    thank you for all this wonderful news and updates. have to say loving the new look Adam is sporting very rock star.

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