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Adam Lambert Daily Update – August 3, 2012

August 2, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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@MarisaLambertPT: @adamlambert NCOE with 6million views. . . Well done #Glamberts*:) 



Paul McCartney talks about how the media goaded him into disclosing that he had tried LSD. He would have preferred to keep the information private, but when asked, he decided he’d rather be honest than lie about it. A good role model! Le plus ça change, le plus c’est la meme chose. – Juneau



Love these pix from Des Moines by @christy0907!!

By @christy0907

By @christy0907



‘Pretty Little Liars:’ Keegan Allen Talks About Adam Lambert (@KeeganAllen @abcfpll) 

In a recent interview with Wetpaint, “Pretty Little Liars” star Keegan Allen talked about Adam Lambert.

Adam will make a guest appearance for the Halloween episode. As Keegan comments,

“Yes. It’s on a train. Adam Lambert is going to sing. I’m very excited.”

Keegan is a huge fan of Adam. As he comments,

“I really like Adam. He’s got an incredible personality, and a really, really cool voice, and he’s very talented. We’re really lucky to have him on the show.”

Catch “Pretty Little Liars” Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on ABC Family. – ‘American Idol notes: Season 12, Adam Lambert, and Kelly Clarkson “A tour for Adam – Speaking of the season 8 star, it’s time to play conspiracy theory! Does anyone else think the wait on him announcing his “Trespassing” tour could be due to him trying to find out his fate on the judging search? We’re not necessarily going all in here, but Lambert obviously wants to make sure he doesn’t book a bunch of gigs and then cancel them due to scheduling conflicts.”

Owldolatrous Productions – Impassioned and spot on commentary about the Chick-Fil-A controversy. “This isn’t about mutual tolerance because there’s nothing mutual about it. If we agree to disagree on this issue, you walk away a full member of this society and I don’t. There is no “live and let live” on this issue because Dan Cathy is spending millions to very specifically NOT let me live. I’m not trying to do that to him.”

The Great Pretender Book: Introduction Teaser by Rhys Thomas

This is man who performed ‘I Want To Break Free’ in drag in front of 350,000 fans at the Rock In Rio Festival. The man who sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ upside-down with the Royal Ballet. The man who stole the show at Live Aid with the whole world watching. Yet being the centre of attention at his own party appears to make him squirm.

Freddie Mercury said he was a man of extremes. On stage he was indestructible. He was Mr Fahrenheit. Off stage he was shy, witty and, according to everyone close to him, the best friend you could ever have.

Freddie Mercury was the Great Pretender.



TALCvids releases HD videos and audio from Queen + Adam shows

Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes (Philip Eaton Remix)

Anna-Alicia & Sedrig dance to Whataya Want From Me on So You Think You Can Dance (Belgium)

Clip from Adam In Audience at FS

WWFM – WinStar – 2012-07-27.MOV

Glamberts go camping – by nitnursestat



@adamlambert: Martin Solveig’s “Rocking Music” gets me together! Yes!! 



@AdamLambertTO: TORONTO Adam Lambert Fan Gathering – Sun Aug 5, 12:15pm, Pickle Barrel Yonge & Eglinton – RSVP on group polls –

@islandgirljams IMPORTANT- vote here 4 Adam to be in Q102 JingleBall. Don’t just tweet them! Bottom left 4 his name!


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