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Adam Lambert Daily Update – August 2, 2012

August 1, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review



mmyy9’s updates on Adam’s upcoming Japan gigs



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@andaandmasha: Me, Adam & Sutan @sutanraja @ Bar Marmont 7-31-12.

@Precious_Jewel: sutanamrull @adamlambert. #letshaveakiki 7-31-12.



Music Daily News – Adam Lambert May Perform At Olympic’s Closing Ceremony “A source tells Music Daily News: “Lambert has been reached out by Queen again to perform with them at the Olympics. He has yet to make a decision, but it would be hard to believe he would turn it down after performing with them earlier this year.” Unfounded rumor?

@mmyy9: rockin’on September 2012 (out Aug 1 in Japan) TY! RT Scan by @es_v1: rockin’on 9月



Gather – Glamberts Call on Adam Lambert for ‘Trespassing’ Tour “Adam Lambert’s fans, known as Glamberts, took to Twitter today to campaign for their beloved artist to go on tour for his latest album, Trespassing. Fans tweeted, “We Want Trespassing Tour,” in a concerted effort to make it a Twitter trend…Fans reached their goal when they became a trend on Twitter, staying there for more than two hours, getting as high as #4 on the worldwide trend list. They also got the attention of Adam’s publicist Shoshanna Stone, who tweeted“Jeez the Glamberts are on a mission today! Is there something in the water?” Even Adam’s father Eber got in on the action,tweeting“We Want Trespassing Tour. Retweet it!”

@LAMBERTLUST Yes up to number 4 now!! We Want Trespassing Tour!!! Retweet!!!@adamlambert


@shoshannastone And they’ve all finally gone mad… #glamberts

@mynameisEricM @shoshannastone at least that’s what I could read

@katezaychuk @shoshannastone Please mention what we’re trending to Adam! It would mean the world to all #Glamberts
@shoshannastone@katezaychuk he knows everything 😉 @adamlambert



Randy Rainbow Works at Chick-fil-A – via @MyNameisEricM

Pop That Lock, NCOE – Pac Amph 7-19-12 – Worth watching again, J’s favorite



Photos by Dan’niel McKnight from Adam’s Des Moines show are are available for purchase, with proceeds going to charity.



@AZGlamFan: @adamlambert featured on pages 248 & 250 in Guest Judges & Snapped! in new @ProjectRunwayBook! THANK YOU!!!@changedfashion @lifetimeTV



@GuiseArchives Just had @AdamLambert in the shop! He copped a pair of the Wildfox Starstruck
@adamlambert Death Becomes Her is def in my top ten!
@jambajim@adamlambert Please cover “I’m Still Me.” Love, Jim.#DeathBecomesHer

@LukeNero @adamlambert great to see you last night. Congrats on giving birth to a fabulous new chandelier. Lol loves it xo

@aylalipstick I think I’m starting to sort of become an adam lambert fan. I mean, I’ve been listening to his music looooads lately.


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  1. glamity58 permalink
    August 2, 2012 5:11 pm

    Wish he would sing on the Olympics. I would watch the closing for sure. Hope it happens. Probably won’t, but I’m keep my fingers crossed.

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