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Live Blog – Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs, July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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8PM PDT (Consult this World Clock for your local time)

Twitter list – Thanks to @FoxVegas

Live stream from @LambertLust

Live Stream from CoralMermaid

People are advising to watch @LambertLust’s stream with the audio on mute, while getting the better audio from @CoralMermaid’s stream



@adamlambert Excited for show at Fantasy Springs!! Full circle!

@LAMBERTLUST: Adam Lambert ads all over Fantasy Springs Casino!

@FantasySprings: We’re going to place some @AdamLambert buttons around the property and photgraph them. Finders keepers. Good luck.

@LAMBERTLUST: And now they are playing Whataya Want From Me on the Casino floor!! Woohoo!!! Omg!!! Yay!!! @adamlambert

@GlamazonToronto: The room keys @FantasySprings haveAdam Lambert on them. I love this place.

@TALCvids: Oh Em Gee!!! Thank you to the Internet gods 😉 Fantasy Springs has the fastest Internet ever!! Weeee! Loading last night’s vids now 😀

@quailing: omg they have Adam water bottles too. WANT.

 ‏@rainierstar You all going to Fantasy Springs show tonight BETTER REPRESENT!!! WERK, DANCE, SCREAM and POP THAT LOCK!!!!

@KeishaRenee: My Room Key!!

@missnisha6849 LOL!! Visiting with some ladies in their room @ FS. Other roomie came SCREAMING into the room!! Just passed Adam & Sauli on the elevator.

@LAMBERTLUST: Raja is here! ♥ ADAM LAMBERT Concert Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino Indio…

@RestlessStylin: Omg Sutan, Sauli, and Terrance!!

@paperrosie53: I love this photo…

 ‏@anthrogeekPFLooks like Sutan sitting center VIP with what looks like mombert and Dante (tour dancer, name escapes me….).

@funkNNsoul: Adam is so cute! ADAM LAMBERT Concert Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino Indio California..

@funkNNsoul: Shady!

@NoAngelPF: Woah hot version of Fever. Totally pointing at Sauli for the there he goes part

‏@funkNNsoul Fevah!

@mindchnger I really love that he has lights that he brings with him now. Same backing lighting setup as at the OC fair
 ‏@Netmeg99_ OMG So Beautiul Outlaws Of Love
@anthrogeekPF He called out front row!! “WTF is that look on your faces! If you’re gonna take front seats away from my fans, you better stand the Fuck up!”
@svmreiter Awww Adam called out the casino ‘comps’ to stand up since they took front seats away from his fans! Go, Adam!
@eywflyer Most of the front center now standing 🙂
@teralex42 “Thank you for letting me be myself..”
@Chalpie There such an amazing electricity tonight! @adamlambert Something bout F.S. brings out your witchy!
@anthrogeekPF He left the stage, subway taking over, trying to audience to sing “I got the feeling” but I dunno why.
@idahophx Tommy gets a guitar solo. I love the two women.
@GlamFanNation Adam costume change?!!! WHAT WILL IT BE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@RadioChloe Maybe he’s waking up Elmo while the Divas take over for a minute lol…

Via @bayoulady60

@mindchnger “right now I’m in a great place in my life. *points to Sauli* I love you bb” dawwwww
@MindIzMySpear@MalcolmDDavis Adam do all kinda shit in front of his parents I can’t even imagine. lol
@mindchngerLol Adam is encouraging a riot at the front of the stage now
@anthrogeekPF Uh oh!! He called fans down to front! Security pissed, tried to atop them, no luck.
@anthrogeekPF OMG, he has a big card with his top ten list of reasons fans glad to have him home!!
@GeralynK: Adam just totally opened up the entire front security area! I wanna SEE MY FANS!
@anthrogeekPF Skipping to #3, most are about crotch rip!! Gave card to someone in audience.
@Merrycello: Lol Adam got bored w the list midway
@RadioChloe BRO KEN ENG A LISH!!
@Kathryn17 awwwh ADAM: “well I kinda do things last minute and I decided tonight that I REALLY wanted to do a costume change”

Setlist! @bayoulady60:

@izla_zandz Adam went on AT LENGTH about what he’d be like as an idol judge. He either wants it real bad or he’s got it already lol.
@YellowsistaBert OK that does it!!! *sells house, hubby and children to fund AFL concert stalking FOREVAH*


@mindchnger Lol he’s playfully calling out someone front row and center using his stage on which to pace her phone

@jam2885: it’s like the crayness of all the glamberts has permeated the air lmaooo

@anthrogeekPF Lady in front row, “Mary, this is my show, get her fuckin’ phone off the stage”! Now IIHY

Via @funkNNsoul

@Netmeg99_ I have never really seen Adam like this.. Oh Boy 😮

@funkNNsoul IIHY

@GlamFanNation: Adam in the audience! via @eywflyer

@chunkeymonkey81 A went into the crowd?!? Wtf does he have a death wish? Lolol

@ RestlessStylin: Oh my flippin mg!!!!! I got this close!!

@insomniac19 Leila and Sauli probably clutched at each other when he went out into the crowd. OH DEAR GOD!
@GlamFansInfo Yes Adam did go to about 10 rows back down the aisle next to section C.

Michelle ‘s Photo: omg I just touched Adam Lambert!!!!! he came in the…
By Michelle @clayaikenlvr123

@RadioChloe Amazed he made it back on stage fully clothed after that venture into the rabid crowd lol.
@mindchnger D’awww they actually left the stage so they can do a proper encore this time 😛
@anthrogeekPF NCOE, then they all left stage, no words. Maybe Cuckoo as encore?

@LoveMrSpencer: We are living watching my boo @adamlambert go off in INDIO WITH BESTIE @whoisjohnnyrice !!

@anthrogeekPF Back!!!! Are you guys having fun for third time. Asked Saulii if he’s having fun!
@Merrycello Omg Adam – “are you having fun, Sauli? Hey I can’t find my boyfriend” turns lights up in audience “hey baby I love your hat!”
@anthrogeekPF Humping the speaker, stripped poled it….
@riley1877: Pole dancing with the speakers
@mindchnger Lol omg he is all laid out and getting down with the sound monitors side stage
@teralex42 Speaker porn!!!

@aramina: I need video of this entire concert, every single second

@anthrogeekPF Butt humping Keisha….
@anthrogeekPF Kissed Ashely on the lips
@anthrogeekPF Helping Isaac drum!
@mindchnger Percussionist!adam. Hittin da cymbals
@mindchnger Lol oh shit floorbert
@anthrogeekPF Onbhua knees for Tommy – tounging his guitar

@TheGlambertNews: Here we go! Adam and Tommy at @FantasySprings tonight! Great pic! ADAM LAMBERT Concert Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino Indio California 7-21-12.

@insomniac19 “I think I just lost my mind.” Oh, baby…yes. lol

@whimsicalspirit: Whatever he’s on, he needs to keep taking it before every concert. #thoroughlyamused

@Chica63 Adam tends to lose his mind in the desert. It’s a life theme.

@mindchnger Lol that show was so ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome 😛
@ShadyAlien And then he thanks the “ladies and gentlemen”……..LOL……priceless
@insomniac19 I really hope this is @adamlambert 2.0 because I’m loving what I’m hearing and seeing of him really just letting loose! LOVE IT!
@GlamFanNation @adamlambert YOU CRAZYASS MOFO- thanks for one HELL of a show (and I wasn’t even there!!!!)!!! <3<3<3
@idahophx What a completely awesome version of Cuckoo. He is sweet to his to his fans.#cuckoo
@annehedonia13 I can see tomorrow is shot to hell: *glued to YouTube vids of@adamlambert wild child of Fantasy Springs*

@glamgran58 Holy fuckin shit!!! Been to 2 goat ropings and a county fair-never seen anything like @adamlambert at FS!!!!

@milestougeaux@adamlambert Sly cover was a great idea. Glad I never suggested it 🙂 Kudos!

More photos:



Thank you Glam Ninjas!!

Audio is extremely saturated. Definitely listen through your headphones with laptop volume turned low. If anyone has better audio, please let us know!!

Recordings from tonight’s show:

Trespassing,  Kickin in and Shady – cos2mwiz

Fever, WWFM, Outlaws of Love – Fantasy Springs, 7-21-12 – cos2mwiz

Pop That Lock, Band Riff, & Adam *Explains – Fantasy Springs 7-21-12

Chokehole – via cos2mwiz

Fan-demonium, Top 10 List, BROKEN ENGLISH – Fantasy Springs, 7-21-12 – via cos2mwiz

Cell phone “Mary” & If I Had You – Fantasy Springs Resort, 7-21-12

Naked Love, Audience Sing-A-Long – via cos2mwiz

Never Close Our Eyes – Fantasy Springs, July 21, 2012– via cos2mwiz

Cuckoo – Fantasy Springs, July 21, 2012– via cos2mwiz

Adam Lambert in fantasy springs lobby 7-21-12



Gather – For Adam Lambert, It’s All About the Fans! “Adam has said in interviews that the energy going back and forth between him and his audience is important. In fact, he even has an infinity sign tattoo that represents this give and take relationship. So one can imagine how difficult it was for him to sing when he did not feel a connection with the people right in front of him. Later in the show, frustrated again, Adam asked if fans could join those sitting down in the center. He said, “Can people come and join you that are sitting down? I just want to see my fans… can you maybe make friends with them? Maybe they will get you to stand up again.” Then he said to the fans, “yeah, come down.” After hearing an invitation from Adam, there was a huge rush of people trying to get into the front area. However, security blocked everyone from getting through, causing chaos and some disappointment as people were being pushed back to their seats.

Possibly because of this, Adam continued to show love to his fans, and for the first time, he went right into the crowd

My Desert – Adam Lambert’s fans meet at casino “Many fans dressed in shirts that bore the former “American Idol” finalist’s image, while others did their bests to accessorize, tease, paint and poof themselves into members of Lambert’s “glamily.””

3 Comments leave one →
  1. annehedonia permalink
    July 22, 2012 1:36 pm

    ‘Broken Open, Fantasy Springs’
    by Annehedonia, written after Adam’s first show there…

    Sing as if I alone could hear.
    Pour your voice, warm agave nectar,
    Over me in the desert night.
    Define the space between us
    With slender arms and fingers.
    Dress in sky and turquoise sea,
    Lovely blue infinity.
    Take your measured time. Be unhurried.
    Make the moment heavy with experience.
    Create for us an intimacy
    In the midst of the crowd.
    Cast a circle of magic
    Enclose us safe within,
    And I will hear as if yours was
    The only voice I ever heard singing

    Fantasy Springs, Redux
    ummm… spoofing myself
    (written after last night’s show 😉 )

    Arrive a little late
    Whip the crowd into a frenzy
    Lose your mind in the desert night
    Stroke the mic stand;
    Subject the speakers to frottage.
    Dress in zoo prints and leather,
    The hardest working pants in show business
    Upbraid the comps
    Tell them to STFU* out their seats
    Piss off security; encourage a riot
    Flirt with Sauli as if he were
    The only man in the audience
    Hump the Vajayjays
    FloorBert in front of Tommy
    Ask if we are having fun
    And we will be charmed into attending
    Every Trespassing tour concert
    In our futures.

    *Stand the f**k up!

  2. soshadylately permalink
    September 25, 2012 8:52 am

    Amazing entry thank you so much!! 😀

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