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Adam Lambert Daily Update – July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review


Sending tears, love and light to all those who are suffering today

When our souls are hurting, Adam’s voice conforts us



Twitter list – Thanks to @FoxVegas

Live stream – Thanks to @LambertLust

@LAMBERTLUST: Adam Lambert ads all over Fantasy Springs Casino!

@FantasySprings: We’re going to place some @AdamLambert buttons around the property and photgraph them. Finders keepers. Good luck.

@LAMBERTLUST: And now they are playing Whataya Want From Me on the Casino floor!! Woohoo!!! Omg!!! Yay!!! @adamlambert

@GlamazonToronto: The room keys @FantasySprings haveAdam Lambert on them. I love this place.

@TALCvids: Oh Em Gee!!! Thank you to the Internet gods 😉 Fantasy Springs has the fastest Internet ever!! Weeee! Loading last night’s vids now 😀

Remembering the last time – Adam Lambert – Mystical Shaman of the Acoustic



The Orange County Register – Pacific 2012: Adam Lambert returns still soaring 

…A stripped-down segment, beginning with a piano-led “Whataya Want from Me,” was quietly effective. Backed by subtle electric guitar and a single drum, Lambert’s tender delivery on the personal “Outlaws of Love” (revolving around discrimination toward gays and lesbians) was magnificent and a set highlight.

Later, several concert-goers waved glow sticks during the slamming, electronica-tinged “Naked Love,” a jubilant Lambert engaging them in some call-and-response action. “Pop That Lock,” laden with double entendres, made its tour debut; the rousing electro-rock number included fun and quick synchronized dance moves by Lambert and the backing vocalists, who added a snatch of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” at the end.



@BreanneDuren Meeting and greeting w Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert!!

@Chalpie Adam up next! Clearing Owl Cities stuff off the stage right now!
@glambertislovee THE RUGGGGG
@mari_guerra Theyre putting his zebra/yellow/carpet on the floor rn!!!
@glambertislovee ohhhh theres a rug for the vajayjays too
@glambertislovee trespassing mic out
@ellie_mint Screaming at his image on the big screen
@mari_guerra They’re showing a vid of him backstage drinking tea.. And everyone screamed just to see him on the screen!!!
@Chalpie – Behind the scenes cam!
@mari_guerra Just posted a photo

‏Posted by @mari_guerra

@Chalpie Kickin in

@Chalpie: Kickin in

@mjglambertgrl : OMG my top fell down, sorry @adamlambert
@glambertislovee you never get used to the amazingness that is @adamlambert
@RunRun_BunnyRun Wow! @adamlambert. A very short set:( show started late. Trespss. Shady. nkd luv. Ncoe. Cuckoo.
@RunRun_BunnyRun Oh, and those shiny zebra print pants from Queen shows made an appearance:D
@didilynnPF: Only 5 songs 😦 but they were fab! ADAM LAMBERT End Fest 2012 Concert Sacramento CA 107.9…

Photo by @DidilynnPF



@iiOwnYourHeartx: ADAM LAMBERT in tank-top after arriving at Costa Mesa CA OC Concert 7-19-12….

More Costa Mesa Photos



Much Music – Adam Lambert’s Top 10 Video Picks“Calling all Glamberts!!! Today’s Top 10 has been picked by none other than Adam Lambert. These are his 10 favourite videos and there are some fun, familiar tunes and a few oldies, but goodies, thrown into the mix. We can’t say we’re surprised that his taste in music is so diverse… after all, he’s one of the most versatile artists out there.” He names a Queen video! Guess which one (hint: it’s Juneau’s favorite)



@adamlambert: I’m not Sick. Lol rumors


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  1. annehedonia permalink
    July 21, 2012 6:31 pm

    “Long Live the Queen” ~Well written, insightful, entertainig platonic fic by Audsidol:

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