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Adam Lambert Daily Update – July 18, 2012

July 17, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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@adamlambert: Everyone request NCOE today Non-Stop. Its Time for some Glambert HEAT! How bad you want it?! #shameless

Waking up in my own bed?! #divine



ADAM LAMBERT is taking control of SWRV with his very own music video playlist. Find out what videos he picked on his SWRV Takeover premiere, Wednesday 7/18 at 6p ET.



Star Observer – Lambert: All we want is love – “But at the end of the album we get to Outlaws of Love, and it’s like, I’ve figured all this other stuff out and made peace with myself, I have a partner, but as we look out into society, what are we faced with? It’s us versus the world. All we want is light and love and we’re being persecuted for it. It’s a sad feeling.”

TV|Line American Idol: 14 Dream Candidates to Replace Steven, J.Lo and Randy as Judges – Michael Slezak weighs in and of course gives his favorite American Idol alum a nod…Actually love the idea of Dolly Parton, and Linda Perry would be awesome. About Adam: “He’s rumored to be on Idol producers’ short list for the gig, and I can’t really think of a good reason the show wouldn’t benefit from signing its home-grown talent to the panel. In fact, I wrote a loooong blog item on the subject that you can check out by clicking here.”

Culture (Russian magazine) – Interview with Brian May (translated by Google with edits by Juneau) “Brian May – a figure in popular music is truly unprecedented. Clever and intelligent among the rockers and otvyaznoy professors, Mae – the only rock musician with a worldwide reputation, which is a Doctor of Science. Always polite, courteous, always with a charming smile, the man – the exclusive property of the ambiguous world of pop culture. They are hard not to admire, it is impossible not to respect.” Choice parts:

Culture: You recently traveled to Russia with concerts, which had as a frontman Adam Lambert. Do you plan to undertake this large-scale tour with his participation?

May: I do not exclude such a possibility. This guy is great. Adam is full of energy, he’s a brilliant professional. He has an amazing voice, and with very few comparable people in the contemporary scene. He has an enormous range, but he also expresses the notes beautifully. At rehearsals, I was sometimes overwhelmed with emotion. When I first heard him perform Who Wants To Live Forever, I was literally stunned, I was just not internally ready for such an amazing interpretation of the song. I get great pleasure from the co-operation with Adam.

Culture: And why did your co-operation begin with Adam? How and why did you choose it?

May: I think some things in this world are predetermined, prescribed by fate itself. Once Adam came on the scene in the show American Idol, our drummer Roger Taylor began receiving calls and sms-messages along the lines of: “You should pay attention to this guy! He’s great! He is like Freddie! He was the only person who can do his songs,” and everything like that. Of course, we were intrigued. And then the organizers of the TV show called and ask if we would want to play with the two finalists. During this mini-set, we found that Adam is really phenomenal. Then at the MTV Awards ceremony in Belfast, we along with Adam played The Show Must Go On, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions – and he was again incomparable. Therefore, when shortly after the above ceremony, the Russian promoters came to us with a proposal to speak about our coming to your country with Adam Lambert in your country…

Culture: What music do you listen to while driving?

May: Yes, what you want, depending on your mood, from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff to the Foo Fighters and the new album of the same Adam Lambert – I am absolutely omnivorous…

We have had a wonderful life – beyond the most daring and desperate dreams. And I do not get tired, every day I’m thankful. – Thank you for the music (letter from fans)  Chris Jardine wrote: ….Before I went I was almost prepared to be not quite so thrilled with the performance, simply because Freddie wouldn’t be there. But, not at all as Adam gave the songs everything they deserved in his own unique way that just made it Queen performing at their very best. We all wish that Freddie was still with us, but I do hope that Adam Lambert stays with you and that you do more live concerts with him as the new singer for Queen, and that Queen lives on 🙂

Ticketmaster Queen Fan Reviews – Wow! So many 5-star reviews (and not just from Adam’s fans). Some favorites:

CJMcFlurry: Queen and Adam just completely blew my mind it was an extravaganza of sound and light and rock ‘n roll of Queen at their best. An unrepeatable experience that I never dreamed that I would ever be privileged to be part of. Adam Lambert far superseded my expectations, Brian May played as I have never heard him before, he was incredible! Roger and Rufus Taylor were incredible on the drums! It wasn’t just musically mind blowing but it was a real visual extravaganza too.”

CJ73: Adam Lambert stepped into iconic shoes and held his own, taking Queens music to a new generation.

chrisjinxy: As a die-hard Queen Fan for 30 years I was sceptical if this would work, However within the first 5 minutes all doubts had disappeared as Adam has an amazing voice and a theatrical presence that nearly rivals Freddie’s.

jamash:  I’ve been to some really good concerts, but never experienced anything quite like this.

Queen are legends and it was an honour to witness them perform live. I loved Freddie and he will never be replaced, but Adam Lambert was incredible at this event – his voice is second to none and he had the charisma to pull this off. He was born to do this and I hope and pray there will be more collaborations with Queen as they worked perfectly together.

Shingingilly:  I was doubtful about Adam Lambert trying to be Freddie Mrecury (whom I saw perform in the 80’s) but he was superb – a real showman and a great vocalist who paid the proper respect to the memory of Freddie.

Sean1810:  I was apprehensive about Adam Lambert. Paul Rodgers was great but he is an old fashioned rocker, Lambert is not. However, I was left feeling ‘Wow, this boy can sing’. He is no Freddie Mercury (who is?) but he was terrific none the less. From start to finish the whole audience was rocking.

Herts61:  I can see this show filling stadiums in America, and possibly Japan, and have a feeling that this is not the last we have heard of this combination.

Mitsy998392: Lambert gives a new energy to music that is simply too good not to be played live.

MatildaAway – Shot through the heart – A wonderful blog post by a fan who ventured all the way from Hong Kong to experience Queen + Adam Lambert.

Maybe it’s Brian and Roger’s age, maybe it’s the once-in-a-lifetime nature of the concerts, maybe it’s because Freddie was there,maybe it’s me hitting low and stuck in life, in contrast to the feeling of how wonderful life is and I will live the best out of it after the Glam Nation Tour, Queen+Adam had brought me to a place of what could be that is so much better than real life and I don’t ever want to leave. But that may be one of the reasons I ( and so many others) flew across oceans and continents to see them live.As Oscar Wilde once said, we all live in the gutter, but some of us look up in the sky. Well, these shows are just calls to forget about the gutter for a moment and enjoy the magnificence of the sky…



Adam Lambert Behind the Scenes – AOL Sessions For some reason we missed this when it first came out.

“Who Wants to Live Forever” Hammersmith Apollo July 14, 2012 – posted by Susie Rix



@Faeries517: So I finally dragged out my old yearbooks. This is the @adamlambert that I remember – his jr. yr, my snr yr.
I love freckles! When he was on Idol, I almost didn’t believe it was him.



@berg_malt: @adamlambert I had a two month medical leave and got bored so… 🙂 Every one is different/ from all around the world




@TommyJoeRatliff: Starting rehearsals today! @brianlondon @ashleydzerigian @IsaacTheCarp @KeishaRenee @RainOnMe83 @adamlambert 🙂

@RainOnMe83: Me and Tommy in rehearsal (for ADAM LAMBERT’s Costa Mesa OC Fair Concert on 7-19-12)

@KeishaRenee: The Band! Working hard!! (for ADAM LAMBERT’s Costa Mesa OC Fair Concert on 7-19-12) /


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  1. July 18, 2012 9:03 am

    Adam was such a cute kid I could just squish him

  2. kat23morg permalink
    July 18, 2012 11:08 am

    I have tried requesting NCOE…every day I tweet my pop station…I have emailed all nc radio pop stations periodically…and I have called and actually requested live with djs…who give me some sort of snide questioning in terms of if i am a Glambert…I am like yeah…who isn’t…they always give me their stock answer…we will see what we can do…no play…such bs…big time…I agree Glamily it is time to unit…something is going on behind the scenes…homphobia big time from radio execs and djs…

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