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Live Blog – Queen + Adam Lambert July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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Here’s the Twitter List for tonight

Live stream – this one is working!

Please remember, if there is a live stream, to refrain from chatting, as that slows down and breaks up the stream.



Tweets, Pix and Videos as they come in!

@funkNNsoul: We are all on this team, right?

@tuke18Heading out for the last show!! QueenBert rocks hard!!!@adamlambert @QueenWillRock

‏@ScottOttaway: The queue at 4pm. It’s now round the side of the building where I am currently stood #queenandadamlambert

@LALALAMBRIT: I’m concentrating on taking the photo lol. With @elelel2 @feeltheweight

I’m here!!!

@BarryGarlowUKWe’re here. Not a bad spot either. Cal is talking guitars with a Queen fan already. :O
@Carenza_xWow.lurking on the interviewers and 1 Queen fan said Adam was the best thing to happen to the band since they lost Freddie.

@LindaDec1: They’re asking people NOT to use cell phones or cameras. Tonight’s the main night for filming the DVD.
@NoSilverNoGoldGuy! They had the no camera’s/filming/phones thing up every night!! Its always up at the venue and there were hundreds of cameras out!
@LALALAMBRITAmazing how we can go to such a big venue and be saying, do we recognise anyone we know? Love this fandom.
@feeltheweight Eeeee we get to help hang the sign from the balcony tonight 🙂 🙂 🙂
@feeltheweight Lol all of us waving at eachother like mad people lol @elelel2@LALALAMBRIT @igobymanynames
@BarryGarlowUK Chatting with a cool Adam fan from London, rly pretty with a hot bf. Cal swapping music stories with a Queen fan who looks like his dad lol
@vistadiva And so the beginning oh the end begins. I’m gonna miss Rock n Roll Adam. Yes I am.

Posted by @finnisheyes

@liveyoung82: Shoot of the crowd

@deanpiperI feel really young at this Queen and Adam Lambert concert. And I’m not technically young. So this is good.
@deanpiperEven Mrs Piper (mother, not wife) just said she feels young. She’s made up.
@nataliesedwards@deanpiper Will it make me feel prepubescent then? 😉
 ‏@politicsislifeWow, this is a Queen crowd tonight and they are chanting our guys name….yep, tears in my eyes.
@LALALAMBRITSauli sat few rows behind us 😀
@feeltheweightJust said hello to Sauli, told him I’ve seen the show twice already and its fucking amazing. He said ‘yes i fucking know!’ lol.

@needacoke: We found another ATOP peep – jasmine from Singapore! Sooo cute!

 ‏@deanpiper Lulu is sat just infront of me. She looks bloody ace!
 @nataliesedwards Aaw the Lawson boys are sitting in front of me at the Adam Lambert + Queen gig!
@fyeahlolly  Do we know who the “special guest” for tonight’s show is?

Seven Seas? via @Alikat1323

Popjustice” @deanpiper WEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL… I know she makes you wanna tweet
 @vistadiva Oh he’s lettin it all out tonight. The crazy train at the Apollo.
MattHill_666: Impressed is an understatement @QueenWillRock@adamlambert
@recklesswanton: Just saw Anita Dobson mouth “His voice is amazing” :DDD
@LightLovePhoto@mindchnger Who’s Anita Dobson?
@mindchnger@LightLovePhoto she’s on EastEnders and she’s Brian’s wife

@Alikat1323: Ridin

Keep Yourself Alive, via @Alikat1323

@Kyo_jp: Queen + ADAM LAMBERT Concert London HMV Hammersmith Apollo 7-14-12.

@emilie_hauganNo stream = Crying a red river of screams
@Chriskendle@QueenWillRock & @adamlambert I have died and gone to heaven
@vistadiva Fuck our queen’s jewels are on display tonight. Yesssss!!!!!


@Alikat1323: From cam”

@vistadiva: Crowd into it” <333

@liveyoung82 Pic from Somebody to love

@isthereclarity He is hitting the glory notes perfectly BRAVO!!

From jumbo – Who Wants to LIve Forever, by @alikat 1323

@vistadivaWWTLF. And crowd went crazy. Standing O
@deanpiper Friggin’ hell. Adam’s vocal at the end of Who Wants To Live Forever was breathtaking. The guy is insane. #amazing #queen
@liveyoung82 Adam off. Before he left he blew a kiss to Brian. Seriously. I hope somebody has that on vid.

Via @ailaah

@saulikoskinen1 Queen and my love ❤ YAY!!
@politicsislife Whew….holy fuck the energy is incredible in here tonight….It’s so intense that seriously the entire venue needs this break.
@BarryGarlowUK Ok so I cried at Who wants to live forever. Mascara ran and I look like a frickin demented panda now. #itsallworthit
@funkNNsoul Sooo many Queen fans here cheering & clapping hard for Sauli’s ❤! His voice & the energy is awwwesome!!!
@politicsislife Hmmm Best Friend…a change up. Brian is so good at connecting with the crowd. You really do feel like he’s talking, singing to you
@PostFestumPF O.M.F.G @adamlambert @brianmaycom@QueenWillRock @OIQFC People are crying in the audience… He’s a vocal GOD!!!!!
@mindchnger @terra_zephead I think Adam just did the best StL of this whole mini-tour
@LawsonAndy Adam Lambert and Queen at the hammersmith apollo. His voice is unbelievable
@aloweerulez I’m okay with Adam Lambert filling Freddie’s shoes if it means Queen’s revival. Have you heard him perform ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’? Wow.


 ‏@mindchnger lol catcalls for Adam in the red dragon attack jacket
@feeltheweight Lol Eber just standing with a pint watching Dragon Attack looking proud 😉

@jadis11: Stank face supreme!!

By @Kyo_jp

@Alikat1323 Holy shit brian
@irJustineee Brian said he’s happy to be alive :3

@SonicDreamer: Like cosmic flares mannnn

@recklesswanton: Start of I want to break free! THE LEATHER LACE UP TROUSERS LIVE!!!!!!

@ovationimpact Glad to report GNT pants back together no RIP
@needacoke He jumped into crowd again!
@Merrycello Hugging Brian!! So adorns
@funkNNsoul @argeneau & I are dancing like crazy. Come on, people! Get the fuck up! #anotheronebitesthedust
Crowd yeah yeah yeah (VIDEO) – via @Needacoke
@Lynneville: Xtra long AOBTD scatting today

Via @Kyo_jp

@EarthToRumie Radio GAGA!

@elena_glam: Radio Ga Ga! RT @Alikat1323 From cam

@MattHill_666: Of course there will [never] be another Freddie but@adamlambert has got Hammersmith in the palm of his hand right now.

Photo via @yammyyammy

 ‏@funkNNsoul A thanking R & B – last show in London “for now,” Hmmm.
@Carenza_x Now it’s an all out mutual lovefest
@vistadiva Adam having the time of his life up there!
@binkleywtf: remember before the shows “this is an experiment, we’ve got to see how it goes” :’D IT WENT REALLY, REALLY WELL ROGER

“The Show Must Go On” – via @Kyo_jp

VIDEO – The Show Must Go On via @Needacoke

@Merrycello: Lol Adam’s shirt is short or his pants are really low – so much belly showing


@nataliesedwards Flipping hell Adam Lambert’s vocals are beyond immense for The Show Must Go On. #wowza
@LovelyAlchemyst And the crowd goes absolutely insane for#TheShowMustGoOn,chanting his name again! omg. so happy for him for all to see his amazing talent
@Merrycello Oh god the thunderous applause after TSMGO
@funkNNsoul The whole fucking balcony on their feet at end of TSMGO!!!! *tears
@BarryGarlowUK omg Callum had a tear during show must go on. luv ya babe ❤
 @vistadiva The show must go on. They are picking up dead bodies from the aisles. BOY. KILLED. IT.

nancy ‏@isthereclarity “@vistadiva:” Bo Rhap pic great !

@LawsonAndy That was the best thing I’ve ever seen ever! #Queen&AdamLambert
@LawsonRyan Queen live with Adam Lambert singing is the best thing I’ve ever seen
@igobymanynames Speechless. Crowd wild for them
@politicsislife Hope you guys can hear them chanting ADAM, ADAM, ADAM….
@XenaPW If that audience doesn’t become 100% Glambert tonight – they can’t feel.
@Cattituude I think Queen fans have fallen in love. xoxo
@funkNNsoul Encore!!!! Crowd so loud and everyone on their feet!
@XenaPW I think this is @brianmaycom ‘s BEST performance ever of Tie Your Mother Down! This band is on FIRE!!! Call 911!
@FifthHouseSun The WWRY groove has been played a million times, but no body does it like The Real Thing!!
@Runxandersmith Watching from SANTA MONICA, and ADAM is killing it!! nice job (live at

@vistadiva: Last one guys!

@Kyo_jp: Queen + ADAM LAMBERT Concert London HMV Hammersmith Apollo 7-14-12.

Phew!! We need a drink and ciggie after that!! Be back later with after-twats

@irJustineee Adam is so so so beautiful and delicious and fierce and sexy in person!
@politicsislife Roger pushed Adam to the front but as always Adam refused to take the spotlight….he is a truly gracious performer and man….
@BarryGarlowUK rly can’t put into words how I feel right now. Def not going straight back to the hotel. Need a drink lol. so long since last pissed :O
@ScottOttaway @adamlambert There will only ever be one Freddie Mercury, but Adam Lambert is not far behind
@BarryGarlowUK Rang dad so he could listen to We are the Champions. He’s a proper Queen fan, he was amazed.
deanpiperQueen and Adam Lambert were amazing. His vocals rocked. Needs a second outing – worldwide! But I’ve got a feeling AL may be busy soon! 😉
@yammyyammy in GA, guy from Argentina on my left,guys from Basque on my right, lady from Texas behind me, surrounded by nice ppl, it was fun!
 ‏@RealJohnHoyt@QueenWillRock @adamlambert Thanks for making history with your epic concerts and collaboration. You’ve both gained new fans!
@RealJohnHoyt If Queen+Adam Lambert decide to extend their concerts in the US, don’t miss them.
@politicsislife Observation: Q+A were wonderful at Wroclaw, fun show. Tonight it was on another level, tonight it was truly a QUEEN + ADAM show as equals. They were a unit tonight. Not a band w guest vocalist. Does that makes sense? Adam was true to feel of Queen but HE owned the songs tonight
 @lulushouts O M G I am reeling from how unbelievable Queen +Adam Lambert show is . Its got to tour the world for everyone to see👍👍👍
@robhalloway @adamlambert is an incredible front man for @QueenWillRock. Charismatic, just the right amount of swagger, and a nice, humble guy. Kudos.
@UKGlambertGo take a look at @adamlambert‘s Twitter feed He has just turned die hard Queen fans into UK Glamberts @SonyMusicGlobal

via @vanglam: Tommy tonight Queen+ADAM LAMBERT London HMV Hammersmith Apollo 7-14-12.

@CharlieTuson @adamlambert chillin backstage! Great to meet you tonight. Freddie would be proud!!


Hammersmith 14th July 2012 – Set List

Seven Seas of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
We Will Rock You (Fast)
Fat Bottomed Girls
Don’t Stop Me Now
Under Pressure (Roger Taylor & Adam Lambert on vocals)
I Want It All
Somebody to Love
Who Wants to Live Forever
A Kind of Magic (sung by Roger Taylor)
These Are the Days of Our Lives (sung by Roger Taylor)
You’re My Best Friend (sung by Brian May)
Love of My Life (sung by Brian May, including … more)
’39 (sung by Brian May)
Dragon Attack
Drum Battle
Guitar Solo
I Want to Break Free
Another One Bites the Dust
Radio Ga Ga
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody

Tie Your Mother Down (sung by Brian May)
We Will Rock You
We Are the Champions



Way too many to choose from!! Just a sampling of highlights. 

Opening Medley – via mia177mia

Don’t Stop Me Now – via vanglam76

Somebody to Love – via vanglam76

Who Wants to LIve Forever – vanglam76

Another One Bites the Dust – via riddle601b

Radio Gaga – via riddle601b

Show Must Go On – via riddle601b






The Independent – Queen, Hammersmith Apollo, London “Of the novice, before the “We Are The Champions” finale, May says “I think he’s a keeper, don’t you?” Lambert has a busy schedule of his own, but on this evidence, Queen will be badgering him all the way.”

Keith Blakemore-Noble’s Blog (PHOTOS) – Queen + Adam Lambert, Hammersmith Apollo, London – This is from a big Queen stan. Delightful read.

Which just leaves the major question. How was Adam?

Wow!  His voice is absolutely stunning, no other way to describe it.  He has considerable power and a huge vocal range – that guy can SING.  He did justice to all the songs, making very good work of the entire selection of songs. He did not try to imitate Freddie, he did not try to pretend to be Freddie. He was clearly his own man, performing the songs in his own style, but in keeping with the overall feel of Queen.  He brought a lot of youthful playfulness as well to the show.  My only criticism was that he was not as ‘dynamic’ as one might have liked.  However, it is important to remember that we are talking about someone with very limited live experience – if we are going to make the tedious inevitable comparisons with Freddie, then let’s remember that Adam has been in the music business for only 3 years; when Freddie had been in the music business for 3 years, Queen had not even released their first album yet (that would be a year later).  Of course Adam doesn’t compare in terms of stage presence with Freddie of the mid 1980′s, but then again neither would the Freddie with 3 years experience.  I believe that with appropriate training and apprenticing, Adam could go on to develop quite the stage presence, he just needs the experience.  He certainly managed to work the crowd well, everyone seeming to thoroughly enjoy themselves; certainly the people I spoke to afterwords were very happy to have been there.

At one stage in the show, Brian said of Adam ‘What do you think? He’s a keeper, isn’t he?’ – very much so!  I certainly hope that more grows out of this short collaboration – a full proper tour and an album or two over time would be extremely interesting.

QueenOfficial’s Facebook page – A battle royal going on amongst various factions of the Queen fandom. Makes us feel Glamberts are relatively sane! : )


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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Angel permalink
    July 14, 2012 3:23 pm

    Please sign this petition to have QUEEN + ADAM concert in the US. You can sighn it here:

    • rosemary permalink
      July 14, 2012 4:36 pm

      I finally had the time last night to watch most of the July 12 Hammersmith concert. I was blown away by Adam’s performance and by how quickly he’d progressed on his learning curve with Queen since the Kiev concert. I’d watched most of Kiev and Moscow concerts and been impressed by how well Adam did, but I went to bed astonished after Hammersmith 12. He was so much more relaxed, connected to the music, to the crowd, varied–and clearly having a great time. Best of all, he was more “Adam”. What a quick study this guy is and under huge pressure– He showed this on Idol, but guess I’d forgotten. All this a reminder of how much more Adam fabulousness there is yet to come. This is only the beginning.

  2. Dawn Fischer permalink
    July 14, 2012 10:13 pm

    …Adam needs to learn ” stage presence ” ?!?! What?! He’s been on the stage since he was 10 years old…he’s been exclusively a LIVE stage performer since he was 1o years old. It’s only been 3 years since he was a ” recording artist “. You got it backwards…Adam exudes stage presence! The Queen show is alittle different…he’s holding back somewhat so as not to overstep onto Freddie’s territory…and moving forward according to Brian and Roger’s approval..

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