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Adam Lambert Daily Update – July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

Queen + Adam at Hammersmith Apollo   July 11  – July 12



People 10 Hot Albums via @Margie32127

Glamour UK – MUSIC: This Week We’re Loving… “They don’t call him the Glambert for nothing, that’s for sure! Adam has excelled even his outrageous collection of jackets on this camper-than-thou fusion of pop, electro and rock. Expect to hear a whole host of royal influences on his sophomore album, catapulting from Prince to Queen and back again. Fun and fabulous in equal measure. Now give him a place on the American Idol panel and have done with it!”



Here’s the Twitter List for tonight

Check out fabulous photos from Tuke18

Great photo by @marieway

@lambertfever111: @adamlambert pointing at Sauli while singing “I’ve Fallen In Love” !!!!!″ He is such a romantic!

Brian’s Soapbox – Queen and Adam …the Best Show? (PHOTO)  Really, the only thing that matters. “…Adam has his own style and path, and there was never any intention that he would be ‘another Freddie” – but there are many parallels, in the mechanisms which we’ve already developed – coming together as an organic band. It’s very pure – having no extra guitarist means I am back in the old place, as in the Old Days, completely responsible for holding up the ‘wall’ of sound, but also completely free to control the dynamics and ‘feel’, working more or less as a four-piece – something which is only possible because Adam is such a strong pivot and front-man.   No backing singers – no dancers  – it’s pure – somehow it feels like Rock ought to be …  … dangerous and stimulating.”

WJEZ – Adam Lambert is a prefect [sic] fit for Queen “Adam Lambert is living the dream baby! I saw live concert footage of him performing Another One Bites the Dustwith Queen and though he doesn’t bring the flamboyancy and theatrics that Freddie Mercury did, he nails the notes and sounds fantastic!  True to the persona of Mercury, he played to the crowd and had them interacting just like Freddie did! Performing clad in black leather from head to toe and shoeless! Yep, bare feet and all, Adam seems to fit right in with Queen!”

4Music -News: Adam Lambert’s Trouser-Splitting Performance “During Adam’s performance of the aptly titled I Want To Break Free, his energetic leap off the stage was too much strain on his skin tight leather trousers and he was left red-faced as the resulting rip exposed his rear. Luckily Adam has a sense of humour and jokingly showed the 5,000 strong enthusiastic audience the gaping hole with a smile on his face.”

Capital FM – Adam Lambert Splits Trousers Performing On Stage With Queen In London – Video “The ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ singer was giving a rendition of the classic ‘I Want To Break Free’ when he jumped into the crowd and returned to the stage to present his wardrobe mishap. He turned to the crowd to show the split and made fun of the incident during the song as he joked he needed a costume change.”

MTV – Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Could Be The Next Big Muppet “Adam tweeted the photo from a show yesterday with the caption “got a Dragon on my back.” Well, I for one hope for more crazy Muppet-style costumes and collabos. It workedfor Cee Lo Green, and he’s a judge on “The Voice.” Maybe if you get crazy with the outfits, you can land that “American Idol” judge gig you’re reportedly up for? We’d be all for that. So start sewing a Miss Piggy jacket, and make us proud!”

Fault – Adam Lambert & Queen rock out at the London’s Hammersmith Apollo “Some questioned whether Adam Lambert would be able to match the stage presence and vocal range of the late Freddie Mercury but rather than try to out do him, Lambert payed homage to the fallen star and stayed true to himself as he bounced around stage stunning the crowd with his rock star charisma and high notes that made so many fans to fall in love with him.”

Financial Times – American idol takes on British idol

From Queen International Fan Club (Facebook):

Gavin Ross Having now watched Adam Lambert for the second time in 2 days I remain convinced that my assessment of the first night was accurate in that Lambert was not good and that Brian and Roger were simply average. HOWEVER…..the second night was like a different band…the three of them worked well together and Lambert was actually very good…..still a little too camp for my liking but he was good.

See, I can view things objectively and change my opinion…..would be nice if others on here were capable of doing the same….. 🙂

An interesting speculation from a Queen fan on Facebook: 

Andrew Rawsthorne And there is no way THAT rig was constructed only for 6 shows. Best rig they’ve ever had 🙂 I see a tour comin’ up 🙂



Who Wants to Live Forever – July 12, 2o12 via gavitana – Good audio.

Dragon Attack in HD from TALCvids

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – July 11, 2012 – via Artistsupporter

I Want to Break Free – July 12, 2012 via lankalambert – Good audio!

Queen Adam Lambert Somebody to Love – Love of my Life London Hammersmith 12-07-12

Radio Gaga – via riddle601b

Ovation after Hammersmith concert July 12, 2012



The Independent – Adam Lambert – Mercurial gift of an American Idol Excellent interview. “The 30-year-old seems to have a lot more (of value) to say than the average reality-show-anointed pop star….”

LA Slush – ADAM LAMBERT- THE FULL INTERVIEW Great interview about Adam’s club kid days, real life.

Q: Your record is the big thing everyone’s talking about. Tell me about what you did differently.

AL: It’s funny you said you came up in these LA clubs.. I wanted to make music for that, the crowd I came from. I did everything I could to go back for this record- before Idol, before the fame, before traveling and having the expectations of record labels. I thought how do I get back to what I love? What I love is being in a club and that infectious thing.. you get stink face and you’re like “oooh.” When I go to clubs I don’t like to dance, I like to have a drink and chat with people. But if there’s a song that’s really good it will get me dancing, and I thought I want to make that kind of music.

Belfast Telegraph – Adam Lambert wants ‘constructive criticism’ “”Internet comment sections are not real life. When folks are able to remain anonymous, they waste their energy by hating others to make themselves feel better about their uneventful lives,” Adam told Just Pop! magazine.”

E! – American Idol Shakeup: Everything We Know—So Far! “Sources confirm to E! News that Mariah Carey, who is managed by Jackson, is in talks to join the show. So is Cyrus, who has also been talking to X Factor UK and X Factor Australia. One source insists Lambert is off the list, but another says he remains a top choice.”

Music Rooms – Adam Lambert wants Queen album Oh those headlines… “When asked by UK radio station Capital FM if he would make a record with the group, he said: “Yeah, I mean, I would love to work with them in any capacity in the future. I don’t think I would turn any offer down. “I mean, they’re amazing! I don’t know what it would be, but hey!””

Rough google translation of @apelzin’s review on Moscow @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert gig “As shown by the gig in Kiev, Moscow and held at the time the article was the show in Wroclaw, Queen there, its sound still dominates the stadiums, and the voice of 30-year-old Adam Lambert sounds with so much power as the voice of Freddie did.”



These will be available at the Hammersmith merch table

Queen Stereo cards “I’m excited ! Yes, even amongst the immense emotional pitch of playing Queen and Adam Lambert concerts, I still get excited about stereo cards … and these are the long-awaited Queen cards, which I’ve been working on for months … These are the first two series of 12, plus two bonus cards for each set. It’s very satisfying to see these ‘wet proofs’ – here laid out on a rug – after all this time … the result of many updates and re-edits. It’s Queen in the Freddie days, at various times … converted from 35mm film stereos – mainly using a Stereo Realist camera. I hope they will be enjoyed …”



@Mr_Mondo: @simon_price01 Is Paul Rogers still out front? He’s become Keith Orville as Action Hero..

@simon_price01: @Mr_Mondo No, it’s Adam Lambert now. Who is a much better fit.

@Artistsupporter: @xof1013 it was totally epic. Best concert experience I’ve ever had. I cried, laughed, & my heart was so full I thought it would burst.

‏@Artistsupporter: @StaceyAG @adamlambert I feel like I was seeing the future; international crowds crying & singing w Adam. It made my heart soar. So proud!

@Dragonfly194: @islandgirljams Dunno if it’s true but comment that Perez asked Adam to sing at his show tonight-guess Adam declined as “otherwise engaged”

@MichaelOrland: @melirose89 i know they’re all rumors – but it would make me SO happy if it came true. I think he’d make a gr8 judge.  #ImagineThat


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