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Adam Lambert Daily Update – July 13, 2012 (Hammersmith)

July 13, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

I was tied up with professional obligations for the past 24 hours and wasn’t able to post an update or live blog from Hammersmith yesterday. Here are highlights from the show as well as tons of new photos and the latest Adam news. Scroll down for a full set of reviews of the Hammersmith show!! – Juneau

Here’s the full Week in Review

Quote of the day: @miltonline ….Brian May is a legendary axeman Adam Lambert is some kind of biological experiment to build the ultimate rock god.



@dazgaleIn HMV on Oxford street which is the biggest one in London. They’ve completely sold out of the Adam Lambert album. Not a single copy left!

Fantastic news from the U.K.!! “Trespassing” has climbed into the Top 5 for mid-week debut album sales, and single “Never Close Our Eyes” is at number 13. Here’s hoping the tremendous positive response and publicity from the Queen concerts will continue to propel Adam’s music to the top of the charts. It was definitely a smart move on the part of the label to push back the release dates to this week!

Fame Factor – Adam Lambert set for first UK Top 10 album “The flamboyant rocker has already made history in the US with the album, becoming the first openly gay male singer to score an album chart topper on the American charts. ‘Trespassing’ is currently set to enter the album charts at No.7.”



Adam in August 2012 issue of Japan’s InRock

@poochlove2: INROCK8月号

Washington Post / AP (HD PRO VIDEO) – Adam Lambert on being ‘Idol’ judge: ‘Nothing’s been asked yet’  “I like multitasking!”



Adam LambertAdam Lambert Ooooh this audience is MAJAH! Loving all the great energy! 🙂
@adamlambert: What an amazing experience this has been with @QueenWillRock in London. The crowds have been electric!

Posted by Adam Lambert. Need photo credit.

‏@AdamLambertBE: look what we got!! an original playlist from today’s QueenBertShow in the Hammersmith Apollo :))))

@TravCTD87: Pic taken last night: Tommy and Sauli 🙂 Queen + ADAM LAMBERT London HMV Hammersmith Apollo 7-12-12.

Who Wants to Live Forever via riddle601b – close ups with mystical lighting

Adams’s Ass Breaks Free!!

 Adam Lambert “I Want to Break Free” London 7/12/12.m4v – via @suz526 – Adam jumps into the audience, tears seat of his pants while getting back on stage, laughs about it during the song!

“I Want to Break Free” via riddle601b – right up against the catwalk!!

And quikso change-o to – yes! – ZEBRA PANTS! Adam twirls and flashes some belly! *Dead*



@CindyinMSWow! Jeff Beck was at the Queen and Adam Lambert show tonight! Last night Bob Geldof was there.

@funkNNsoul: Such long applause for Adam after TSMGO.

@funkNNsoulOMFG! Still flailing over meeting my guitar hero, Jeff Beck! And he said the show was great and Adam was wonderful!! WooHoo!

 jpgyid Easily one of the best experiences of my life….sorry I ever doubted you Adam Lambert! AMAZING CONCERT!OIQFC #Queen#Hammersmith

@markgilroymusic @cookietopia2 It certainly is. I do believe MANY new fans were won over last night. He brought the house to their feet, then tore it up!
@markgilroymusic @LambritsUK That high note belt at the end was insane. Lots of folk in the circle were just standing there with their mouths hanging open!
@hairyormer Queen – excellent, Adam Lambert – better than expected, night out – awesome! Comfy bed time. #pipeandslippers
@JackTheBassist If anyone, EVER, gets a chance to see Queen with @adamlambertTAKE THE OPPORTUNITY. one of the best gigs i’ve ever seen.
@Alex_Segal So, basically, @QueenWillRock reminded me why they’re the best band of all time and @adamlambert‘s vocals were phenomenal.#brilliantnight
@GarethBRUTALReading some of the tweets from people last night. Hardcore Queen fans and hardcore Adam Lambert fans uniting. #Glamberts #Queen#Lambert
@elecomms Great show at Hammersmith. Adam Lambert an inspired choice to front Queen. Best show they’ve put on since 1986.
@GeoffBurnettJust seen Queen and Adam Lambert at the Hammersmith Apollo -Wow what a concert!
@Crow74If Queen featuring Adam Lambert would do a longer tour and visit the mainland of Europe, I’d surely go and see them play. Still a Queen fan!
@anthrogeekPFWait…. So he wanted to break free from his PANTS????
 ‏@KeithB_NSo @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert? Pure magic!!! They need to do an album now! Don’t you think @OIQFC ? 🙂
@Steve_Fawcett#Queen with Adam Lambert. Possibly the greatest idea in the history of crazy ideas. It was well & truly… wait for it… GLAMAZING!
@AHD_93BOOOMM!! I didn’t expect @adamlambert to be that good!! Oh, Brian & Roger weren’t bad either!!
@KeithB_NOh god but @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert ROCKED! The start, I hope, of a long partnership.
@Flyteness1It warms the cockles of my heart to watch grizzled old rock fans accept Adam into the fold & applaud him like thunder. What a fucking show
@missnisha6849@insomniac19 Oh & Simon Fuller was in attendance tonight. Interesting, since Steven Tyler officially quit Idol today
@pandoradelioncoAbsolutely incredible @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert best show I have ever been to! Blown away! Freddie would be proud!
@almost_kind: His voice is actually ridiculous. The hardcore queen stans around me were freaking out.” Trespassing sales??
@dazgaleI listened to Queen fans conversations on the way home to see what they thought of Adam. I think he’s won a lot of new fans with these gigs.
@LouisDunfordI see a lot of live music but what I just witnessed was too much! Queen and Adam Lambert you blew my mind!! I AM BUZZING!!
Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet RT @MarlenaRosie:Overheard in London:Queen fan: “this guy LOST American Idol?? Who the fuck won..Jesus Christ??” [ADAM LAMBERT IS GREAT!!!]
@ChibiGlambert #RIPGlamnationPants I wonder if Adam will start wearing the zebrapants now… I love those! #shiiiiny



Queen fans have somebody new to love.” – Daily Star

Yahoo Music -Queen + Adam Lambert Rock London With “Queenbert” Concert Lyndsey Parker gives us a review to flail over anew: “The Queen fans endlessly hooted and hollered for Sir Lambert, and interestingly, they almost seemed anxious for his triumphant return whenever he left the stage for a requisite costume change. Many concertgoers even sat down during those intervals, and only hopped back on their feet when Adam reemerged wearing something even more unfathomably fabulous than his previous get-up…”

4Music – Can Adam Lambert step into Freddie Mercury’s shoes? 5 stars! “Adam Lambert fit effortlessly into the void left by Freddie Mercury. No one could replace Freddie, but Adam’s stage presence is electrifying and he possesses one of the best male vocals of our generation.  What’s most impressive is how Adam Lambert connects with the music, despite not writing a single note of it. Who Wants To Live Forever perfectly showcases Adam’s ability to connect with the lyrics, feel the pain and anguish and really relate to what he is singing about. Ultimately, Lambert is not just proving his vocal power but also his ability to be the ultimate actor and showman.

The Guardian – Queen and Adam Lambert – review 4/5 stars. “…what was conceived as an outdoor show was brought indoors with all the trimmings intact, including fireworks, pyrotechnics and a lightshow designed to be seen for miles. The result? A spectacle of such overblown majesty that, somewhere, Freddie Mercury must have been chuckling approvingly.”

Gigwise – Lambert fills Freddie’s shoes at opening night of London shows (PHOTOS) “Lambert fronted the band in true style, tackling classics such as ‘We Are The Champions’, ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘Radio Gaga’ in style – winning over the audience to the extent that critics are already calling for the band to sign the singer up to record a new album with the band.”

The Telegraph – Queen and Adam Lambert, Hammersmith Apollo, review 3/5 stars. “Hand-picked by guitarist Brian May, Lambert can certainly handle the vocal range of Queen’s songs although he sings in a softer, more soulful, modern pop style, without Mercury’s rock grit or operatic bombast. But it is to his credit that he is a talent in his own right and not just an impersonator. If his performance seems to improve as the show goes on, its hard to be sure if that is a sign of Lambert finding his mojo, or the audience tuning in to his particular brand of flamboyant showmanship. He really comes into his own in a final, non-stop hit section, when they trot out the 80s smashes that, one imagines, Lambert feels most affinity with. He takes charge of the funky Another One Bites The Dust and rips the heart out of Somebody To Love.”

London Evening Standard – Queen + Adam Lambert, HMV Hammersmith Apollo – review This critic started out skeptical and was won over: “Despite everything, even Lambert’s Jedwardian quiff, gold has been struck. Dressed initially in leather and tinsel, Lambert understands Queen. He embraced the ludicrousness of the ghastly We Are The Champions as willingly as the chunky funkiness of Another One Bites The Dust and Radio Ga Ga’s sweetness, but he also grasped that, innate daftness notwithstanding, Queen rocked.”

Entertainment Wise – Review: Queen Impress Crowds At London’s Hammersmith Apollo “The crowd seemed to love every minute and the ‘celeb spotting’ brightened up the show just a little, as we noticed Perez Hilton, Matt Lucas and Bob Geldof all having a bit of a boogie to some of the bands greatest hits. All in all, a pretty impressive gig!

12 July 2012 by JAMES CABOOTER

AS great a rock vocalist as Paul Rodgers is, he never had the theatricality to do Freddie Mercury’s music just.

But mascara and leather clad Crazy Little Thing called Adam Lambert proved he has the vocal flamboyance and the right Kind Of Magic.

Backed by a light show straight from 79’s Live Killers, pleasingly raw versions of Seven Seas of Rhye and Fat-Bottomed Girls came in quick succession. Things sagged a bit when Rog and Bri kicked Adam off to sing a few classics themselves. But he soon minced back on in a furry red crop jacket for I Want To Break Free, Bohemian Rhapsody and all those familiar sing-along Dad favourites

Queen fans have somebody new to love.

Glamour UK – Adam Lambert performs with Queen at the Hammersmith Apollo “What did Adam Lambert wear to step into the shoes of history’s greatest ever performer in London last night? Only the most outrageously fabulous jacket – courtesy of The Blonds – ever, that’s what.”

Glamour UK

Rolling Stone – The Hottest Live Photos of 2012 –  Queen & Adam Lambert

Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images



Photo albums




Lyrics (posted at KOVideo)



@MTVUK Anyone for an @adamlambert live session?  How about a retweet from all the #Glamberts?
@craveonmusicADAM LAMBERT – calling all #glamberts! This week’s video of the week is the brilliant Never Close Our Eyes! Watch it on
@GarethBRUTALBeing honest, Trespassing is a brilliant Album!
@RunxandersmithJust dropped off sir @TommyJoeRatliff at LAX. UK he’s all yours. Have fun at Queen @adamlambert

by @xandersmith

@MTVBuzzworthyIt’s not weird that we’d consider going on hunger strike until@AdamLambert is made an American Idol judge, right?
@USWeeklyTVAdam Lambert to Return to ‘American Idol’ as a Judge? – ReTweet + Follow for Followers!


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  1. July 13, 2012 12:09 pm

    thank you XOXO

  2. annehedonia permalink
    July 13, 2012 1:00 pm

    Watching YT vids practically nonstop (*eyes glaze over from epic flail*) but what I saw with Adam on the catwalk in “Somebody to Love” (I believe) – despite all of the showmanship, talent and ego that could be involved, is Adam in the service of the music. I know, I know… he has said that repeatedly in interviews, but I SAW it, and it took on a different meaning. I was marveling at the energy, the confident freedom and the complete connection with the audience. He’s got the goods, has done the prep – he knows it, so “all” he has to do is surrender, be open and let it happen. I say: It’s a very generous thing to do. He knows what those songs mean to people and he’s making sure every one of them has an unforgettable experience.

    Hauling out a chestnut:

    Out of the Blue
    December 31, 2011

    “We are star-stuff,” the great man said.

    Out of the blue
    Just passing through
    Ephemeral as an aurora curtain’s
    dance in the night
    Ethereal, borne on solar winds
    Inspiration skips and streaks
    From star to star, soul to soul
    The atoms that make up your body
    Were borrowed from the heart
    Of a far-off galaxy
    We are all planetary dust
    Yet we share the gift
    Of Universal Mind
    Spin and dazzle, gleam,
    Burn, illuminate the darkness
    Gather fire from distant stars
    And cast it back into the void
    Your incarnation’s offering of glitter
    To the great vastness
    Of Being.

    (Don’t know exactly what prompted this, but I’d heard a radio interview with – interestingly – Brian May a few hours earlier discussing how we’re all made up of planetary dust. He’s also an astro-physicist y’know! But the quote at the start is from Carl Sagan of “billions & billions” fame. This was the last Adam poem I wrote.)

    • July 13, 2012 5:05 pm

      Thanks for reminding me about this wonderful poem of yours. Will have to tweet it out tonight. But more than that, my heart swells reading your insightful words about Adam’s performance. Of course now I have to go back and watch them all again… thanks a lot!! -xox J

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