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Queen and Adam Lambert in Moscow, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

Belatedly, and out of sheer self-preservation, I decided I need to live blog tonight’s show in Moscow. From the first videos popping up on YouTube, shaky and grainy as they are, I can see that Adam has unleashed his big, bad rocker tonight!! He is so much looser, playful, twirling – HAVING A GOOD TIME!! His interactions with the band, which were already such a joy to see in Kiev, have reached the flash point. The way Brian looks at him, I’m afraid his glorious silver ‘fro is going to spontaneously combust. I’ll be updating this post all night and into tomorrow as photos, videos and press reaction come in, so keep refreshing the page! – Juneau

Moscow Queen Concert Twitter List



We want to worship this one…

Need photo credit

Photo by annamuradova

Photo by SergeAdamovich

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More photos by Emi1iya

More photos by Alla Khorkova

Photos by FairytaleLady

Photos by Jadelle1

Screencaps by Lilybop

Great photos by SergeAdamovich



Via Queen Facebook page

Moscow Set List: Queen play Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)!

Flash (intro)
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
We Will Rock You (Fast)
Fat Bottomed Girls
Don’t Stop Me Now
Under Pressure (Roger/Adam duet)
I Want It All
Who Wants To Live Forever
A Kind Of Magic (Roger)
These Are Days Of Our Lives (Roger)
Life Is Real (with Zemfira)
Love Of My Life (Brian)
‘39 (Brian)
Dragon Attack
Drum Battle / Guitar Solo
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
Radio Ga Ga
Somebody To Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody

Tie Your Mother Down (Brian)
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions



The stadium holds 78,000 (thanks @dcsunset44 for info)



1h 24 minutes of footage (from “Under Pressure” to end) of Moscow concert, via drfred

Flash, Seven Seas of Rhye – by maggy97. Wow, another huge crowd! Adam loves that catwalk!

Fat Bottomed Girls – by JadellEJ

Adam Lambert and QUEEN in Moscow. Dont stop me now – via Alenazhig

Under Pressure – via JadellEJ

Who Wants to Live Forever – via JadellEJ

Roger Taylor – A kind of magic | These are the days of our lives – Moscow July,3 2012

I Want to Break Free – via TheJinaBell

Radio Gaga via Sonya9587

The Show Must Go On – Маша

Bohemian Rhapsody – TheJinaBell

Encore via 76TSM – Adam on the tambourine!

We Are the Champions – via beyond2000mail – a sea of waving arms!

More videos on fans’ Youtube channels:

All media downloads for Moscow



@Rreaft Everywhere in Moscow 🙂 this one’s near Olympic arena

‏@Catzmadam Look what we just found on the way to the Kremlin \o/

Tour shirt. Posted by @Kyo_jp

Queen + Adam Lambert clip on a big screen in Moscow

Roger Taylor arrives at the Ritz

Adam Lambert arrives at the Ritz – @brianmaycom: “Adam Lambert arrives @ The Ritz, Moscow 2 July 2012 – BEWARE SCREAMING ”

Interview with Bravo Russia

MTV News Russia – Interviews with Adam Lambert fans



Alex Duper Blog (Russia) – Queen + Adam Lambert in the Olympic (PHOTOS). “Adam Lambert, whom is so much controversy on whether it is his place, in my opinion quite interesting to look at the scene, supply has enough artistic. Sings interesting, though many of his vocals seem too cutting. Of course, it is not such a legend like Paul Rogers. But, like Rogers, he does not try to mow under the Freddie Mercury, and this, my friends, is good.” Lots of HD photos on the blog site. – Queen News June 2012: Q+AL MOSCOW CONCERT VIDEOS  Tonight, Queen and Adam Lambert were joined by their guest, the highly regarded Russian singer, Zemfira, who sang “Life Is Real”.


Queen & Adam Lambert in PRO-новости, эфир от 04.07.12

Adam Lambert signing autographs at the hotel in Moscow, June 3 2012



@adamlambert: OMG MOSCOW! we had a blast!”

‏@adamlambert 2nights crowd: I didn’t see a sea of folks holding up their phones filming the show. I saw beautiful faces enjoying music. #beingpresent

@AnnaDobak – @adamlambert can’t stand why u so against filming t/show…when u r at t/show of ur dream u so wanna take a piece of it w/u! what’s so bad?

@adamlambert – @AnnaDobak if you see a handful of folks with cameras up— you KNOW it’ll be on youtube… may as well enjoy the show with your EYES 🙂

@adamlambert @AnnaDobak but Anna… i do it too sometimes… so- I’m not judging..,



@Mike_Harvester: Aaaand.. It’s going to start, now! #Queen

@Mike_Harvester: “Fat Bottomed Girls”.  #Queen  and Adam Lambert concert.

@Mike_Harvester: Aaaand… It’s over. The concert was amazing. #Queen and Adam Lambert concert, Moscow.

@JuneauXena: @Mike_Harvester Thanks for your tweets and pix! How was the audience reaction to Adam?

@Mike_Harvester: @JuneauXena All I can say, people were happy to see May and Taylor on the scene and… greeted Adam Lambert well.

@Polina2803: The concert was amazing Adam did brilliantly the crowd went crazy from the very beginning.That’s been a dream to see him,perform with Queen

@Celticheart721: Queen & @adamlambert show in Moscow was Awesome!!! Adam was perfect! He made me so happy tonight

@WarholUSSR @adamlambert thank you so much for the show! Brian, Roger & you were godlike! so fuckin’ awesome, really, you’ve made my life

@triskelos: Is there such thing as too much happiness? i almost thought so today) Honestly, the perfect day is perfect) Thank you, @adamlambert & Queen)

@Emi1iya: Some1 asked me bout Queen fans-I have 2 admit, some of them were laughing at glamberts, but that was be4 the show. They reconsidered shortly

@RespectTheGBBaby steps: For the encore Adam put his jacket on. And he played the tambourine during Tie Your Mother Down!! 🙂

Via momtomany on Adamtopia

After the performance, as we were leaving the venue, a very handsome young man stopped us, needing to tell us something. First, he asked where we were from; then said he had been to the concert. I asked him what he thought of Adam Lambert. “He is magical; he has magic around him and he shared that magic with me. I felt his magic.” He just had to tell someone!

@BatinaDariaI am a very strong person and never cry…..cried until today!!!! I WAS WEEPING LIKE A BABY!!! ALL THE FUCKING TIME DURING MOSCOW QUEENBERT!
@BatinaDariaThe strongest and thoughest guys cry at Queenbert)
@Jadelle1I liked the fact that after the show today they were selling Adam’s albums. 😉
@elena_glam@adamlambert it was so cool to hear ‘bravo’ from old Queen fans, when you finished sing! I think you have new fans after Queenbert)))
@elena_glamAfter show I met Adam near the hotel! 🙂 He signed autographs for fans. omg he was so close!! And he was very sweet and nice)))))))

@Jadelle1: wow, they just said in the news that Adam’s room at the Moscow hotel The Ritz cost 5000$ a day.
That’s how Adam’s room looked like (Slideshow)



6 Comments leave one →
  1. becca112971 permalink
    July 3, 2012 7:56 pm

    thank you for all this wonderful stuff pictures and video XOXO

  2. glamity58 permalink
    July 3, 2012 10:22 pm

    I can’t wait to watch the entire show. Thanks Xena and Juneau. This has been fun. Just curious about how many people were there?

    • July 4, 2012 7:39 am

      The stadium holds 78,000. Wasn’t totally full, but I’d say there were at least 60K? – J

  3. Angel permalink
    July 3, 2012 10:28 pm

    Thanks so much again for all the news, videos, etc. I hope someone has the entire show too. So exciting to be a Glambert!

  4. Toni in San Diego permalink
    July 4, 2012 3:37 am

    OMG! The flailing goes on! The vids & sound were no where as good as Kiev, but the magic..oh the magic! It’s only going to get better. (as if that’s even possible). Hammershith is going to be UNF believable. I’m still not sure I know what just happened here, but something very surreal just took place for sure. The people who were there tonight will never forget this. If the naysayers are still saying nay, then they have to be both deaf and blind. (or fucking totally insane for sure!)

  5. kat23morg permalink
    July 5, 2012 9:32 am


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