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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

Donate to Adam’s charity:water campaign

LAST DAY!!!! Are we not going to reach the $100K goal? We can do this!


@adamlambert: Beautiful morning in London! Morning free to enjoy my tea and the sun peaking out.



@LambritsUKAdam Lambert is due to be on CBBC – Friday Download tonight (29th June) @ 6pm Sky 613 Virgin 701 Freeview 70
@AdamLambertRUABDon’t miss @QueenWillRock interview for @urgantcom Tonight at 23/05 Moscow time >>
Twitter list for Queen + Adam Lambert gig in Kiev is



Gather –  Adam Lambert to Attend Sir Elton John’s ‘White Tie & Tiara Ball’ “According to Twitter, Adam Lambert will be attending Sir Elton John’s ‘White Tie & Tiara Ball’ in Windsor, England tonight. The White Tie & Tiara Ball is an annual event that raises money for theElton John AIDS Foundation…Sam Sparro, who is friends with Adam and collaborated on Adam’s latest album, tweeted today:Lovely chat with the charming and sexy @OfficialMelB. Now to pamper for Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara Ball this evening with @adamlambert” He then posted a photo of his “pre party pamper” and Adam responded“@sam_sparro and I’m frantically scrambling back to my hotel! You’re dewy in terry cloth!”

More photos posted at Adam_Pictures

Photo by Nick Harvey/WireImage

Sam Sparro (love that bauble he’s wearing!) and Adam Lambert at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara party. Photo by Nick Harvey/WireImage

Florence Welch and Adam Lambert at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara gala. Photo by Nick Harvey/WireImage

@samsparro: Me and @adamlambert with the gorgeous Lulu @lulushouts at Elton’s Ball

@adamlambertBest people watching ever!!!

Elton John White Tie and Tiara dessert, tweeted by @adamlambert



Glamberts have done it again!! Disregarding calluses, broken nails, ruined manicures and bleeding fingertips, they voted and voted!  Yeah! Check out this fun video with Michelle Collins declaring Adam the winner. Thanks to Adam Lambert UK for posting it.

O Music Awards – Adam Lambert OMA Winner “Glamberts, rejoice! Your prince — Adam Lambert — has taken his rightful throne as Must-Follow Artist On Twitter. Make sure to tweet your general exclamations of joy to @MusicAwards.”



@shoshannastone: Well this makes me happy @adamlambertsame position as amazon 🙂



QX Magazine – All Hail the New Queen of Pop  Nice interview on pages 12-13. Adam answers a question about whether he performs differently at gay venues like G-A-Y. – ‘American Idol’ notes: Adam Lambert, Kellie Pickler, and Phillip Phillips “We have some great news and some sad news in our Thursday edition of “American Idol” notes, and we’re going to be kicking things off by putting the focus on Adam Lambert back in London to do some more publicity — this time for both himself and his upcoming tour with Queen.”

Socialite Life – Adam Lambert Visits BBC, Rehearses With Queen [PHOTOS] “Over the past few weeks the ex-American Idol runner up has been rehearsing with the remaining members of queen, as he prepares to step into Freddie’s shoes. Lambert told BBC Breakfast: “It’s such a great challenge, I’m so excited. It’s actually surprisingly comfortable, it could have been really intimidating.””

Adam at BBC2, posted by Socialite Life

Via @mililamb129 – Adam in Elle Japon August 2012 issue

Adam in Elle Japon, August 2012. Posted by @mililamb129

@LAMBERTLUST: Yay new @adamlambert magazines came in the mail today 🙂 Galaxie & ERinG!


@Glamourpug64: Adam is in Shout Magazine in UK ( teen mag). Saw it in supermarket yesterday, looked in it for some reason & bingo! 😉

Posted by @Glamourpug64



BBC – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” Review– “An album of two halves, but with some truly tasty highlights… The first half of Trespassing offers a smorgasbord of succulent up-tempo pop. There are a couple of derivative cuts, but the highlights are tasty enough to compensate…Only Broken English competes with the pop thrills of the first half. Beginning with a reference to the Tower of Babel, it just gets more ridiculous, climaxing with a breakdown that sounds like opera meets dubstep. However, even when his material sags, Lambert is a compelling presence: a likeable pop peacock with a vocal range Justin Hawkins might envy.”

EL Magazine – July 2012 albums “…even if Mercury spent his career hiding his homosexuality, his vision of rock’n roll was informed by the same campy regard for flamboyance that characterizes most gay-identified pop culture. It’s what made Queen’s brand of rock unique, and during his American Idol appearances and on his first album Lambert demonstrated the same theatrical flair in his own approach to rock. He’s also a technically better singer than Mercury ever was, so it’s disappointing that his sophomore album leans so heavily on production.”



FULL uncut Adam Lambert IN:Demand interview Scotland UK on 6-28-12.

ADAM LAMBERT Interview with David Heane on Real Radio Northwest in the UK on 6-28-12 – capped by @GaleChester

Adam Lambert is In:Demand (AUDIO) – Questions about how Bruno Mars got involved, how Adam’s feeling about reviews, trusting his instincts. “It’s Me”.



@WshUpnASta: It’s finally here!!!

The font is the same used on #Trespassing album

Want to order #glambertleathercuff bracelet pls email It comes in two sizes & two colors.



@sam_sparroSt. Pancras Hotel is officially my favorite hotel in the world. Followed closely by the Park Hyatt Tokyo.


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  1. Angel permalink
    June 29, 2012 2:58 pm

    Just donated to Charity Water and voting Trespassing as the BEST ALBUM 2012.
    I believe two days left to push Trespassing out there. Please HELP!

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