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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

The Starlight Trilogy – Table of Contents

Donate to Adam’s charity:water campaign

*****8 Days to go****

Glambertinas help in every way they can! New fundraiser from our friend Bonnie aka AdamsBonBon @bonniedesa

These wonderful bracelets are going fast!

 Thanks to everyone who has made donations so far!  I still have a few Trespassing bangle bracelets leftover from ones I made for the Six Flags event that I attended. They are handmade from polymer clay with the black and yellow/gold colors of the new album. I will continue to offer them to fans in exchange for a donation of $10 for each bracelet ordered to Charity:Water to help make our goal.

Just email that you will be making a donation and I will set one aside. When you have made the donation, email with the size and your mailing address. To figure your approximate size, take a strip of paper and wrap it around your knuckle area, making a tight fist with your thumb on the inside (it doesn’t need to be exact — I just want to make sure what I send you won’t easily slip off). Fold the strip where the ends meet and measure it. (I have small hands and wrists and mine measured 8 1/4″.)


A Whole Box of Eye Candy!

From Graham Norton Show 21 June 2012

 Adam resplendent in a very contemporary version of a 1940’s suit with stagy sharkskin finish of the ’50’s.  A jacket in that Hugo Boss  boxy cut of the 1980’s with wider lapels and shoulder pads – only works on the tall & skinny mod bod!  Trousers – also flashback ’40’s & dancing ’80’s!  The hair & accessories restrained to highlight the details of that stunning jacket.  Now, about the shoes Adam…..did you try on a pair of Savile Row leather wing tips?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

photos courtesy


Thank you!!!

(June 22: TV, UK. Interview and performance The Graham Norton show. Tapes on 6/21, airs 6/22 at 10:35pm UK time on BBC1, Airs on BBC America later this month (See Below for new info on US airing).

Via @laura_ansa: World Clock:EVENT TIMER

(@laura_ansa) Possible live streams:LIVE STREAMS HERE

US TV Guide: June 30 Graham Norton Show Adam Lambert 11pm ET on BBC America:


****We interrupt these important messages with some fantastic news!!!  Adam Lambert’s NCOE video at 3,018,485 views as of this writing!



 Adam Lambert gets his *sad face* on as he misses being goofy when out partying  It’s no wonder Adam Lambert is looking so down in the dumps as he headed to a celebrity bash last night — he’s missing an integral part of partying!  There’s a good reason – check it out….


More about our Party-Boy dressed in black!  Doesn’t take much to get the gossips going does it?  But there’s more to this story – a video “10 Things Adam is Obsessed with” !


Tommy Joe Ratliff chats to Pressparty about his “amazing” fans, his journey with Adam Lambert and his career highlights to date


SoJO 7@7 Countdown For Wednesday, June 20 [VIDEO]


Adam Lambert enters the countdown, while Katy Perry tries to chip away at votes for Carly Rae Jepsen.



Big day! En route to Rehearsals w @QueenWillRock and then Graham Norton tonight!! #action!

@grahnort So great to meet you tonight!! Thanks for having me song on your show!

@iamwill Great catching up with you tonight!

@adamlambert you got some vocal skills…I enjoyed your performance…see you back stateside…

Adam LambertAdam Lambert@adamlambert



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2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 22, 2012 6:25 am

    The problem with me going to any website to read
    about Adam, is that I get sucked right in and then end up spending half my day just looking at him. I have found some gorgeous pictures of him. Wish I could find some updated posters, etc. Love you Adad!!!

  2. Angel permalink
    June 22, 2012 9:51 am

    ADAM is asking Glamberts to vote for O Music Fan Army in a news article today.
    Let’s push for recognition of Trespassing and keep voting on Billboard as Best Album 2012.
    Radio is not of help. But Trespassing winning Billboard will do.
    Let’s not forget how ADAM winning Billboard’s Music SEXIEST MALE had worldwide coverage online and in print. Let’s give it to him, Glamberts.
    Keep voting on all of the list above here but spend more time on that Billboard poll.

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